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George "Gabby" Hayes

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May 7, 1885 : Wellsville, New York, United States
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In the movie Big News 1929-09-06
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Film A háború császára 2012-09-14
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Poster of Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
Poster of The Gabby Hayes Show
Poster of What's My Line?
Poster of Bedlam of Beards
Film A háború császára Grizzly 2012-09-14
Film Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (archive footage) 1976-05-01
Film Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (archive footage) 1975-08-06
Series The Dinah Shore Chevy Show Unknown 1956-10-05
Series What's My Line? Himself - Mystery Guest 1950-02-02
Film The Cariboo Trail Grizzly 1950-08-01
Series The Gabby Hayes Show Himself 1950-12-11
Film El Paso Sheriff La Farge 1949-03-22
Film The Untamed Breed Windy Lucas 1948-10-20
Film Albuquerque Juke 1948-02-20
Film Return of the Bad Men John Pettit (as George 'Gabby' Hayes) 1948-07-17
Film Trail Street Deputy Billy Burns 1947-02-19
Film Wyoming Windy Gibson 1947-07-28
Film Badman's Territory Honest Jim Badger / The Coyote Kid 1946-05-04
Film Song of Arizona Gabby Whittaker 1946-03-08
Film My Pal Trigger Gabby Kendrick 1946-07-10
Film Rainbow Over Texas Sheriff 'Gabby' Whittaker 1946-05-09
Film Under Nevada Skies Gabby Whittaker 1946-08-26
Film Home in Oklahoma Gabby Whittaker 1946-10-18
Film Roll on Texas Moon Gabby Whittaker 1946-09-12
Film Heldorado Gabby Whittaker 1946-12-15
Film Bells of Rosarita Gabby Whittake 1945-06-15
Film Man from Oklahoma Gabby Whittaker 1945-07-01
Film Utah Gabby Wittaker 1945-03-21
Film Along the Navajo Trail Gabby Whittaker 1945-09-15
Film Don't Fence Me In Gabby Whittaker, aka Wildcat Kelly 1945-10-20
Film Sunset in El Dorado Gabby 1945-09-29
Film Tucson Raiders 'Gabby' Hopkins 1944-05-14
Film Mojave Firebrand Gabby Hayes 1944-03-19
Film Hidden Valley Outlaws Gabby Hayes 1944-04-01
Film Marshal of Reno Gabby 1944-07-02
Film Tall in the Saddle Dave 1944-09-29
Film The Big Bonanza Hap Selby 1944-12-30
Film Lights of Old Santa Fe Gabby Whittaker 1944-11-06
Film Bordertown Gun Fighters Gabby Hayes 1943-07-08
Film Wagon Tracks West Gabby 1943-08-18
Film Calling Wild Bill Elliott Gabby Hayes 1943-04-30
Film The Man from Thunder River Gabby Whittaker 1943-06-11
Film Overland Mail Robbery Gabby 1943-11-20
Film Death Valley Manhunt Gabby Hayes 1943-11-25
Film War of the Wildcats Despirit Dean (stage driver) 1943-12-06
Film Sunset on the Desert Gabby Whittaker 1942-04-01
Film South of Santa Fe Gabby Whittaker 1942-02-17
Film Romance on the Range Gabby 1942-05-18
Film Man from Cheyenne Gabby Whittaker 1942-01-16
Film Sons of the Pioneers Gabby Whittaker 1942-07-02
Film Heart of the Golden West Gabby 1942-11-16
Film Ridin' Down the Canyon Gabby 1942-12-30
Film Sunset Serenade Gabby 1942-09-14
Film Sheriff of Tombstone Gabby 1941-05-07
Film Robin Hood of the Pecos Gabriel Gabby Hornaday 1941-01-14
Film In Old Cheyenne Arapaho Brown 1941-04-04
Film Nevada City Gabby Chapman 1941-06-19
Film Bad Man of Deadwood Prof. Mortimer 'Gabby' Blackstone 1941-09-05
Film Red River Valley Gabby Whittaker 1941-12-12
Film Jesse James at Bay Sheriff Gabby Whitaker 1941-10-17
Film Wagons Westward Hardtack 1940-06-19
Film The Carson City Kid Gabby 1940-07-01
Film Young Buffalo Bill Gabby Whittaker 1940-04-11
Film Dark Command Andrew 'Doc' Grunch 1940-04-15
Film Melody Ranch Pop Laramie 1940-09-15
Film The Ranger and the Lady Gabby Whittaker 1940-07-30
Film The Border Legion Honest John Whittaker 1940-12-05
Film Young Bill Hickok 'Gabby' Whitaker 1940-10-21
Film Colorado Gabby 1940-09-15
Film Silver on the Sage Windy Halliday 1939-03-31
Film Southward Ho Gabby Whitaker 1939-03-19
Film Fighting Thoroughbreds 'Gramps' Montrose (as George Hayes) 1939-01-06
Film Man of Conquest Lannie Upchurch 1939-05-15
Film Sunset Trail Windy Halliday 1939-02-24
Film Let Freedom Ring Pop Wilkie 1939-02-24
Film Renegade Trail Windy Halliday 1939-07-25
Film Saga of Death Valley Gabby 1939-11-17
Film Days of Jesse James Gabby 1939-12-20
Film In Old Caliente Gabby 1939-06-19
Film The Arizona Kid Gabby Whittaker 1939-09-28
Film In Old Monterey Gabby Whittaker 1939-08-14
Film Wall Street Cowboy Gabby 1939-08-06
Film Heart of Arizona 'Windy' Halliday (as George Hayes) 1938-04-22
Film Bar 20 Justice Windy Halliday (as George Hayes) 1938-06-24
Film Gold Is Where You Find It Enoch 1938-02-12
Film Pride of the West Windy Halliday 1938-07-07
Film The Frontiersmen 'Windy' Halliday (as George Hayes) 1938-12-16
Film In Old Mexico Windy Halliday 1938-09-09
Film Borderland Windy Halliday 1937-02-26
Film North of the Rio Grande Windy Halliday 1937-06-28
Film Hills of Old Wyoming Windy Halliday 1937-04-16
Film Rustlers' Valley Windy Halliday 1937-07-23
Film Texas Trail Windy Halliday 1937-11-26
Film Hopalong Rides Again 'Windy' Halliday (as George Hayes) 1937-08-20
Film Heart of the West Windy Jenkins 1936-02-24
Film Call of the Prairie Shanghai McHenry 1936-03-06
Film The Lawless Nineties Major Carter 1936-02-15
Film I Married a Doctor Train Station Agent 1936-01-01
Film Song of the Trail Dan Hobson 1936-03-15
Film Valley of the Lawless Grandpaw Jenkins (as George Hayes) 1936-01-25
Film Three on the Trail Windy Halliday 1936-04-14
Film Az igazi férfi Breezy 1936-11-16
Film Váratlan örökség Farmer's Spokesman (uncredited) 1936-04-09
Film Hopalong Cassidy Returns Windy Halliday (as George Hayes) 1936-10-16
Film Trail Dust Windy Halliday 1936-12-11
Film Valiant Is the Word for Carrie Bearded Man 1936-10-06
Film A Texasi Rangerek Judge Snow 1936-08-28
Film Smokey Smith Blaze Bart 1935-04-01
Film Ladies Crave Excitement McCloskey 1935-06-21
Film The Outlaw Tamer 1935-03-15
Film Tombstone Terror Soupy Baxter 1935-04-24
Film The Lost City Butterfield 1935-03-06
Film Honeymoon Limited Pinkham 1935-07-01
Film Death Flies East Wotkyns 1935-02-28
Film Rainbow Valley George Hale 1935-03-15
Film Swifty 1935-12-12
Film Bar 20 Rides Again Windy Halliday 1935-12-06
Film Hop-a-long Cassidy Uncle Ben 1935-08-23
Film $1000 a Minute New Deal Watson 1935-10-21
Film The Eagle's Brood Spike 1935-10-25
Film Texas terror Sheriff Ed Williams 1935-10-17
Film Thunder Mountain Foley 1935-09-27
Film Tumbling Tumbleweeds Dr. Parker (as George Hayes) 1935-09-05
Film The Man From Utah Marshal George Higgins 1934-05-15
Film City Limits Charlie Carter 1934-04-14
Film Vér és arany Sheriff Jake Withers 1934-05-10
Film Bedlam of Beards 1934-04-13
Film The Lucky Texan Jake 'Grandy' Benson 1934-01-22
Film Akivel a halál érkezik 'Dusty' 1934-02-15
Film Mystery Liner Joe, the Watchman 1934-03-15
Film House of Mystery David Fells (as George Hayes) 1934-03-30
Film The Star Packer Matt Matlock 1934-07-30
Film Arizona véres ege alatt Matt Downing (as George Hayes) 1934-12-05
Film Monte Carlo Nights Inspector Nick Gunby 1934-05-20
Film In Old Santa Fe Cactus 1934-11-15
Film The Lawless Frontier Dusty 1934-11-22
Film The Brand of Hate Bill Larkins 1934-11-02
Film The Man from Hell Banker Colonel Campbell 1934-08-28
Film Randy Rides Alone - Marvin Black aka Mat Mathews/Matt the Mute 1934-06-05
Film The Gallant Fool Dad Denton (as George Hayes) 1933-05-28
Film The Return of Casey Jones Timothy Shine 1933-05-24
Film Trailing North 1933-05-15
Film Breed of the Border Chuck Wiggins 1933-03-01
Film The Sphinx Detective Casey 1933-06-01
Film Galloping Romeo Grizzly 1933-08-04
Film Riders of Destiny Charlie Denton 1933-10-10
Film Skyway George Taylor 1933-08-29
Film Ship of Wanted Men Crewman (as George Hayes) 1933-09-08
Film Ranger's Code 1933-08-14
Film The Man from Hell's Edges Shamrock Cassidy 1932-06-14
Film Winner Take All Interne at Rosario Ranch (uncredited) 1932-07-16
Film Riders of the Desert Hashknife Brooks 1932-04-23
Film Sally of the Subway Police Lieutenant Paxton 1932-01-15
Film A Slip at the Switch Deputy Smoot 1932-08-08
Film Play Girl Dance Hall Tobacconist (uncredited) 1932-03-12
Film Texas Buddies Si Haller 1932-10-18
Film Love Me Tonight Grocer (uncredited) 1932-08-18
Film The Fighting Champ Pete (as George Hayes) 1932-12-15
Film Wild Horse Mesa Slack 1932-11-25
Film The Night Rider Altoonie 1932-08-22
Film Klondike Tom Ross (as George Hayes) 1932-08-29
Film Dirigible Parade Official (uncredited) 1931-04-04
Film The Stolen Jools Projectionist 1931-04-04
Film Big Business Girl Hotel Clerk (uncredited) 1931-06-12
Film The Nevada Buckaroo Cherokee 1931-07-28
Film Cavalier of the West Sheriff Bill Ryan 1931-11-15
Film Dragnet Patrol Private Detective 1931-12-14
Film She Who Gets Slapped Poker Player 1930-05-15
Film Playing Around Railroad Ticket-Seller 1930-01-19
Film For the Defense Ben (the waiter) 1930-07-19
Film Top Speed Western Union Clerk 1930-08-24
Film Big News Reporter Hoffman (as George Hayes) 1929-09-06