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Feb 15, 1898 : Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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In the movie Robin Hood 1922-08-18
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Film Beck 31 - Gunvald 2016-01-01
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Film ബാബ കല്യാണി State Line Outlaw 2006-12-24
Film தமிழன் Steve, Henchman 2002-04-12
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Film Beefcake Henchman Slugs 1998-09-01
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Film Duo ming jin jian Spur Brannon 1971-01-01
Film D-Day on Mars Hodge Garrett 1966-01-01
Film Women of the Prehistoric Planet Henchman Jones 1966-04-14
Film Apache Warrior Tony's Chauffeur 1957-07-01
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Film Sheriff of Redwood Valley Henchman Strong 1946-03-29
Film Under Arizona Skies Henchman Chuck Gilmore 1946-05-27
Film Thunder Town Chuck Wilson 1946-04-13
Film Man from Rainbow Valley Tracy 1946-06-15
Film Heading West Blaze Curlew - Gang Leader (uncredited) 1946-08-14
Film Landrush Claw Hawkins (uncredited) 1946-11-18
Film Trail of Kit Carson Henchman Red Snyder 1945-07-11
Film Flame of Barbary Coast Henchman (uncredited) 1945-05-28
Film The Topeka Terror Henchman Clyde Flint 1945-01-26
Film Oregon Trail Henchman Fletch Hobbs 1945-07-14
Film Great Stagecoach Robbery Joe Slade 1945-02-15
Film Santa Fe Saddlemates Spur Brannon 1945-06-01
Film The Purple Monster Strikes Hodge Garrett 1945-10-06
Film Wagon Wheels Westward Fake Sheriff Jeff Brown 1945-12-21
Film The Cherokee Flash Sheriff Baldwin 1945-12-13
Film Colorado Pioneers Henchman Bill Slade 1945-11-14
Film Marshal of Laredo Henchman Ferguson 1945-10-06
Film Tucson Raiders Deputy One Eye 1944-05-14
Film Marshal of Reno Henchman Ward 1944-07-02
Film Outlaws of Santa Fe Steve, Henchman 1944-04-04
Film Call of the Rockies Water Poisoner 1944-07-14
Film The Fighting Seabees Construction Worker (uncredited) 1944-01-27
Film Beneath Western Skies Henchman Hank 1944-03-03
Film Mojave Firebrand Henchman Red Collins 1944-03-19
Film Firebrands Of Arizona Henchman Slugs 1944-12-01
Film Sheriff of Las Vegas Nick - Henchman 1944-12-31
Film Silver City Kid Henchman Yeager 1944-07-20
Film Vigilantes of Dodge City Benteen 1944-11-15
Film Sheriff of Sundown Ward - Henchman 1944-11-07
Film Cowboy from Lonesome River Henchman Jones 1944-09-21
Film Cheyenne Wildcat Henchman Chuck 1944-09-30
Film Code of the Prairie Henchman Lem 1944-10-06
Film Calling Wild Bill Elliott Henchman Dean 1943-04-30
Film Bombardier Sergeant 1943-05-14
Film King of the Cowboys State Line Outlaw 1943-04-09
Film Thundering Trails Henchman Blake 1943-01-25
Film Öt lépés Kairó felé English Tank Commander (uncredited) 1943-05-26
Film Carson City Cyclone Henchman Walker 1943-03-03
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Film Murder in Times Square Policeman 1943-04-01
Film Good Luck, Mr. Yates Guard 1943-06-29
Film Bataan Infantry Soldier 1943-06-03
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Film Overland Mail Robbery Henchman Slade 1943-11-20
Film Death Valley Manhunt Henchman Sid Roberts 1943-11-25
Film A Lady Takes a Chance Gambler 1943-08-19
Film Bordertown Gun Fighters Henchman Buck 1943-07-08
Film Destroyer 2nd Ship Fitter (uncredited) 1943-08-19
Film My Favorite Spy Undercover Marine 1942-06-12
Film It Happened in Flatbush Blind Man (uncredited) 1942-05-28
Film Blue, White, and Perfect Helper (uncredited) 1942-01-06
Film Tramp, Tramp, Tramp! Guard 1942-04-02
Film Alias Boston Blackie Policeman 1942-04-02
Film Come on Danger Brawler 1942-06-05
Film The Omaha Trail Oxen Train Bullwhacker 1942-09-01
Film The Sundown Kid Nick 1942-12-28
Film Fall In Nazi Agent in Brawl 1942-11-20
Film Overland to Deadwood Henchman (uncredited) 1942-09-25
Film Bandit Ranger Hays 1942-09-28
Film Aranypolgár Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall (uncredited) 1941-04-17
Film King of the Texas Rangers Henchman Cramer 1941-10-03
Film Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. Plant Heavy 7 1941-12-27
Film Texas Ringsider (uncredited) 1941-10-09
Film Pacific Blackout Air Raid Warden 1941-12-31
Film Wildcat Bus Wildcat Driver 1940-08-23
Film Adventures of Red Ryder Pecos Bates 1940-06-28
Film Saps at Sea Prison Guard 1940-05-03
Film King of the Royal Mounted Klondike 1940-09-19
Film Captain Caution Sailor 1940-08-09
Film Sky Murder Taxi Driver 1940-09-27
Film Mysterious Doctor Satan Hallett 1940-12-13
Film A diktátor Storm Trooper (uncredited) 1940-10-23
Film North West Mounted Police Constable Herrick 1940-10-22
Film Murder Over New York Mechanic #2 1940-12-13
Film They Made Her a Spy Policeman 1939-04-14
Film Let Us Live Cop at Line-up (uncredited) 1939-03-29
Film The Great Man Votes Cement Man 1939-01-13
Film Zenobia Courtroom Spectator 1939-04-21
Film Idiot's Delight Ambulance Passenger 1939-01-27
Film Torchy Blane in Chinatown Trooper (uncredited) 1939-02-02
Film Daredevils of the Red Circle Mine Thug at Phone 1939-06-10
Film Five Came Back Policeman (uncredited) 1939-06-23
Film Nick Carter, Master Detective Seaman on Yacht 1939-12-15
Film Zorro's Fighting Legion Dungeon Thug 1939-12-16
Film Dick Tracy's G-Men Ben 1939-09-02
Film Charlie Chan at Treasure Island Cop at Station House 1939-08-31
Film Law of the Underworld Policeman 1938-05-06
Film There's Always a Woman Assistant to District Attorney (uncredited) 1938-04-20
Film Night Spot Policeman on Roof 1938-02-25
Film Dangerous to Know Policeman 1938-03-11
Film Professor Beware Van Buren Chauffeur 1938-07-29
Film One Wild Night Joe - Policeman (uncredited) 1938-06-02
Film A Man to Remember Worried Father (uncredited) 1938-10-14
Film Cipher Bureau 1938-10-25
Film Smashing the Rackets Detective 1938-08-08
Film Behind The Headlines Gang Member 1937-05-14
Film That Man's Here Again First Waiter in Suite 1937-04-16
Film Devil's Playground Officer 1937-01-24
Film The Great Gambini Photographer 1937-06-24
Film Zsákutca Kay's Chauffeur (Uncredited) 1937-08-27
Film High Flyers Sailor 1937-11-07
Film She Had to Eat Policeman (uncredited) 1937-07-02
Film There Goes the Groom Mr. Malloy - Seaman (uncredited) 1937-10-29
Film Love on a Bet Man at Hutchinson's Meeting 1936-03-06
Film Charlie Chan titka Policeman 1936-01-10
Film Song of the Saddle Henchman (uncredited) 1936-02-28
Film Private Number Brawler (Uncredited) 1936-06-05
Film General Spanky Sentry in Blanchard Home 1936-12-11
Film Charlie Chan at the Opera Cop (uncredited) 1936-12-04
Film Bonnie Scotland British Officer (uncredited) 1935-08-23
Film Show Them No Mercy! Policeman (uncredited) 1935-12-06
Film We're Only Human Jailkeeper 1935-12-27
Film A legkisebb lázadó Yankee Sergeant (uncredited) 1935-12-27
Film Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen Assistant Director 1934-01-12
Film The Meanest Gal in Town Loafer (uncredited) 1934-01-12
Film Baby Take a Bow Police Detective 1934-06-30
Film Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men Prison Guard with Mail (uncredited) 1933-10-18
Film Stage Mother Orderly 1933-09-29
Film Going Hollywood Sound Technician 1933-12-22
Film Let's Fall in Love Film Technician 1933-12-26
Film The Wet Parade Nightclub Waiter (uncredited) 1932-03-26
Film A Holy Terror Tony's Chauffeur (uncredited) 1931-07-19
Film Flying High Dance Floor Extra 1931-11-14
Film The Flying Fleet Admiral's Aide (uncredited) 1929-01-19
Film Robin Hood Will Scarlett 1922-08-18