Saints & Strangers (2015)

Saints & Strangers is a story that goes beyond the familiar historical account of Thanksgiving and the founding of Plymouth Plantation, revealing the trials and tribulations of the settlers at Plymouth: 102 men, women and children who sailed on a chartered ship for a place they had never seen. Of this group, half are those we think of as pilgrims, or saints, religious separatists who abandoned their prior lives for a single cause: religious freedom. The other half, the merchant adventurers–referred to as strangers–had less spiritual and more material, real-world objectives. This clash of values created complex inner-struggles for the group as they sought to establish a new colony, compounded by a complicated relationship with the local Native American tribes. The conflicting allegiances among these groups, culminated in trials of assimilation, faith, and compromise that continue to define our nation to this day.

  • Eric Overmyer
  • Seth Fisher

Megjelenés dátuma: 2015-11-22
Évado(k): 1
metacritic icon 5.3/10
themoviedb icon 6.9/10
  • Ország: US
  • Nyelv: En
  • Időtartam: 120
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