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Mar 10, 1884 : Chicago, Illinois, USA
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In the movie The Woman Hater 1910-09-26
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Film おまえうまそうだな 2010-10-16
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Poster of Shadow of the Law
Poster of The Evil Eye
Poster of The Ghosts of Yesterday
Poster of The Woman Hater
Film おまえうまそうだな Higby 2010-10-16
Film Köpök a sírodra Second Fight Timekeeper 2010-06-17
Film Az elveszett zászlóalj Extra as Dancer 2001-12-02
Film Terrified Policeman at Bowling Alley 1995-01-13
Film Rainbow Extra Farmer at Meeting 1978-11-06
Film Aki lelőtte Liberty Valance-t Statehood Audience Member (uncredited) 1962-04-22
Film Jack az óriásölő Celebration Guest (uncredited) 1962-05-17
Film Észak-északnyugat Hotel Lounge Patron (uncredited) 1959-07-08
Film Until They Sail 1957-10-08
Film 80 nap alatt a föld körül Extra (uncredited) 1956-10-17
Film The Cobweb Mr. Wietz 1955-06-07
Film Duffy of San Quentin Judge 1954-03-16
Film Remains to Be Seen Travis Reverecombe (uncredited) 1953-05-15
Film Too Young to Kiss Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1951-11-22
Film Father of the Bride Wedding Guest in Dream Sequence (uncredited) 1950-05-18
Film Rocketship X-M Reporter (uncredited) 1950-06-02
Film Where Danger Lives Man (uncredited) 1950-11-16
Film The Furies Party Guest (uncredited) 1950-08-16
Film Alias Nick Beal Minister 1949-03-04
Film Street Corner Judge 1948-12-03
Film Fear in the Night Man with Packages in Elevator (uncredited) 1947-04-18
Film A kísértet és Mr. Muir Man Ordered Out of Train Compartment by Captain (uncredited) 1947-05-25
Film Deadline for Murder Captain Levison 1946-08-01
Film Voice of the Whistler Sinclair Executive (uncredited) 1945-10-30
Film A Song to Remember Concert Attendee (uncredited) 1945-01-19
Film Main Street Today Citizen at Town Meeting (uncredited) 1944-03-25
Film Dover fehér sziklái Ball Guest 1944-05-11
Film Address Unknown Guest at Christening (uncredited) 1944-06-01
Film Mr. Skeffington Man in Skeffington's Office (uncredited) 1944-05-25
Film The Mysterious Doctor Civil Defense Officer 1943-03-03
Film Action in the North Atlantic Lieutenant-Commander at Meeting 1943-06-12
Film Wild Bill Hickok Rides Jury Foreman 1942-01-31
Film Spy Ship Hoffman - Nazi Agent 1942-06-06
Film Vaudeville Days Man in Audience (uncredited) 1942-12-19
Film Bad Men of Missouri Train Conductor 1941-07-26
Film Alex in Wonderland Husband 1940-03-09
Film An Angel from Texas Extra on Mayor's Platform 1940-04-27
Film Calling Philo Vance Hertz 1940-02-03
Film Tear Gas Squad Deputy city clerk Smith 1940-05-04
Film Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet Male Nurse 1940-01-03
Film British Intelligence Luchow - German Soldier 1940-01-29
Film Castle on the Hudson Jury Foreman 1940-02-17
Film Flowing Gold Man 1940-08-24
Film A Fugitive from Justice Reporter at Train Station (uncredited) 1940-06-15
Film A Dispatch from Reuter's Coach Attendant 1940-10-19
Film Money and the Woman Depositor 1940-08-17
Film No Time for Comedy Bartender at Wyler's Party 1940-09-14
Film Three Faces West Extra Farmer at Meeting 1940-07-03
Film Hét tenger ördöge 1940-07-01
Film Confessions of a Nazi Spy Draftsman 1939-05-06
Film Torchy Runs for Mayor Mr. James (uncredited) 1939-05-13
Film Code of the Secret Service Croupier 1939-05-27
Film Későn jött boldogság Doctor 1939-04-20
Film Juarez Soldier with Letter to Maximilian 1939-06-10
Film Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter Stationmaster 1939-06-17
Film They Made Me a Criminal Second Fight Timekeeper 1939-01-28
Film Naughty But Nice Capt. Gregory Waddington-Smith 1939-06-23
Film Devil's Island Gustav LeBrun 1939-01-07
Film King of the Underworld Doorman 1939-01-14
Film Secret Service of the Air Agent Gowing 1939-03-04
Film Az oklahomai kölyök President Grover Cleveland 1939-03-11
Film Torchy Blane in Chinatown Club Member / Party Guest (uncredited) 1939-02-02
Film On Your Toes Man in Hotel Lobby 1939-10-14
Film The Monroe Doctrine Grover Cleveland 1939-10-14
Film Kid Nightingale Bartender 1939-11-03
Film We Are Not Alone Extra with Cane at Train Station 1939-11-25
Film Hell's Kitchen Man in Judge's Hockey Game Box 1939-07-03
Film Espionage Agent American Tourist 1939-09-30
Film Az alvilág alkonya Taxi Passenger (uncredited) 1939-10-28
Film The Cowboy Quarterback Airport Official 1939-07-29
Film Dust Be My Destiny Jury Foreman 1939-09-16
Film Indianapolis Speedway Extra on Dance Floor 1939-08-05
Film Daughters Courageous Tourist's Broker 1939-07-22
Film Each Dawn I Die Accident Witness 1939-08-19
Film Angels Wash Their Faces Policeman at Bowling Alley 1939-08-26
Film He Couldn't Say No $1 Bidder 1938-03-19
Film Jezebel Doctor at Duel (uncredited) 1938-03-19
Film Over The Wall Jury Foreman 1938-04-02
Film Swingtime in the Movies Studio Lot Extra (uncredited) 1938-02-08
Film Romance Road Workman (uncredited) 1938-01-29
Film The Patient in Room 18 Man Leaving Hospital 1938-01-08
Film Mystery House Jury Foreman 1938-05-21
Film Blondes at Work Bailiff 1938-02-05
Film Penrod's Double Trouble Banker Dinner Guest 1938-07-23
Film Girls on Probation Jury Foreman 1938-10-22
Film My Bill Passerby Who Doesn't Buy a Newspaper 1938-07-08
Film Heart of the North Assay Assistant 1938-12-10
Film Garden of the Moon Night Club Patron 1938-10-01
Film Torchy Gets Her Man Bettor on #9 1938-11-12
Film Cowboy from Brooklyn Doorman 1938-07-09
Film Racket Busters Vic Thompson (uncredited) 1938-07-16
Film Land Beyond the Law Bartender 1937-03-13
Film The Case of the Stuttering Bishop Renald's Butler 1937-06-08
Film Melody For Two Green Hill Headwaiter 1937-05-01
Film Penrod and Sam Doctor 1937-02-28
Film Guns of the Pecos Cigar Smoker in Saloon 1937-01-02
Film Her Husband's Secretary Staunton, Kingdon's Butler 1937-02-26
Film Blazing Sixes Extra as Dancer 1937-06-11
Film Midnight Court Party Guest 1937-03-06
Film The Adventurous Blonde Crowd Control Officer 1937-11-13
Film Expensive Husbands Castle Servant at End 1937-11-27
Film Public Wedding Man Who Avoids Whale 1937-07-09
Film Wine, Women and Horses Croupier 1937-09-11
Film Prairie Thunder Portland 1937-09-10
Film Confession Policeman in Court (uncredited) 1937-08-19
Film Varsity Show Professor (uncredited) 1937-09-04
Film Murder by an Aristocrat Higby 1936-06-13
Film Road Gang Guard at Farm (uncredited) 1936-03-28
Film Bullets or Ballots Doorman (uncredited) 1936-06-06
Film Earthworm Tractors The Doctor 1936-07-24
Film The Captain's Kid Juror 1936-11-14
Film Trailin' West Elwin H. Stanton 1936-09-04
Film The Case of the Velvet Claws Digley 1936-08-15
Film Little Big Shot Soda Fountain Customer 1935-09-07
Film Broadway Hostess Stage Electrician 1935-12-07
Film One More River Barrister 1934-08-06
Film Belle of the Nineties Dirk 1934-09-21
Film Parole Girl Nightclub Patron 1933-03-04
Film My Pal, the King Count Kluckstein 1932-04-03
Film War Mamas German General 1931-11-14
Film Captain of the Guard Louis XVI 1930-03-28
Film Show Girl in Hollywood Actor Removing Make-Up in Restaurant 1930-04-20
Film Should Tall Men Marry? Snake-tail Sharkey 1928-01-15
Film The Man Who Laughs Lord Dirry-Moir 1928-04-27
Film When a Man Loves Louis XV - King of France 1927-08-21
Film Dog Shy The Duke 1926-04-04
Film Shadow of the Law Linyard 1926-01-24
Film Good and Naughty Thomas Fenton 1926-06-07
Film My Official Wife Ivan 1926-10-16
Film The Salvation Hunters The Gentleman 1925-02-15
Film North Star Dick Robbins 1925-12-27
Film The Primrose Path Tom Canfield 1925-09-14
Film Three Weeks Petrovich 1924-02-10
Film The Prisoner of Zenda Grand Duke 'Black' Michael 1922-09-11
Film Her Husband’s Trademark James Berkeley 1922-02-01
Film The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Otto von Hartrott 1921-03-06
Film The Evil Eye 1920-04-30
Film The New Moon Orel Kosloff 1919-05-11
Film The Way of a Woman George Trevor 1919-07-27
Film The Ghosts of Yesterday Count Pascal de Fondras 1918-01-19
Film East Lynne Captain Levison 1916-06-18
Film Love and Hate George Howard 1916-11-01
Film The Pursuit of the Smugglers Poole - Head of the Smugglers 1913-04-08
Film The Woman Hater Carrol Morten 1910-09-26