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Paul Panzer

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Nov 3, 1872 : Würzburg, Germany
Filmek/Sorozatok száma::
Első szerepe:
In the movie The Haunted Hotel 1907-02-23
Legutolsó szerepe:
Film Die Nacht der 1000 Stunden 2016-11-04
Innen ismerheted
Film Die Nacht der 1000 Stunden Paul - Nightclub Waiter 2016-11-04
Film Heiter bis Wolkig Paul 2012-09-06
Film Agent Ranjid rettet die Welt 2012-10-18
Film Köpök a sírodra Jim - Assistant Ticket Taker 2010-06-17
Film Männersache Hotte 2009-03-19
Film African Race Paul Panzer 2008-01-01
Film Terrified Man Running in Courtroom / Policeman at Bowling Alley 1995-01-13
Film Az ügynök bosszúja Patient 1995-10-04
Film Gépesített terroristanő 'Kirsch' the Decoy 1987-04-05
Film Some Kind of Hero Greek Chef 1982-04-02
Film So You Think You're Not Guilty Juror (uncredited) 1950-04-15
Film The Younger Brothers Parole Board Member (uncredited) 1949-05-03
Film To the Victor (uncredited) 1948-10-26
Film So You're Going on a Vacation Clerk at Hinkel's (uncredited) 1947-07-05
Film The Unfaithful Courtroom Spectator 1947-06-05
Film Sötét átjáró Bus Passenger (uncredited) 1947-09-27
Film Always Together Waiter (uncredited) 1947-12-10
Film Mildred Pierce Waiter (uncredited) 1945-10-20
Film Danger Signal Police in Office 1945-11-14
Film Mission to Moscow Court Attendant 1943-05-22
Film Action in the North Atlantic Seaman 1943-06-12
Film Old Acquaintance Train Conductor (uncredited) 1943-11-27
Film Casablanca Paul - Waiter at Rick's (uncredited) 1942-11-26
Film A Shot in the Dark Paul - Nightclub Waiter 1941-04-05
Film Flight from Destiny Jim's Cafe Waiter 1941-02-08
Film Underground Janitor 1941-06-28
Film Highway West Gas Station Attendant (uncredited) 1941-08-07
Film Bad Men of Missouri Mr. Peters 1941-07-26
Film Dangerously They Live One of the Gardeners 1941-12-24
Film 'Til We Meet Again Ship Worker 1940-04-20
Film Saturday's Children Pete - the Nightwatchman 1940-05-11
Film British Intelligence Peasant 1940-01-29
Film A Fugitive from Justice Man in Saloon (uncredited) 1940-06-15
Film King of the Lumberjacks Lumberjack 1940-04-12
Film City for Conquest Dance Contest Observer (uncredited) 1940-09-21
Film Money and the Woman Depositor 1940-08-17
Film They Knew What They Wanted Proprietor of Italian Restaurant 1940-10-19
Film Knute Rockne All American Extra at Train Station 1940-10-05
Film No Time for Comedy Bumping Man Exiting Subway 1940-09-14
Film Secret Service of the Air Ivan - an Alien 1939-03-04
Film Women in the Wind Frieda's Mechanic 1939-04-15
Film Code of the Secret Service Mexican Soldier Arresting Gabby 1939-05-27
Film Nancy Drew... Reporter Newspaper Office Worker (uncredited) 1939-02-18
Film Idiot's Delight Greek Chef 1939-01-27
Film Devil's Island Jury Foreman 1939-01-07
Film King of the Underworld Gangster 1939-01-14
Film Daughters Courageous Waiter at Dance 1939-07-22
Film They Made Me a Criminal Jim - Assistant Ticket Taker 1939-01-28
Film Torchy Blane in Chinatown Store Clerk (uncredited) 1939-02-02
Film Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite Wrestling Match Spectator 1939-08-12
Film Each Dawn I Die Convict 1939-08-19
Film The Return of Doctor X Hospital Attendant 1939-11-23
Film Four Wives Extra in Restaurant / Extra at Wedding Reception (uncredited) 1939-12-22
Film On Your Toes Stagehand 1939-10-14
Film Smashing the Money Ring Extra as Convict in Yard 1939-10-21
Film Hitler - Beast of Berlin Brahm 1939-10-07
Film Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Reporter 1939-09-09
Film Angels Wash Their Faces Man Running in Courtroom / Policeman at Bowling Alley 1939-08-26
Film Dust Be My Destiny Work Farm Gate Guard 1939-09-16
Film Mystery House Extra at Inquest 1938-05-21
Film Torchy Blane in Panama Hotel Clerk 1938-05-07
Film He Couldn't Say No Man Knocking on Telephone Booth 1938-03-19
Film Gold Diggers in Paris Second Gendarme 1938-06-11
Film Romance Road Pierre (uncredited) 1938-01-29
Film Heart of the North Miner in Mob 1938-12-10
Film Port of Seven Seas Postman 1938-07-01
Film Hard to Get Flower Convention Attendee (uncredited) 1938-11-05
Film Penrod's Double Trouble Mexican Rancher Giving Penrod a Lift 1938-07-23
Film Racket Busters Truck Driver (uncredited) 1938-07-16
Film Land Beyond the Law Jim Blake 1937-03-13
Film The Romance Of Robert Burns Fight Spectator (uncredited) 1937-04-10
Film Men In Exile Flamingo Diner 1937-04-04
Film Smart Blonde Blind Beggar (uncredited) 1937-01-02
Film Marked Woman Club Piano-Mover (uncredited) 1937-04-10
Film The Great O'Malley Man on Stairs 1937-02-13
Film Her Husband's Secretary Drug Store Diner 1937-02-26
Film Midnight Court Police Sergeant Clerk 1937-03-06
Film The Littlest Diplomat Colonel's Servant 1937-09-06
Film She Loved a Fireman Watchman 1937-12-18
Film Melody For Two Green Hill Patron 1937-05-01
Film The Case of the Stuttering Bishop Guiseppe - Waiter 1937-06-08
Film Prairie Thunder Jed - Replaced by Buck Connors (credit only) 1937-09-10
Film Draegerman Courage Pierre - Man Carrying Injured Suzy 1937-05-15
Film The Go-Getter Man on streetcar (uncredited) 1937-05-22
Film The Cherokee Strip Coleman 1937-05-15
Film Treachery Rides the Range Man Outside Store 1936-05-02
Film Colleen Deck Steward 1936-03-21
Film I Married a Doctor Party Guest 1936-01-01
Film The White Angel Patient (uncredited) 1936-06-25
Film Halvajáró Man in Courtroom (uncredited) 1936-03-01
Film A könnyűlovasság Russian Officer (uncredited) 1936-10-20
Film Jailbreak Cop 1936-08-05
Film The Case of the Black Cat Poker Player 1936-10-31
Film King of Hockey Fan Angry at Dugan 1936-12-19
Film Here Comes Carter Policeman in Car 1936-10-24
Film Trailin' West Passenger 1936-09-04
Film Oil For The Lamps Of China Oil Company Employee 1935-06-08
Film Dinky Extra at Football Game 1935-05-11
Film The Payoff Trainer 1935-01-09
Film The Florentine Dagger Detective (uncredited) 1935-03-30
Film Stranded Updyke Agitator (uncredited) 1935-06-29
Film Front Page Woman Reporter (uncredited) 1935-07-11
Film Moonlight on the Prairie Townsman with Pop 1935-11-02
Film Blood kapitány Pirate (uncredited) 1935-12-28
Film Dr. Socrates Townsman at Celebration Party 1935-10-19
Film Journal of a Crime Truck Driver 1934-03-10
Film Gentlemen Are Born Counter Man 1934-11-17
Film Parachute Jumper Canadian Airport Contact (uncredited) 1933-01-28
Film A Bedtime Story Concierge 1933-04-22
Film Narcotic Cashier 1933-08-01
Film Havana Widows Waiter at Sloppy Moe's (uncredited) 1933-11-18
Film The Kennel Murder Case Baggage Clerk (uncredited) 1933-10-28
Film Sin's Pay Day Derelict drinking milk (uncredited) 1932-03-02
Film The Dark Horse Delegate Telephoning 1932-06-16
Film The Crooked Circle Cult Member (uncredited) 1932-09-25
Film Scarlet Dawn Revolutionary Killed by Nikita 1932-11-12
Film Quick Millions Cleaning Shop Victim (uncredited) 1931-04-17
Film Cavalier of the West Don Fernandez 1931-11-15
Film Defenders of the Law Gangster 1931-05-23
Film Frankenstein Mourner 1931-11-21
Film Ambassador Bill Revolutionary 1931-11-22
Film Three Faces East 'Kirsch' the Decoy 1930-08-26
Film Glorious Betsy The Ship's Captain 1928-04-25
Film Sally in Our Alley Tony Garibaldi 1927-09-02
Film The Johnstown Flood 1926-02-28
Film Too Many Kisses Pedro 1925-01-11
Film Under the Red Robe 1923-11-12
Film When Knighthood Was in Flower Captain of the Guard 1922-09-15
Film The Masked Rider Pancho 1919-05-07
Film The House of Hate Prison Warden of Death Row 1918-01-02
Film A Sea Mystery John 1916-01-21
Film Elusive Isabel Coount Rosini 1916-05-15
Film The Perils of Pauline Koerner / Raymond Owen 1914-03-31
Film The Last Volunteer Ambassador of Austrania 1914-08-21
Film The Life of Buffalo Bill 1912-04-12
Film Revolution in a Bachelors' Club 1911-10-25
Film Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy The Smoker 1909-08-10
Film The Haunted Hotel 1907-02-23