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Feb 6, 1896
Filmek/Sorozatok száma::
Első szerepe:
In the movie The Only Woman 1924-10-25
Legutolsó szerepe:
Film Problem of Evil 2013-10-11
Innen ismerheted
Poster of Cheating Blondes
Poster of College Days
Poster of The Freshman
Poster of The Only Woman
Film Problem of Evil Tony 2013-10-11
Film What Goes Up Member of Stock Company (uncredited) 2009-05-29
Film Replikáns Jamison 2001-05-11
Film At Any Cost Wedding guest (uncredited) 2000-08-16
Film Idegenek Velencében Craig 1990-01-01
Film Chaalbaaz Mr. Walden 1989-12-08
Film Rocky George Mason 1976-11-21
Film Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (archive footage) 1975-08-06
Film 7 Faces of Dr. Lao Party Guest (uncredited) 1964-03-18
Film Idegenek a vonaton Tennis Umpire (uncredited) 1951-06-27
Film Rhubarb Dill's Lawyer #1 (uncredited) 1951-08-29
Film The People Against O'Hara Gambler (uncredited) 1951-09-01
Film The Miracle of the Bells Drunken Man 1948-03-27
Film Wallflower 1948-06-13
Film Buck Privates Come Home Street Onlooker (uncredited) 1947-04-04
Film Suddenly It's Spring Nightclub Patron 1947-02-13
Film Johnny O'Clock Card Player 1947-01-23
Film Three on a Ticket Jim Lacy 1947-04-04
Film Lured Concertgoer 1947-08-28
Film Fun on a Weekend Gambling House Bouncer (Uncredited) 1947-05-15
Film Kísért a múlt Kibitzer in Blue Sky Club (uncredited) 1947-11-25
Film The Unfaithful Party Guest 1947-07-01
Film A gyilkosok Party Guest (uncredited) 1946-08-28
Film Murder in the Music Hall Joe 1946-04-10
Film The Razor's Edge Party Guest (uncredited) 1946-11-19
Film Az élet csodaszép Military Officer in Montage (uncredited) 1946-12-20
Film Over 21 Man in Gow's Outer Office (uncredited) 1945-08-08
Film Together Again Nightclub Patron (uncredited) 1944-12-23
Film Crash Dive Angry Man at Hotel Registration Desk 1943-04-22
Film Slightly Dangerous Man in Lobby (uncredited) 1943-04-01
Film The Hard Way Embassy Club Patron (Uncredited) 1943-01-13
Film The Constant Nymph Party Guest 1943-06-23
Film Let's Face It Night Club Patron (uncredited) 1943-08-04
Film The Dancing Masters Sidewalk Barker (uncredited) 1943-11-19
Film Crazy House Photographer 1943-10-08
Film Du Barry Was a Lady Club Patron (uncredited) 1943-08-13
Film Ride 'Em Cowboy Rodeo Spectator (uncredited) 1942-02-13
Film Az év asszonya Clayton's Secretary 1942-02-05
Film Fingers at the Window Psychiatrist at Lecture 1942-04-22
Film My Sister Eileen Taxicab Driver (uncredited) 1942-09-24
Film Boszorkányt vettem feleségül Country Club Guest (uncredited) 1942-10-30
Film Utazás a múltból Party Guest (uncredited) 1942-10-22
Film Hold That Ghost Maitre d' (uncredited) 1941-08-08
Film Our Wife Concert Attendee (uncredited) 1941-08-20
Film Weekend for Three Old Field Inn Patron 1941-12-12
Film I Wake Up Screaming Nightclub patron (uncredited) 1941-10-31
Film Az utolsó emberig Well-Wisher (uncredited) 1941-11-20
Film Charlie Chan in Panama Nightclub / Dance Extra 1940-03-01
Film I Take This Oath Burly 1940-05-20
Film He Married His Wife Nightclub Patron 1940-01-19
Film Remember the Night Courtroom Spectator (uncredited) 1940-01-01
Film Millionaires in Prison Reporter 1940-07-12
Film Mexican Spitfire Roulette Croupier (uncredited) 1940-01-12
Film No, No, Nanette Birthday Party Guest 1940-12-19
Film Leánysors Speakeasy Patron - 100% American (uncredited) 1940-12-27
Film Hired Wife Phyllis's Friend (uncredited) 1940-09-13
Film A levél Party Guest (uncredited) 1940-11-21
Film Third Finger, Left Hand Night Club Patron 1940-10-11
Film One Night in the Tropics Croupier (uncredited) 1940-11-15
Film Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Gangster 1939-07-07
Film Good Girls Go to Paris Party Guest (uncredited) 1939-06-20
Film They Shall Have Music Man in Concert Audience (uncredited) 1939-08-18
Film Rose of Washington Square Man in Box at Wintergarden (uncredited) 1939-05-05
Film Charlie Chan in Reno Man in Line-Up 1939-06-16
Film The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Stockbroker 1939-03-29
Film The Day the Bookies Wept Major 'Brownie' Horner 1939-09-15
Film Az alvilág alkonya Nightclub Patron (uncredited) 1939-10-28
Film Another Thin Man West Indies Club Patron 1939-11-17
Film The Housekeeper's Daughter Mug 1939-10-26
Film Becsületből elégtelen Senate Clerk (uncredited) 1939-10-19
Film Cowboy from Brooklyn Man with Radio Station Manager 1938-07-09
Film The Young in Heart Party Guest (uncredited) 1938-07-06
Film Josette Nightclub Table Extra (uncredited) 1938-06-03
Film Smashing the Rackets Court Clerk 1938-08-08
Film In Old Chicago Courtroom Spectator (uncredited) 1938-04-15
Film The Affairs of Annabel Man in Webb's Office 1938-09-09
Film Going Places Party Guest / Racetrack Spectator 1938-12-31
Film Trade Winds Roger - Party Guest 1938-12-28
Film Straight, Place and Show Country Club Patron 1938-09-30
Film Sunset Murder Case Minor Role 1938-11-11
Film Love Takes Flight Eddie 1937-11-05
Film The Great Gambini Traveling Salesman 1937-06-24
Film There Goes the Groom Extra at Class Reunion (uncredited) 1937-10-29
Film Portia on Trial Portia's Co-Counsel 1937-11-08
Film Bulldog Drummond's Revenge Smith Tredgold 1937-12-16
Film Blossoms On Broadway Hotel Guest (uncredited) 1937-11-19
Film Champagne Charlie Mr. Walden 1936-05-06
Film Dalol a flotta David Sullivan 1936-02-20
Film Early to Bed Craig 1936-06-05
Film No More Ladies Bar Owner Joe Williams (uncredited) 1935-06-14
Film Woman Wanted Casino Manager in Nightclub (uncredited) 1935-08-02
Film Public Hero Number 1 Bar Patron (uncredited) 1935-05-31
Film 'G' Men Man (uncredited) 1935-05-04
Film Hot Tip Racetrack Spectator 1935-08-20
Film Murder on a Honeymoon Roswell T. Forrest 1935-02-22
Film Buried Loot Man in Getaway Car (uncredited) 1935-01-19
Film Broadway Hostess Man in Gambling House (uncredited) 1935-12-07
Film Atlantic Adventure Ship Passenger 1935-08-25
Film Hot Money The Thief 1935-11-16
Film Thunder in the Night Party Guest 1935-09-20
Film Here Comes the Band Audience Member (uncredited) 1935-08-30
Film Slightly Static Member of Stock Company (uncredited) 1935-09-07
Film Two for Tonight Dance Extra (uncredited) 1935-09-12
Film A Very Honorable Guy Donny Detroit 1934-04-18
Film The Thin Man Night Club Patron (uncredited) 1934-05-25
Film The Defense Rests Charlie 1934-07-15
Film 365 Nights in Hollywood Dancing Boy (uncredited) 1934-12-11
Film The Gay Bride Wedding guest (uncredited) 1934-12-14
Film Pick Up Tony 1933-03-24
Film No Other Woman Chauffeur 1933-01-06
Film Gabriel Over the White House White House Press Correspondent (uncredited) 1933-03-31
Film Flirting in the Park Mr. Hill - Assistant Office Manager 1933-08-18
Film Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men Hiring Clerk (uncredited) 1933-10-18
Film Cheating Blondes Jim Carter 1933-05-01
Film Stan és Pan a sivatag fiai A Son of the Desert (uncredited) 1933-12-29
Film What Price Hollywood? Muto 1932-06-24
Film Girl Crazy George Mason 1932-03-25
Film Fast Life Henchman with Gun (uncredited) 1932-12-16
Film Gun Smoke Spot Skee 1931-04-10
Film Recaptured Love Pat 1930-07-07
Film The Office Wife Jamison 1930-08-23
Film Street of Chance Al Mastick 1930-02-08
Film One Night at Susie's Mobster (Uncredited) 1930-10-19
Film The Widow from Chicago Mr. Mullins, Floor Manager 1930-11-23
Film Derelict McFall 1930-11-22
Film The Sophomore Dan Willis 1929-08-24
Film Weary River Jerry's Guest (uncredited) 1929-02-10
Film Welcome Danger Handcuffed Prisoner at Police Station (uncredited) 1929-10-12
Film The Trespasser Reporter (uncredited) 1929-11-11
Film Speedy Steve Carter 1928-04-07
Film Three's a Crowd Minor Role (uncredited) 1927-08-28
Film The Gorilla Reporter 1927-11-13
Film The Drop Kick Ed Pemberton 1927-09-25
Film Why Girls Go Back Home Crook in Badger Game 1926-03-01
Film Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Taxi Driver 1926-03-21
Film The Strong Man Bus Passenger (uncredited) 1926-11-19
Film Ranson's Folly Lt. Curtis 1926-05-30
Film College Days Kenneth Slade 1926-10-14
Film The Freshman The College Cad 1925-09-20
Film The Only Woman First Officer 1924-10-25