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Regis Toomey

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Aug 13, 1898 : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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In the movie Alibi 1929-04-20
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Film Krystal 2018-04-13
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Film A repülés elmélete Bill Baird 1999-01-22
Film Evil Town Doc Hooper 1987-11-16
Film Dr. Shagetz Doc Hooper 1975-01-01
Film The Phantom of Hollywood Joe 1974-02-12
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Series Időalagút Unknown 1966-09-09
Film A muzsika hangja Jim Goddard 1965-03-02
Series The Legend of Jesse James Unknown 1965-09-13
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Series Green Acres Unknown 1965-09-15
Film Man's Favorite Sport? Bagley 1964-01-29
Film Johnny Shiloh Mr. Clem 1963-01-20
Series Petticoat Junction Unknown 1963-09-24
Series Burke's Law Detective Lester Hart 1963-09-20
Series The Virginian Unknown 1962-09-19
Series Going My Way Unknown 1962-10-03
Film Az utolsó napnyugta Milton Wing 1961-06-06
Film The Errand Boy Studio Exec with the Baron 1961-11-28
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Series Dr. Kildare Unknown 1961-09-27
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Series Route 66 Unknown 1960-10-07
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Series Rawhide Unknown 1959-01-09
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Series The DuPont Show with June Allyson Unknown 1959-09-21
Film The Hangman Soldier at Fort 1959-06-17
Series Tightrope Unknown 1959-09-08
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Series Richard Diamond, Private Detective Unknown 1957-07-01
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Series Perry Mason Unknown 1957-09-21
Series Trackdown Unknown 1957-10-04
Series Maverick Unknown 1957-09-22
Film Great Day in the Morning Father Murphy 1956-05-16
Film Three for Jamie Dawn Murph 1956-07-08
Film Dakota Incident Minstrel 1956-07-23
Series The Adventures of Jim Bowie Unknown 1956-09-07
Series Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater Unknown 1956-10-05
Series Navy Log Unknown 1955-09-20
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Series Cheyenne Unknown 1955-09-20
Series The 20th Century Fox Hour Unknown 1955-10-05
Film Top Gun Jim O'Hara 1955-12-01
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Series Matinee Theater Unknown 1955-10-31
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Film Island in the Sky Sergeant Harper 1953-09-05
Film The Nebraskan Col. Markham 1953-12-02
Series Letter to Loretta Unknown 1953-09-20
Film Csata az Apacs átjárónál Dr. Carter 1952-04-01
Film Just for You Mr. Hodges 1952-09-27
Film My Six Convicts Dr. Gordon 1952-03-20
Series Cavalcade of America Unknown 1952-10-01
Film My Pal Gus Farley Norris 1952-12-01
Film Cry Danger Detective Lt. Gus Cobb 1951-02-21
Film A Revű hajó Sheriff Ike Vallon (uncredited) 1951-07-13
Film The People Against O'Hara Fred Colton, Police Sound Man 1951-09-01
Series Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Unknown 1951-10-05
Series Lux Video Theatre Unknown 1950-10-02
Film Dynamite Pass Dan Madden 1950-03-23
Film Again Pioneers Dave Harley 1950-11-01
Film Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone Reporter in Light Jacket (uncredited) 1950-12-08
Film Undercover Girl Hank Miller 1950-11-02
Film Frenchie Carter 1950-12-25
Film Come to the Stable Monsignor Talbot 1949-01-01
Film Mighty Joe Young John Young 1949-07-27
Film Beyond the Forest Sorren 1949-10-21
Film Reaching from Heaven Pastor 1948-02-01
Film I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes Police Inspector Clint Judd 1948-05-23
Film The Boy with Green Hair Mr. Davis 1948-11-16
Film Raw Deal Police Capt. Fields 1948-05-26
Film Station West Jim Goddard 1948-10-16
Film The Thirteenth Hour Don Parker 1947-02-06
Film The Guilty Detective Heller 1947-03-22
Film A püspök felesége Mr. Miller 1947-10-22
Film High Tide Inspector O'Haffey 1947-09-13
Film Magic Town Ed Weaver 1947-10-07
Film Mysterious Intruder James Summers 1946-04-11
Film A hosszú álom Chief Inspector Bernie Ohls 1946-08-23
Film Sister Kenny New York Reporter 1946-10-10
Film Her Sister's Secret Bill Gordon 1946-09-23
Film Child of Divorce Ray Carter 1946-10-14
Film Betrayal from the East Agent Posing as 'Sgt. Jimmy Scott' 1945-04-24
Film Strange Illusion Dr. Vincent 1945-03-31
Film Follow That Woman Barney Manners 1945-12-14
Film Elbűvölve Det. Sgt. Gillespie 1945-12-28
Film Follow the Boys Dr. Henderson 1944-05-05
Film Phantom Lady Detective Chewing Gum 1944-01-28
Film Dark Mountain Steve Downey 1944-09-01
Film Raiders of Ghost City Capt. Clay Randolph [Chs. 1-6] 1944-07-25
Film When the Lights Go On Again Bill Regan 1944-10-22
Film Murder in the Blue Room Inspector McDonald 1944-12-01
Film The Doughgirls Timothy Walsh 1944-11-25
Film Destroyer Lt. Cmdr. Clark 1943-08-19
Film Adventures of the Flying Cadets Capt. Ralph Carson 1943-09-07
Film Bullet Scars Dr. Steven Bishop 1942-03-07
Film I Was Framed Bob Leeds 1942-04-04
Film The Forest Rangers Frank Hatfield 1942-10-21
Film Tennessee Johnson Blackstone McDaniel 1942-12-01
Film Reaching for the Sun Intern 1941-05-01
Film A Shot in the Dark William Ryder 1941-04-05
Film Az utca embere Bert Hansen 1941-03-12
Film The Nurse's Secret Inspector Tom Patten 1941-05-24
Film The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance Wallace 1941-03-06
Film Dive Bomber Tom Griffin 1941-08-31
Film You're in the Army Now Captain Radcliffe 1941-12-25
Film Az utolsó emberig Fitzhugh Lee 1941-11-01
Film Law of the Tropics Tom Marshall 1941-10-04
Film New York Town Jim Martin (uncredited) 1941-10-31
Film Északnyugati átjáró Webster 1940-02-23
Film A pénteki barátnő Sanders 1940-01-18
Film 'Til We Meet Again Freddy 1940-04-20
Film North West Mounted Police Constable Jerry Moore 1940-10-22
Film March On, Marines Drill Sergeant 1940-12-14
Film Arizona Grant Oury 1940-12-25
Film Society Smugglers Johnny Beebe 1939-03-01
Film Wings of the Navy First Flight Instructor 1939-02-11
Film The Phantom Creeps Lt. Jim Daly 1939-01-07
Film Várlak... Rev. Easton 1939-04-07
Film The Mysterious Miss X Jack Webster 1939-01-10
Film Street of Missing Men Jim Parker 1939-04-24
Film Indianapolis Speedway Dick Wilbur 1939-08-05
Film Thunder Afloat Ives 1939-09-15
Film Confessions of a Nazi Spy Tom - in Coffee Shop 1939-05-06
Film Acélkaraván Paddy O'Rourke 1939-05-05
Film Blind Alibi Doctor Wilson - Veterinarian 1938-05-20
Film The Invisible Menace Lt. Matthews 1938-01-22
Film Illegal Traffic Dalton 1938-11-02
Film Smashing the Spy Ring Ted Hall 1938-12-29
Film Midnight Taxi Hilton 1937-04-04
Film Big City Fred Hawkins 1937-09-03
Film Back in Circulation Buck 1937-09-25
Film Submarine D-1 Tom Callan 1937-11-27
Film Bulldog Edition Jim Hardy 1936-09-13
Film One Frightened Night Tom Dean 1935-05-01
Film Great God Gold Phil Stuart 1935-04-14
Film Shadow of Doubt Reed Ryan 1935-02-15
Film 'G' Men Eddie Buchanan 1935-05-04
Film Manhattan Moon Eddie 1935-07-01
Film Skull and Crown Bob Franklin, alias Rocky Morgan 1935-12-16
Film Bars of Hate Ted Clark 1935-11-01
Film Shadows of the Orient Inspector Bob Baxter 1935-07-05
Film Hollywood on Parade No. B-1 1934-03-02
Film Murder on the Blackboard Detective Smiley North 1934-06-14
Film Picture Brides Dave Hart 1934-04-23
Film She Had to Choose Jack Berry 1934-10-01
Film Red Morning John Hastings 1934-12-14
Film Redhead Scoop 1934-10-31
Film Laughing at Life Pat Collins / Mc Hale 1933-07-12
Film Big Time Or Bust Jimmie Kane 1933-11-10
Film She Had to Say Yes Tommy Nelson 1933-07-15
Film Shopworn David Livingston 1932-03-25
Film The Crowd Roars Dick Wilbur 1932-04-16
Film The Wayne Murder Case Detective-Sergeant Mitchell 1932-11-20
Film The Penal Code Robert Palmer 1932-12-23
Film They Never Come Back Jimmy Nolan 1932-05-10
Film Scandal Sheet Regan 1931-01-31
Film Under Eighteen Jimmie Slocum 1931-01-02
Film Finn and Hattie Henry Collins 1931-02-28
Film Other Men's Women Jack Kulper 1931-01-17
Film Murder by the Clock Office Cassidy 1931-07-21
Film The Finger Points Charlie 'Breezy' Russell 1931-04-11
Film Graft Dustin Hotchkiss 1931-09-21
Film 24 Hours Tony Bruzzi 1931-10-03
Film Kick In Chick Hewes 1931-05-22
Film Framed Jimmy McArthur 1930-03-16
Film Street of Chance 'Babe' Marsden 1930-02-08
Film The Light of Western Stars Bob Drexell 1930-04-19
Film Good Intentions 1930-06-29
Film Shadow of the Law Tom Owens 1930-06-06
Film A Man From Wyoming Jersey 1930-07-12
Film Alibi Danny McGann 1929-04-20
Film Illusion Eric 1929-09-21