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Feb 17, 1860 : Columbus, Indiana, USA
Filmek/Sorozatok száma::
Első szerepe:
In the movie Betrayed by a Handprint 1908-09-01
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Film Példátlan példaképek 2008-11-07
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Poster of The Telephone Girl and the Lady
Poster of Home Folks
Poster of Won by a Fish
Poster of Just Like a Woman
Film Példátlan példaképek Sunbeam's Mamma 2008-11-07
Film ガンスミス キャッツ The Wife's Mother 1995-11-01
Film Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee Mrs. Riley - Pat's Mother 1994-10-16
Film Film Fun (archive footage) (uncredited) 1955-08-19
Film The Struggle Granny 1931-12-10
Film The Flying Fool Mrs. Riley - Pat's Mother 1929-07-10
Film His Darker Self Claude's Mother 1924-03-16
Film The White Rose John's Aunt 1923-05-21
Film Orphans of the Storm Sister Geneviève (uncredited) 1921-12-28
Film The Idol Dancer Mrs. Blythe 1920-03-21
Film Way Down East Mother Bartlett 1920-09-03
Film Scarlet Days The Aunt 1919-11-18
Film A Romance of Happy Valley Mrs. Logan 1919-01-26
Film The Girl Who Stayed at Home Mrs. Edward Grey 1919-03-23
Film True Heart Susie Bettina's Aunt 1919-06-01
Film Hearts of the World The Mother of the Boy 1918-03-11
Film The Greatest Thing in Life Jeannette's Aunt 1918-12-22
Film Lillian Gish in a Liberty Loan Appeal 1918-11-17
Film Betsy's Burglar Mrs. Randall 1917-03-04
Film A Woman's Awakening Mrs. Letchworth 1917-03-24
Film Souls Triumphant 1917-05-19
Film Madame Bo-Peep Aunt Sophie 1917-05-26
Film Türelmetlenség Old Babylonian Mother / The City Mother (uncredited) 1916-09-04
Film Civilization A Mother 1916-06-02
Film The House Built Upon Sand David's Housekeeper 1916-12-31
Film Judith of Bethulia Judtih's Maid 1914-03-08
Film The Unwelcome Guest The Old Wife 1913-03-15
Film The Wanderer The Old Woman 1913-05-02
Film The Telephone Girl and the Lady 1913-01-05
Film The Little Tease The Little Tease's Mother 1913-04-12
Film The Mothering Heart The Wife's Mother 1913-06-21
Film The Strong Man's Burden Bob & John's Mother 1913-09-05
Film The Yaqui Cur Strongheart's Mother 1913-05-16
Film The Furs The Husband's Mother 1912-05-12
Film Home Folks The Young Woman's Mother 1912-06-06
Film The Old Actor The Old Actor's Wife 1912-05-06
Film Just Like a Woman The Maid 1912-04-18
Film With a Kodak Mrs. Hobbs 1912-01-25
Film Lena and the Geese Gretchen 1912-06-17
Film Won by a Fish The Maid 1912-04-22
Film The Sunbeam Sunbeam's Mamma 1912-02-25
Film The New York Hat 1912-12-05
Film A Dash Through the Clouds Old Mexican Woman 1912-06-24
Film The Painted Lady Their Mother 1912-11-24
Film The Informer The Mother 1912-11-21
Film An Indian Summer The Widow 1912-07-08
Film A Feud in the Kentucky Hills The Mother 1912-10-03
Film The One She Loved The Neighbor's Wife 1912-10-21
Film Three Sisters The Mother 1911-02-02
Film The Italian Barber Mother 1911-01-09
Film The Manicure Lady First Customer's Wife 1911-05-18
Film Fighting Blood The Old Soldier's Wife 1911-06-28
Film The Long Road Mother Superior 1911-10-26
Film The Rose of Kentucky The housekeeper 1911-08-24
Film The Villain Foiled Miss Page's Mother 1911-08-30
Film A Country Cupid Edith's Mother 1911-07-23
Film Love Among the Roses The Lacemaker's Mother 1910-05-08
Film The Two Brothers The Mother 1910-05-12
Film Ramona The Mother 1910-05-23
Film The Unchanging Sea Villager (uncredited) 1910-05-05
Film Faithful John's Sweetheart's Mother 1910-03-20
Film All on Account of the Milk The Young Woman's Mother 1910-01-13
Film The Englishman and the Girl Mrs. Thayer 1910-02-17
Film A Child of the Ghetto Ruth's Mother 1910-06-06
Film The Twisted Trail Mrs. Hendricks 1910-03-24
Film In the Season of Buds Aunt 1910-06-02
Film The Fugitive Confederate mother 1910-11-07
Film Simple Charity The Poor Wife 1910-11-10
Film A Plain Song Edith's Mother 1910-11-28
Film May and December October 1910-06-20
Film A Lucky Toothache Bessie's Mother 1910-10-13
Film The Song of the Wildwood Flute An Indian 1910-11-21
Film A Gold Necklace The Governess 1910-10-06
Film An Arcadian Maid 1910-08-01
Film The Usurer 1910-08-14
Film The Modern Prodigal 1910-08-28
Film His Duty The Sons' Mother 1909-05-31
Film The Country Doctor Poor Mother (uncredited) 1909-07-08
Film A Strange Meeting At Party 1909-08-01
Film At the Altar 1909-02-25
Film They Would Elope The Mother 1909-08-09
Film One Touch of Nature 1909-01-01
Film Confidence 1909-04-15
Film What's Your Hurry? Mary's Mother 1909-11-01
Film The Mountaineer's Honor The Mountain Girl's Mother 1909-11-24
Film Through the Breakers The Nurse 1909-12-06
Film Getting Even Party Guest 1909-09-12
Film A Midnight Adventure The Mother 1909-11-18
Film Lines of White on a Sullen Sea The Mother 1909-10-27
Film The Broken Locket Ruth's Mother 1909-09-16
Film The Awakening A Nun 1909-09-29
Film Betrayed by a Handprint Mrs. Wharton 1908-09-01
Film An Awful Moment 1908-12-18
Film Behind the Scenes 1908-09-11