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Keung Hon

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Filmek/Sorozatok száma::
Első szerepe:
In the movie China Gate 1957-05-22
Legutolsó szerepe:
Film 小小小警察 1989-03-25
Innen ismerheted
Poster of Death Ring
Poster of The Emperor and the Minister
Poster of Killer Constable
Poster of The Ghosts and I
Film 小小小警察 Casino's thug 1989-03-25
Film The Master Strikes Back Soldier 1985-01-19
Film Pursuit of a Killer He Min 1985-09-20
Film Death Ring 1984-01-01
Film Pituitary Hunter Big-mouth So 1984-09-06
Film Men from the Gutter Triad boss at nightclub 1983-10-15
Film Kid from Kwangtung Patriot 1982-02-07
Film Ode to Gallantry Zhentian gang chief 1982-12-16
Film The Emperor and the Minister Beggar 1982-11-20
Film My Rebellious Son Johnny's supporter at boxing match 1982-11-26
Film The Sword Stained with Royal Blood Wen Clan 5th Uncle 1981-03-06
Film Kincsvadászok Martial expert at meeting with Cong 1981-07-09
Film Bloody Parrot Guo Kan 1981-10-01
Film The Emperor and His Brother Ching henchman 1981-07-19
Film Mobfix Patrol Mainlander 1981-10-29
Film Killer Constable Lord Wang 1980-03-28
Film Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty Casino's thug 1980-03-01
Film Coward Bastard Jiu's man 1980-05-02
Film Heroes Shed No Tears Yang Chian 1980-07-24
Film What Price Honesty? Chief Liu 1980-12-31
Film Lost Souls Shark, Hok's thug 1980-11-26
Film John Travolto: The Face with Two Left Feet Mainlander 1979-05-04
Film 佛家小子 Master Wing 1979-01-01
Film The Scandalous Warlord Adjutant 1979-02-09
Film Spiritual Boxer II Gambling den boss 1979-02-13
Film The Ghosts and I 1979-08-24
Film The Tigress of Shaolin Meng's man 1979-09-14
Film The Deadly Breaking Sword Dr Guo's hanger-on 1979-12-04
Film Five Superfighters Scam dealer's thug 1979-09-01
Film A Shaolin 36 próbatétele Abbot in charge of Cleanliness 1978-02-02
Film A repülő guillotine 2. Imperial guard rewarding Bai with gold 1978-01-19
Film The Vengeful Beauty Feng's assassin impersonating Hai 1978-03-11
Film The Brave Archer 2 Liang Ze Weng 1978-05-13
Film Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre II Monk Pang 1978-10-27
Film Soul of the Sword Sire's swordsman 1978-04-21
Film Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Priest Tieh Kwun 1978-10-18
Film The Battle Wizard Sikong Xuan 1977-09-09
Film To Kill a Jaguar Cheung-chin 1977-07-23
Film Lady Exterminator 1977-01-20
Film The Sentimental Swordsman Golden Lion Escort man in blue 1977-10-14
Film Chinatown Kid Thug 1977-12-02
Film Pursuit of Vengeance Flying Spider 1977-12-22
Film Emperor Chien Lung Palace guard 1976-06-02
Film Brotherhood Hsiung's casino manager 1976-07-20
Film The Oily Maniac Chang Ah Gou 1976-09-18
Film The Girlie Bar Drunken rude customer 1976-10-05
Film All Mixed Up Duo 'Grenade' + 'Mashine Gun' 1975-09-25
Film The Spiritual Boxer Liu Yung 1975-11-28
Film Shatter Korean taekwondo fighter 1974-01-01
Film The Rat Catcher Qiang 1974-12-19
Film The Ghost Lovers Martial artist 1974-03-14
Film Rivals of Kung Fu Master Yuan Yi Fu 1974-05-25
Film China Gate Korean taekwondo fighter 1957-05-22