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May 15, 1893 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Filmek/Sorozatok száma::
Első szerepe:
In the movie The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come 1920-02-01
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Film Die Nacht der 1000 Stunden 2016-11-04
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Poster of Hills of Oklahoma
Poster of Santa Fe Marshal
Poster of Putting Pants on Philip
Poster of The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
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Film Barefoot Chief of Detectives 2014-02-02
Film Fat Kid Rules The World Officer on Train 2012-10-05
Film Halott lelkek Cop 2012-10-11
Film Tödlicher Rausch Rancher Scotty Davis 2011-12-11
Film The Big Bad Swim One of Keaton's Lieutenants 2006-01-01
Film Beugratás Denver House Bartender 2006-10-14
Film Complicated Women Himself (archive footage) 2003-05-06
Film Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures Workman's Stooge (uncredited) 2001-05-02
Film At Any Cost Safety deposit box guard (uncredited) 2000-08-16
Film Gyilkosok gyilkosa Relative of Sentenced Boy 1998-02-06
Film Terrified Guard at Reform School 1995-01-13
Film Some Kind of Hero Train Announcer 1982-04-02
Film Gonev Miganav Patoor Policeman Playing Cards 1977-05-01
Film Una abuelita de antes de la guerra Extra 1974-03-06
Film A gyilkolás ideje Reporter 1967-08-01
Film The Magnetic Monster City Engineer 1953-02-18
Series The Adventures of Kit Carson Unknown 1951-08-11
Series The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Unknown 1951-04-15
Film Western Pacific Agent Chief of Police 1950-04-10
Film Champagne for Caesar Neighbor 1950-05-11
Film The Girl from San Lorenzo Sheriff Marlowe 1950-02-24
Film The File on Thelma Jordon Chauffeur (Uncredited) 1950-01-18
Film Father of the Bride Motorcycle Cop (uncredited) 1950-05-18
Film Hunt the Man Down Court Bailiff (uncredited) 1950-12-26
Film Desperadoes of the West Rusty Steele 1950-08-02
Film Hills of Oklahoma Rancher Scotty Davis 1950-06-01
Film A Woman's Secret District Attorney's Office Clerk (Uncredited) 1949-01-13
Film Sky Dragon Detective at Airport Gate 1949-04-27
Film Gun Law Justice Hank Cardigan 1949-03-13
Film A forrás Juror (uncredited) 1949-06-25
Film Fehér izzás Prison Tower Guard (uncredited) 1949-09-02
Film Vörös folyó Gambler (uncredited) 1948-08-26
Film The Web 1947-05-25
Film Blonde Alibi Policeman #1 (Uncredited) 1946-03-01
Film Magnificent Doll Hatch 1946-12-08
Film Horgonyt fel! Cop (uncredited) 1945-07-14
Film Betrayal from the East Immigration Officer with Black Hatband (uncredited) 1945-04-24
Film Circumstantial Evidence Cop 1945-04-20
Film Girls of the Big House Detective Benson 1945-11-02
Film The Hidden Eye Polasky 1945-08-31
Film Adventure Bartender at Frank & Bob's Place (uncredited) 1945-12-28
Film Vörös utca First Policeman in Hogarth's Office (uncredited) 1945-12-25
Film Patrolling the Ether Bit Role 1944-04-10
Film Arzén és levendula Umpire (uncredited) 1944-09-01
Film The Lady and the Monster Headwaiter (Uncredited) 1944-04-17
Film Power of the Press Policeman (uncredited) 1943-01-29
Film Action in the North Atlantic Lieutenant-Commander 1943-06-12
Film Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case Bronson - Prison Gate Guard 1943-05-08
Film In This Our Life Police Telephone Operator (uncredited) 1942-05-08
Film Grand Central Murder First Railroad Yardman 1942-05-01
Film Blondie Goes to College Coach Hartley 1942-01-15
Film Spy Ship Listener on Street 1942-06-06
Film The Great Man's Lady Chairman 1942-04-15
Film Fingers at the Window Police Telephone Operator 1942-04-22
Film Night in New Orleans Grady, Police Car Driver (Uncredited) 1942-07-01
Film War Dogs Sgt. Day 1942-11-13
Film The Secret Code Jailer 1942-09-04
Film Gentleman Jim Detective (uncredited) 1942-11-14
Film Riders of the West The Sheriff-Conspirator 1942-08-21
Film Dead Men Tell Detective (uncredited) 1941-03-28
Film Andy Hardy's Private Secretary Barnes 1941-02-21
Film A Shot in the Dark Blaney 1941-04-05
Film Lady from Louisiana Cop 1941-04-22
Film Pacific Blackout Cop 1941-12-31
Film Honky Tonk Townsman at Meeting House 1941-10-01
Film The Spider Returns Police Officer Mulligan 1941-05-09
Film Girl in 313 Second Detective 1940-05-31
Film The Light of Western Stars Train Conductor 1940-04-17
Film Hidden Gold Sheriff Cameron 1940-06-07
Film Pop Always Pays Policeman at the Pawnbroker's 1940-06-21
Film Gold Rush Maisie Man Outside General Store (uncredited) 1940-07-26
Film It All Came True Police Officer Pegasee (uncredited) 1940-04-06
Film Santa Fe Marshal Blacksmith 1940-01-26
Film The Saint's Double Trouble Police Sergeant Outside Bohlen's Office 1940-01-26
Film Frank James visszatér Denver House Bartender (uncredited) 1940-08-10
Film I Take This Woman Policeman 1940-02-01
Film Castle on the Hudson Visitor Room Guard (uncredited) 1940-02-17
Film Young Tom Edison Train Engineer Miller 1940-03-15
Film Women Without Names Police Broadcaster 1940-03-14
Film And One Was Beautiful Bailiff 1940-04-05
Film Brother Orchid 1st Policeman at Buck's Hideout (uncredited) 1940-06-07
Film Little Nellie Kelly Detective Barter (uncredited) 1940-11-22
Film Gallant Sons Police Lieutenant Bill Maloney 1940-11-15
Film Philadelphiai történet Bartender (uncredited) 1940-12-05
Film The Fargo Kid Bartender 1940-12-06
Film Stranger on the Third Floor Cab Driver Sitting on Cab (uncredited) 1940-08-16
Film Murder Over New York Joe - the Cop 1940-12-13
Film Knute Rockne All American Army Coach 1940-10-05
Film Ellery Queen, Master Detective Flynn (uncredited) 1940-11-30
Film Olajváros Man Fighting Oil Fire (uncredited) 1940-08-30
Film Angels Over Broadway Police Lieutenant (uncredited) 1940-10-02
Film Flowing Gold Policeman 1940-08-24
Film Men Against the Sky Shop Foreman 1940-09-06
Film Dance, Girl, Dance Plainclothesman (uncredited) 1940-08-30
Film City for Conquest Ring Announcer (uncredited) 1940-09-21
Film Wyoming Ed James 1940-09-13
Film Women in the Wind Wichita Official (uncredited) 1939-04-15
Film The Flying Irishman Mechanic Hiring Doug 1939-04-07
Film The Lady and the Mob Policeman 1939-04-03
Film Undercover Agent Pete Higgens - Bartender 1939-04-19
Film Tell No Tales Policeman at School 1939-06-12
Film Let Us Live Cop (uncredited) 1939-03-29
Film Lucky Night Waiter At George's (uncredited) 1939-05-05
Film Boys' Reformatory Officer on Train 1939-05-01
Film Dog Daze Officer Sweeney 1939-07-01
Film Scouts to the Rescue G-Man Jim Carson [Chs. 11-12] 1939-01-17
Film Four Girls in White Foreman at Accident 1939-01-27
Film Idiot's Delight Train Announcer 1939-01-27
Film The Long Shot 1939-01-06
Film The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt Police Dispatcher 1939-01-27
Film Torchy Blane in Chinatown Detective (uncredited) 1939-02-02
Film Money to Loan Policeman 1939-03-11
Film You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Sheriff 1939-02-17
Film Wings of the Navy Train Conductor (uncredited) 1939-02-11
Film Sergeant Madden Policeman 1939-03-24
Film Fixer Dugan Hammer Game Barker 1939-04-21
Film Az alvilág alkonya Bailiff (uncredited) 1939-10-28
Film Bad Little Angel Fireman (uncredited) 1939-10-27
Film Sued for Libel Policeman Playing Cards (uncredited) 1939-10-27
Film Kid Nightingale Ring Announcer 1939-11-03
Film Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President Policeman 1939-12-01
Film Hell's Kitchen Bailiff 1939-07-03
Film Elfújta a szél Bartender (uncredited) 1939-12-15
Film Balalaika Doorman (uncredited) 1939-12-15
Film Smashing the Money Ring Night Gate Guard (uncredited) 1939-10-21
Film Nick Carter, Master Detective Riley - Airplane Workman 1939-12-15
Film Coast Guard Senior Officer (uncredited) 1939-08-04
Film Each Dawn I Die Guard (uncredited) 1939-07-22
Film Dancing Co-Ed Workman's Stooge (uncredited) 1939-09-29
Film Girl from Rio Dennis Slater 1939-08-07
Film Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Police Guard 1939-07-07
Film These Glamour Girls Policeman (uncredited) 1939-08-18
Film Angels Wash Their Faces Guard at Reform School (uncredited) 1939-08-26
Film Golden Boy Ring Announcer 1939-09-05
Film They Shall Have Music Policeman in Auditorium (uncredited) 1939-08-18
Film Female Fugitive Investigator Steve Roberts 1938-04-15
Film Heart of Arizona Ranger Captain 1938-04-22
Film Midnight Intruder Deputy (uncredited) 1938-02-06
Film The Saint in New York Detective Kestry (Uncredited) 1938-05-25
Film The First Hundred Years The Judge's clerk (uncredited) 1938-03-12
Film Over The Wall Patrolman Who Arrests Davis 1938-04-02
Film The Chaser Ambulance Dispatcher 1938-07-29
Film Gold Diggers in Paris Detective 1938-06-11
Film Spring Madness Police Officer Ryan 1938-11-11
Film Trade Winds Detective 1938-12-28
Film Így élni jó Bailiff (uncredited) 1938-09-01
Film Men with Wings Photographer 1938-07-16
Film Fekete légió Guard at Jail (uncredited) 1937-01-30
Film Time Out for Romance Reporter 1937-02-10
Film Csak egyszer élünk 1937-01-23
Film Midnight Taxi Chief of Detectives 1937-04-04
Film Man Of The People Relative of Sentenced Boy (uncredited) 1937-01-27
Film Wells Fargo Printer 1937-12-31
Film Let Them Live Fireman 1937-04-25
Film Blossoms On Broadway Cop (uncredited) 1937-11-19
Film Boss of Lonely Valley Peter Starr 1937-11-14
Film Behind The Headlines FBI Agent Harris 1937-05-14
Film One Mile From Heaven Radio Cop 1937-08-18
Film Road Gang Guard in Blackfoot Mine (uncredited) 1936-03-28
Film Robin Hood of El Dorado Off-Key Singer Hank 1936-03-17
Film Strike Me Pink Stage Doorman at Club Lido (uncredited) 1936-01-24
Film Human Cargo Gangster 1936-05-15
Film It Had to Happen Policeman 1936-02-14
Film The Voice of Bugle Ann Davis' Cellmate (uncredited) 1936-02-15
Film Absolute Quiet First Mechanic (Uncredited) 1936-04-24
Film Sinner Take All Police Officer Beaumont 1936-12-18
Film Palm Springs Bartender 1936-06-05
Film Crash Donovan Patrolman 1936-08-01
Film The Accusing Finger Riley 1936-11-17
Film And Sudden Death Court Clerk 1936-06-16
Film Little Miss Nobody Policeman 1936-06-05
Film Men of Action Construction Worker 1935-07-13
Film Woman Wanted Detective Charlie Beale 1935-08-02
Film Special Agent Court Clerk (uncredited) 1935-09-14
Film Public Hero Number 1 Tower Guard with Machine Gun (uncredited) 1935-05-31
Film The Winning Ticket Bookmaker 1935-02-08
Film Baby Face Harrington Policeman 1935-04-12
Film 'G' Men McCord's Aide (uncredited) 1935-05-04
Film Murder in the Fleet Officer Berating Guard (Uncredited) 1935-05-24
Film Waterfront Lady Detective Bates 1935-10-04
Film We're Only Human Detective 1935-12-27
Film She Couldn't Take It Bailiff 1935-10-08
Film Hot Money Policeman (uncredited) 1935-11-16
Film The Calling of Dan Matthews Club Owner (uncredited) 1935-12-10
Film 3 Kids and a Queen Cop 1935-10-21
Film Confidential One of Keaton's Lieutenants 1935-10-16
Film It's in the Air Investigator (uncredited) 1935-10-10
Film The Thin Man Detective (uncredited) 1934-05-25
Film Manhattan Melodrama Bailiff 1934-05-04
Film Roast-Beef and Movies Attendant from Asylum (uncredited) 1934-02-09
Film Blind Date Marathon Dance Attendant 1934-07-20
Film Chained Ship's Bartender 1934-08-31
Film The Gay Bride Safety deposit box guard (uncredited) 1934-12-14
Film Two Heads on a Pillow Court Clerk 1934-10-02
Film Among the Missing Detective Gaynor 1934-09-25
Film King of the Jungle Customs Inspector 1933-03-10
Film Murders in the Zoo Banquet Photographer / Zoo Guard (Uncredited) 1933-03-31
Film Parole Girl Burns - 1st Store Detective 1933-03-04
Film Goldie Gets Along Spring Valley Contest Judge 1933-01-27
Film The Nuisance Ambulance Attendant 1933-06-03
Film Men Must Fight Secret Service Escort 1933-02-17
Film The Chief Tim, a Man Watching Fire 1933-11-03
Film The Woman I Stole Murdock 1933-06-29
Film Bedtime Worries Police Officer 1933-09-08
Film Penthouse Detective (Uncredited) 1933-09-08
Film Mary Stevens, M.D. Station Master (uncredited) 1933-07-22
Film Midnight Mary Club Imperial Floor Manager (uncredited) 1933-06-30
Film The Rich Are Always with Us Club Clerk (uncredited) 1932-05-21
Film Attorney for the Defense Radio Test Man 1932-05-21
Film Man Wanted Speakeasy Waiter (Uncredited) 1932-04-23
Film Cross-Examination Officer Myles 1932-02-13
Film Letty Lynton Dennis (Uncredited) 1932-05-13
Film 70,000 Witnesses Detective (Uncredited) 1932-09-09
Film Afraid to Talk Taxi Driver 1932-12-01
Film Westward Passage Bartender 1932-05-27
Film Vanity Street Detective (uncredited) 1932-10-14
Film Blessed Event Hotel Desk Clerk 1932-09-10
Film The Secret Six Smelts - Waiter (uncredited) 1931-04-18
Film A közellenség Steve - Bartender (uncredited) 1931-04-23
Film Ten Cents a Dance Bouncer (uncredited) 1931-03-06
Film Daybreak Waiter 1931-05-02
Film Strangers May Kiss Bartender 1931-04-04
Film Quick Millions Tom, Man in sound track (uncredited) 1931-04-17
Film Local Boy Makes Good Assistant Coach 1931-11-27
Film Ladies' Man Desk clerk 1931-05-09
Film Flying High Reporter from the News 1931-11-14
Film The Champ Louie the Bartender (uncredited) 1931-11-21
Film Laughing Sinners Poker-Playing Salesman 1931-05-30
Film Traveling Husbands Hotel Elevator Starter 1931-08-15
Film The Girl Said No Truck Driver 1930-03-15
Film Anna Christie Larry the Bartender 1930-02-21
Film The Divorcee Party Guest (uncredited) 1930-04-19
Film Dancing Sweeties Athletic and Social Club Manager 1930-07-18
Film The Criminal Code Detective Doherty 1930-12-31
Film Danger Lights Railroad Worker (uncredited) 1930-08-21
Film The Florodora Girl Bartender 1930-05-31
Film Putting Pants on Philip Extra 1927-12-03
Film Why Worry? Guest (uncredited) 1923-09-09
Film The Freshie Tom 1922-12-19
Film The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Turner Boy 1920-02-01
Film The Penalty Policeman (uncredited) 1920-08-15