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Sep 24, 1894 : Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Filmek/Sorozatok száma::
Első szerepe:
In the movie One Too Many 1916-02-16
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Film Vissza a mamahotelbe 2016-06-01
Innen ismerheted
Poster of Pete Kelly's Blues
Poster of The Captain's Pup
Poster of The First Round-Up
Poster of The Serenade
Film Holidays Father in Waiting Room (uncredited) 2016-04-22
Film Vissza a mamahotelbe Beans, Ex 2016-06-01
Film Get a Horse! Peg-Leg Pete (archive sound) 2013-11-27
Film The Fairly OddParents: Wishology Stunt Aviator 2009-05-03
Film Disney Animation Collection Volume 2: Three Little Pigs Big Bad Wolf / Captain Katt (voice) 2009-04-07
Film Pride 33: The Second Coming Reporter 2007-02-24
Film Tex Avery's Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection Spike 2007-05-15
Film Papák a partvonalon Father (voice) 2005-05-13
Film Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures Radio Man (voice) (uncredited) 2001-05-02
Film Hamilton parancsnok Big Bad Wolf (voice) 1998-01-30
Film Idegenek Velencében Office Boy 1990-01-01
Film Street of No Return Feeny 1989-05-17
Film Secrets of a Mother and Daughter Stage Director 1983-10-04
Film Az üldözők Mr. Vincent (uncredited) 1966-02-17
Film Harlow Policeman (uncredited) 1965-06-23
Series Get Smart Unknown 1965-09-18
Film This Is Your Life Donald Duck Pete (voice) 1960-03-11
Series The Bugs Bunny Show 1960-10-11
Series Pete Kelly's Blues Unknown 1959-04-05
Series Dennis the Menace Unknown 1959-10-04
Film The Lone Chipmunks Black Pete (voice) 1954-04-07
Film The New Neighbor Pete 1953-08-01
Film Bajkeverő Jane Prospector 1953-11-04
Film Canvas Back Duck Peewee Pete 1953-12-25
Film How to Be a Detective Al Muldoon 1952-12-12
Series The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Unknown 1951-04-15
Film A Bear for Punishment Pa Bear 1951-10-20
Film The Chump Champ Spike 1950-11-04
Film Bowery Bugs Steve Brody 1949-06-04
Film Mississippi Hare Col. Shuffle 1949-02-26
Film Heavenly Puss Devil Dog 1949-07-09
Film Bear Feat Pa Bear 1949-12-10
Film What's Brewin', Bruin? Papa Bear (voice) (uncredited) 1948-02-27
Film Make Mine Freedom Labor employee (voice) 1948-02-25
Film The Bee-Deviled Bruin Henry Bear (voice) (uncredited) 1948-05-13
Film Rabbit Punch The Champ 1948-04-10
Film The Truce Hurts Butch 1948-07-17
Film Wide Open Spaces Motel proprietor 1947-09-12
Film Walter Mitty titkos élete Western Character (uncredited) 1947-09-01
Film Pluto's Blue Note Music Store Proprietor 1947-12-26
Film Road to Utopia Bear (uncredited) (voice) 1946-02-27
Film Deadline at Dawn Waiter 1946-03-21
Film Az ítélet Gravedigger 1946-11-23
Film Solid Serenade Evil Laugh 1946-08-31
Film The Mouse Comes to Dinner 1945-05-05
Film Incendiary Blonde Clown 1945-07-25
Film Old Sequoia Donald's Boss 1945-12-21
Film Duck Pimples Detective Hennessey 1945-08-10
Film Quiet Please! Spike 1945-12-22
Film Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike Malaria Mike (voice) (uncredited) 1944-03-15
Film The Zoot Cat Bit Part 1944-02-26
Film Little Red Riding Rabbit Wolf 1944-01-04
Film And the Angels Sing Club Patron (uncredited) 1944-04-25
Film Trombone Trouble Pegleg Pete (voice) 1944-02-18
Film Casanova Brown Father in Waiting Room (uncredited) 1944-08-23
Film Lost in a Harem Bobo (voice) (uncredited) 1944-12-01
Film Gas Gas Cloud (voice) (uncredited) 1944-05-15
Film The Bodyguard Spike / Tom (Voice) 1944-07-22
Film Yankee Doodle Daffy Sleepy Lagoon (singing voice) 1943-07-03
Film Chatterbox Black Jake 1943-04-27
Film Der Fuehrer's Face Nazi 1943-01-01
Film Crazy House Policeman 1943-10-08
Film Slightly Dangerous Customer (uncredited) 1943-04-01
Film Who Killed Who? Detective / Ghost (voice) (uncredited) 1943-06-19
Film True to Life Radio Heavy 1943-12-24
Film Best Foot Forward Waxer 1943-10-08
Film Boss of Rawhide Jed Bones 1943-11-20
Film Whistling in Brooklyn Announcer (uncredited) 1943-12-01
Film The Old Army Game Sgt. Pete 1943-11-05
Film Baby Puss Butch (voice) 1943-12-25
Film Symphony Hour Pete / Sylvester Macaroni 1942-03-20
Film Joe Smith, American Police Radio Broadcaster (voice) (uncredited) 1942-02-01
Film Donald Gets Drafted Sgt. Pete 1942-05-01
Film Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood No. 6 1942-10-05
Film Daffy's Southern Exposure Wolf (voice) (uncredited) 1942-05-01
Film Sky Trooper Sgt. Pete 1942-11-06
Film The Vanishing Private Sgt. Pete 1942-09-25
Film Meet John Doughboy Short Soldier (voice) (uncredited) 1941-07-05
Film Robot Wrecks Froggy's Father (uncredited) 1941-07-12
Film Cracked Nuts Parachute Man 1941-07-02
Film Timber Pierre (voice) 1941-01-10
Film Whistling in the Dark Radio Effects Man (uncredited) 1941-08-08
Film The Thrifty Pig Big Bad Wolf 1941-11-19
Film Dumbó Clown (voice) 1941-10-22
Film Edison, the Man Reporter 1940-05-10
Film The Riveter Pegleg Pete 1940-03-15
Film Murder in the Air Big Bad Wolf 1940-06-01
Film Buck Benny Rides Again Last Porter 1940-05-31
Film Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip Pete 1940-11-01
Film Pluto's Dream House Magic Lamp 1940-08-30
Film The Ape Short Mustached Posse Man 1940-09-30
Film Melody Ranch Scarlet Shadow Radio Actor 1940-09-15
Film Polar Pals I. Killem 1939-06-02
Film Porky's Movie Mystery Invisible Man 1939-03-10
Film The Lone Ranger Rides Again The Masked Lone Ranger (voice) 1939-02-25
Film Mama's New Hat Captain (voice) (uncredited) 1939-02-10
Film Óz, a csodák csodája Mayor / Lollipop Guild Member (voice) 1939-08-15
Film Seal Skinners Captain (voice) (uncredited) 1939-01-28
Film The Practical Pig Big Bad Wolf 1939-02-24
Film Dancing Co-Ed Radio Man (voice) (uncredited) 1939-09-29
Film Zorro's Fighting Legion Don Del Oro (voice) 1939-12-16
Film A Haunting We Will Go Ghost (voice) 1939-08-27
Film Asszonylázadás Pianist 1939-11-30
Film The Film Fan Narrator (voice) (uncredited) 1939-12-16
Film Officer Duck Tiny Tom (voice) 1939-10-10
Film The Autograph Hound Security Guard 1939-09-01
Film Now That Summer Is Gone Father (voice) 1938-05-13
Film Hide and Shriek Haunted House Ghouls (voice) 1938-06-18
Film The Captain's Pup Captain (voice) 1938-04-29
Film The Lone Ranger Lone Ranger (voice) 1938-02-13
Series The Captain and the Kids Captain 1938-02-19
Film Boy Meets Dog Voice 1938-03-10
Film Poultry Pirates Captain 1938-04-15
Film Men with Wings Red Cross Man 1938-07-16
Film Farmyard Symphony bull 1938-10-14
Film A Day at the Beach Captain 1938-06-24
Film The Winning Ticket The Captain (voice) (uncredited) 1938-10-01
Film You're an Education Singing Tibetan / Thief of Baghdad (voice) 1938-11-04
Film Professor Beware Shoeshine Customer 1938-07-29
Film The Mexicali Kid Stagecoach Driver 1938-09-13
Film Porky in Wackyland Roaring Goon (voice) 1938-09-24
Film Academy Award Review of Walt Disney Cartoons Big bad wolf (voice) 1937-05-18
Film Modern Inventions Robot Butler 1937-05-29
Film Porky's Romance Time Munches On Narrator 1937-04-03
Film The Worm Turns Dog Catcher 1937-01-02
Film The Californian Tax Collector 1937-07-18
Film Pigs Is Pigs Evil Scientist (voice) 1937-01-08
Film Porky's Road Race Borax Karoff 1937-02-07
Film Porky's Railroad Silver Fish Engineer 1937-08-06
Film The Case of the Stuttering Pig Lawyer Goodwill 1937-10-30
Film Egghead Rides Again Boarding Room Clerk / Egghead (voice) (uncredited) 1937-11-29
Film Donald's Ostrich Bass Singer 1937-12-10
Film The Lyin' Mouse Lion (voice) 1937-10-15
Film Lonesome Ghosts Short Ghost 1937-12-24
Film Speaking of the Weather Public Enemy #1 / Judge 1937-09-04
Film I Wanna Be a Sailor Papa Parrot 1937-09-25
Film Playing the Ponies Announcer (uncredited) 1937-10-15
Film Early to Bed Office Boy 1936-06-05
Film Rhythm on the Range Buck's Friend 1936-07-01
Film Dick Whittington's Cat Cook 1936-05-30
Film Moving Day Pete 1936-06-20
Film Alpine Antics Bully 1936-03-08
Film I Love to Singa Father (voice) 1936-07-18
Film An All American Toothache Plumber #1 (uncredited) 1936-01-25
Film Lash of the Penitentes Narrating Missionary 1936-04-12
Film Three Little Wolves Big Bad Wolf 1936-04-18
Film Porky in the North Woods Trapper 1936-12-18
Film Milk and Money Mr. Viper 1936-12-27
Film Little Beau Porky Ali-Mode, Commandant 1936-10-14
Film Satan Met a Lady Father of Sextuplets 1936-07-22
Film A három vak egér Captain Katt 1936-09-26
Film The Big Broadcast of 1937 Property Man 1936-10-05
Film New Shoes Boy's Shoes (voice) 1936-09-05
Film Little Boy Blue Wolf 1936-07-30
Film How to Vote Man on Platform (uncredited) 1936-09-04
Film The Tin Man The Tin Man (voice) 1935-03-30
Film The Robber Kitten Dirty Bill 1935-04-12
Film Who Killed Cock Robin? Judge Oliver Owl 1935-06-25
Film Man on the Flying Trapeze Timekeeper (uncredited) 1935-08-03
Film Mickey's Service Station Pete 1935-02-23
Film A Cartoonist's Nightmare Voices 1935-09-21
Film The Lost City Gorzo 1935-03-06
Film I Haven't Got a Hat Beans, Ex 1935-03-09
Film The Golden Touch King Midas 1935-03-22
Film Life Begins at Forty Hog Caller 1935-03-22
Film Alias St. Nick Cat / Santa Claus (voice) (uncredited) 1935-11-16
Film Coronado Waiter (uncredited) 1935-11-27
Film Pluto's Judgement Day Cat Prosecutor 1935-09-27
Film Gold Diggers of '49 Beans (voice) (uncredited) 1935-11-02
Film Billboard Frolics Dave Rub-Em-Off 1935-11-09
Film The Rainmakers Townsman 1935-10-25
Film Two-Fisted Cop 1935-10-03
Film Balloon Land Pincushion Man (voice) 1935-09-30
Film Twin Triplets Merchant (uncredited) 1935-10-12
Film Maid in Hollywood Information Clerk (uncredited) 1934-05-19
Film The First Round-Up Wally's Father 1934-05-04
Film Goofy Movies Number Two Christopher Columbus (uncredited) 1934-02-24
Film Punch Drunks Fight Announcer 1934-07-13
Film The Big Bad Wolf Big Bad Wolf 1934-04-14
Film Three Chumps Ahead Second Waiter (uncredited) 1934-07-14
Film The Old Fashioned Way Tomato Thrower (uncredited) 1934-07-13
Film Stan és Pan - A Mosoly Országában Chief of Police (uncredited) 1934-12-14
Film The Dognapper Pete 1934-11-17
Film One-Horse Farmers Subway Passenger (uncredited) 1934-08-01
Film Two-Gun Mickey Pegleg Pete (voice) (uncredited) 1934-12-15
Film Taxi Barons Host - Jenna's Father 1933-03-31
Film Me and My Pal Police Dispatcher (voice) (uncredited) 1933-04-22
Film Mickey's Mellerdrammer Horace Horsecollar 1933-03-17
Film Building a Building 1933-01-07
Film Call Her Sausage Meyer (uncredited) 1933-05-12
Film The Mad Doctor Dr. XXX 1933-01-21
Film A Lady's Profession Keyhole McKluskey 1933-03-03
Film Diplomaniacs Schmerzenschmerzen (uncredited) 1933-04-28
Film Rhapsody in Brew Meyer Schmaltz 1933-09-29
Film Keg o' My Heart Meyer Schmaltz 1933-11-11
Film One Track Minds Passenger with Whiskers (uncredited) 1933-05-20
Film Bedtime Worries Radio Voice 1933-09-08
Film Air Fright Stunt Aviator 1933-12-23
Film The Midnight Patrol Radio dispatcher (voice) 1933-08-03
Film Three Little Pigs Big Bad Wolf (voice) 1933-05-27
Film The Rummy Taxicab Company Mechanic (uncredited) 1933-06-09
Film Bridge Wives Radio announcer 1932-02-21
Film The Tabasco Kid Susie (voice) 1932-01-30
Film Runt Page Bears Bugs (voice) 1932-04-11
Film The Dentist Mr. Foliage - Bearded Patient 1932-12-09
Film A Slip at the Switch Feeny 1932-08-08
Film Sneak Easily Police Radio Announcer (uncredited) 1932-12-10
Film Trader Hound Trader Hound / Native King (voice) (uncredited) 1931-04-08
Film Branded Men Half-A-Rod 1931-11-07
Film The Secret Witness Radio Announcer's Voice 1931-12-31
Film Show Girl in Hollywood Sign Man Scraping Names off Doors 1930-04-20
Film Loose Ankles Mr. Berry from Logan 1930-02-02
Film Dancing Sweeties Bud 1930-07-18
Film Top Speed Ipps 1930-08-23
Film Dilisek jelmezben Revolutionary (uncredited) 1930-09-28
Film The Karnival Kid Singer 1929-07-30
Film The Dude Cowboy Shorty O'Day 1926-10-30
Film That's the Spirit 1924-09-01
Film Billy Jim Jimmy 1922-01-29
Film Dry and Thirsty Horace Radish 1920-02-15
Film A Bashful Bigamist Mr. Smith 1920-07-15
Film A Roman Scandal Stage Director 1919-11-30
Film One Too Many Unhappy Boarder 1916-02-16
Film The Battle Royal Grandpa Runt 1916-04-12
Film The Serenade 1916-03-02