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Sep 12, 1894 : Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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In the movie Mabel's Dramatic Career 1913-09-08
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Series Andy's Gang 2018
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Poster of He Loved the Ladies
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Film Exiles Billy 2013-12-19
Film The Rise Charles 2012-09-09
Film The Curse of Steptoe Innkeeper 2008-03-18
Film Landolás (Utolsó csapás) Bellman 2008-05-24
Film A faun labirintusa Tolio 2006-08-25
Film Disney históriák 6. Willie the Giant (voice) 2004-05-31
Film さぶ Jealous Husband 2002-05-14
Film Álmatlanság Jose 2002-05-24
Film Nothing Personal 1996-10-18
Film Idegenek Velencében Burger 1990-01-01
Film Sötét angyal The Actor 1990-01-26
Film You Can't Take it With You Otto, the janitor 1979-05-16
Film Párbajhősök Caveman Masher 1977-08-31
Film The Taming of the Shrew Counter Man 1976-11-10
Film A Severed Head Movie Patron 1970-12-01
Film Skalpvadászok Prof. Wm. Gilbert, Dean of School 1968-04-02
Film Father Goose Mr. Reier 1964-10-12
Film Five Weeks in a Balloon Sultan/Actioneer 1962-01-01
Film Paradise Alley Julius Wilson 1962-01-02
Series The Roaring 20's Unknown 1960-10-15
Film Down Among the Sheltering Palms King Jilouili 1953-03-01
Series Musical Comedy Time Unknown 1950-10-02
Film A csókos bandita General Felipe Toro 1948-11-14
Film Disney : Mickey és a futóbab Willie the Giant 1947-09-27
Film Horgonyt fel! Cafe Manager 1945-07-14
Film Trouble Chasers Billy 1945-05-02
Film Three of a Kind Billy 1944-07-22
Film Wing and a Prayer (archive footage) 1944-01-01
Film Take It or Leave It Himself 1944-07-17
Film Ever Since Venus Tiny Lewis 1944-09-14
Film Crazy Knights Billy 1944-12-08
Film Always a Bridesmaid Nicholas 'Nick' Neopolitan 1943-09-24
Film Shantytown 'Papa' Ferrelli 1943-04-20
Film Spotlight Scandals Billy Gilbert 1943-09-24
Film Crazy House Sid Drake 1943-10-08
Film Valley of the Sun Homer Burnaby - Justice of the Peace 1942-02-06
Film Mr. Wise Guy Knobby 1942-02-20
Film Song of the Islands Palola's Father 1942-03-13
Film Arabian Nights Ahmad 1942-12-25
Film Reaching for the Sun Amos 1941-05-01
Film Angels with Broken Wings Billy Wilson 1941-05-27
Film Model Wife Mr. Dominic 1941-04-17
Film New Wine Poldi 1941-09-10
Film Week-End in Havana Arbolado 1941-10-17
Film Cross-Country Romance Orestes 1940-07-12
Film Scatterbrain Hoffman 1940-07-20
Film Queen of the Mob Mr. Reier 1940-06-28
Film Sandy Is a Lady Billy Pepino 1940-05-21
Film Lucky Partners Charles 1940-08-02
Film A pénteki barátnő Joe Pettibone 1940-01-18
Film Women in War Pierre, the Cobbler 1940-06-05
Film Safari Mondehare 1940-06-14
Film Tin Pan Alley Sheik 1940-11-29
Film Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot Hector 1940-08-10
Film Bizsu Tony 1940-10-25
Film A diktátor Field Marshal Herring 1940-10-15
Film A Little Bit of Heaven Tony 1940-10-10
Film The Villain Still Pursued Her Master of Ceremonies 1940-10-11
Film No, No, Nanette Styles 1940-12-19
Film Ask a Policeman Café Patron 1939-04-29
Film Forged Passport Nick Mendoza 1939-04-23
Film The Star Maker Stanislov Papadopoulos 1939-08-25
Film Asszonylázadás Loupgerou 1939-11-30
Film The Under-Pup Tolio 1939-08-31
Film Rio Manuelo 1939-12-29
Film Army Girl Canteen waiter 1938-08-11
Film Joy of Living Cafe Owner 1938-05-06
Film Happy Landing Counter Man 1938-01-23
Film Block-Heads Mr. Gilbert 1938-08-18
Film Maid's Night Out Mr. Papalapoulas 1938-03-03
Film Breaking the Ice Mr. Small 1938-09-22
Film My Lucky Star Nick 1938-09-09
Film The Girl Downstairs Garage mechanic 1938-12-23
Film Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus Bud Boggs 1938-12-02
Film Mr. Doodle Kicks Off Prof. Minorous 1938-10-07
Film The Man Who Found Himself Fat hobo 1937-04-02
Film A bátrak kapitánya - Tengeri titánok Soda Steward (uncredited) 1937-06-25
Film The Outcasts of Poker Flat Charley - the Bartender 1937-04-16
Film China Passage Bartender 1937-03-12
Film On the Avenue Joe Papaloupas 1937-02-12
Film The Toast of New York Photographer 1937-07-30
Film We're on the Jury Ephraim Allen 1937-02-12
Film When You're in Love Jose 1937-02-12
Film Sea Devils Billy 1937-02-19
Film Espionage Turk 1937-02-26
Film The Life of the Party Dr. Molnac 1937-09-03
Film Hófehérke és a hét törpe Sneezy (voice) 1937-12-20
Film She's Got Everything Chaffee - a Creditor 1937-12-31
Film Broadway Melody of 1938 George Papaloopas 1937-08-20
Film The Firefly Innkeeper 1937-11-05
Film Rosalie Oloff 1937-12-24
Film Fight for Your Lady Boris - Reporter 1937-11-05
Film One Hundred Men and a Girl Garage Owner 1937-09-05
Film It Happened in Hollywood Cook at Cafe (uncredited) 1937-09-07
Film Music for Madame Krause 1937-10-08
Film One Rainy Afternoon Doorman at courtroom 1936-05-13
Film Three of a Kind The Tailor 1936-05-19
Film Love on a Bet New York Policeman 1936-03-06
Film Sutter's Gold Gen. Ramos 1936-03-01
Film Early to Bed Burger 1936-06-05
Film The Brain Busters Billy 1936-01-09
Film Give Us This Night Leader of Clacque 1936-03-06
Film Who's Looney Now Dr. Von Blatt 1936-08-23
Film The Bride Walks Out Mr. Donovan 1936-07-10
Film Night Waitress Torre - Cafe Owner 1936-12-18
Film The Big Game Fisher 1936-10-09
Film Grandma's Buoys Von Muller 1936-12-18
Film Bulldog Edition George Poppupoppalas 1936-09-13
Film Grand Jury Otto, the janitor 1936-08-07
Film So and Sew Rudolpho 1936-08-24
Film Mad Love Autograph Seeker on Train (uncredited) 1935-07-12
Film Paris in Spring First Chef 1935-05-27
Film His Old Flame 1935-01-25
Film His Bridal Sweet Lesh the Lush 1935-03-14
Film Here Comes the Band Oswald Carroll 1935-08-30
Film Hi, Gaucho! Cappa Rosa 1935-10-10
Film Just Another Murder Mr. Quick 1935-10-03
Film Coronado Waiter (uncredited) 1935-11-27
Film I Dream Too Much Cook at Cafe (uncredited) 1935-11-29
Film Nurse to You! Dr. W.J. Gilbert 1935-10-04
Film Soup and Fish Count Gustav 1934-03-30
Film The Cracked Ice Man Prof. Wm. Gilbert, Dean of School 1934-01-27
Film Another Wild Idea Uncle Percy (voice) 1934-06-16
Film Maid in Hollywood Sneezing Man 1934-05-19
Film Cockeyed Cavaliers Innkeeper 1934-06-29
Film Super Stupid 1934-09-14
Film Happy Landing Husband 1934-09-01
Film Them Thar Hills The Doctor 1934-07-21
Film The Keyhole Cuban Carriage Driver (uncredited) 1933-03-25
Film Taxi Barons Billy / Dutchie 1933-03-31
Film The Bargain of the Century Captain Schmaltz 1933-04-07
Film Maids a la Mode Von Smaltz 1933-03-04
Film Bring 'Em Back a Wife Billy Gilbert 1933-01-13
Film Call Her Sausage Heinie Schmaltz 1933-05-12
Film Asleep in the Feet Mr. Gilbert, Dance Hall Proprietor 1933-01-22
Film Wreckety Wrecks Bill 1933-02-18
Film Fallen Arches Mr. Gilbert 1933-02-04
Film Keg o' My Heart Schmaltz 1933-11-11
Film Luncheon at Twelve Betty's Father 1933-12-09
Film Made on Broadway Commissioner Jerry Allesandro (uncredited) 1933-05-19
Film Rhapsody in Brew Louie Schmaltz 1933-09-29
Film Sons of the Desert Mr. Ruttledge (voice) (uncredited) 1933-12-29
Film This Day and Age Nightclub Manager 1933-08-25
Film The Girl in 419 Sneezing Patient 1933-05-26
Film The Rummy Schmaltz 1933-06-09
Film One Track Minds Train Conductor 1933-05-20
Film Strictly Unreliable The Actor 1932-04-30
Film Just a Pain in the Parlor 1932-04-25
Film First in War Commanding General 1932-05-27
Film The Music Box Professor von Schwarzenhoffen (uncredited) 1932-04-16
Film The Chimp Joe the Landlord (uncredited) 1932-05-21
Film The Tabasco Kid Mr. Jones a Rancher 1932-01-30
Film County Hospital The Doctor 1932-06-25
Film Sealskins Mr. Morton (uncredited) 1932-02-07
Film The Nickel Nurser Todd's Butler 1932-03-12
Film Red Noses Tailor's Customer 1932-03-18
Film Spanky Spanky's Father 1932-03-25
Film What Price Taxi Jealous Husband 1932-08-13
Film Million Dollar Legs Secretary of the Interior (uncredited) 1932-07-08
Film Their First Mistake Process server 1932-11-05
Film Sneak Easily Attorney for the Prosecution 1932-12-10
Film Towed in a Hole Joe - Junkyard Owner 1932-12-31
Film Hot Spot Cabbie 1932-09-21
Film Yoo-Hoo I.M. Sweet, truck driver 1932-10-04
Film Pack Up Your Troubles Mr. Hathaway 1932-09-16
Film Blondie of the Follies Kinskey's Friend (uncredited) 1932-09-01
Film Skyscraper Souls Second Ticket Agent (uncredited) 1932-07-16
Film Strange Innertube Billy 1932-09-16
Film Shiver My Timbers The Sea Captain 1931-10-09
Film The Pajama Party Butler (uncredited) 1931-10-03
Film Catch-As Catch-Can Ring Announcer (uncredited) 1931-08-22
Film The Panic Is On Smith - Investment Broker aka The Spot (uncredited) 1931-08-14
Film Chinatown After Dark Dooley 1931-10-15
Film One Good Turn Drunk 1931-10-31
Film The Hasty Marriage Distraught Passenger On Streetcar (uncredited) 1931-12-30
Film On the Loose Pierre, the Dressmaker (as William Gilbert) 1931-12-26
Film Sea Legs Naval Officer 1930-12-02
Film The Rodeo 1929-03-24
Film The Burglar Mabel's Father, Jimmy's Father-in-Law 1928-09-12
Film Crazy to Act Projectionist 1927-05-15
Film Fiddlesticks Bystander 1927-11-27
Film The Pride of Pikeville Hawkins House Guest 1927-06-05
Film Smith's Pony Ship's Purser 1927-09-17
Film Whispering Whiskers Indian 1926-01-24
Film Smith's Uncle Messenger 1926-11-14
Film Ice Cold Cocos Ice Rink Usher 1926-06-20
Film All Wet 1921-03-08
Film Stuck Up 1921-06-11
Film His Bitter Pill Barfly 1916-04-30
Film That Little Band Of Gold Audience Member 1915-03-14
Film Fatty's New Role 1915-02-01
Film A One Night Stand Audience Spectator 1915-03-22
Film Fatty and Mabel’s Simple Life The Groom 1915-01-17
Film Love, Speed and Thrills Cop 1915-01-18
Film Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers Bellhop 1915-05-14
Film A Hash House Fraud Freeloading Customer 1915-06-10
Film A Submarine Pirate Torpedo Loader 1915-12-26
Film Mabel’s Wilful Way Blackface Man in Sideshow Game / Man Going Down Slide 1915-05-01
Film Wished on Mabel Police Chief 1915-04-19
Film Cruel, Cruel Love Short Ambulance Attendant 1914-03-26
Film The Star Boarder Boarder (uncredited) 1914-04-04
Film Caught in a Cabaret Cabaret Patron (uncredited) 1914-04-27
Film A Busy Day Policeman 1914-05-07
Film His Favorite Pastime Shoeshine Boy 1914-03-16
Film Mabel's Strange Predicament Bellboy (uncredited) 1914-02-14
Film The Knockout Society Singer 1914-06-11
Film Rebecca's Wedding Day The Thief 1914-01-24
Film Making a Living Jealous Husband (uncredited) 1914-02-02
Film A Film Johnnie Theater Usher (uncredited) 1914-03-02
Film Tango Tangles Guest in Cowboy Hat (uncredited) 1914-03-09
Film His Prehistoric Past Caveman Masher 1914-12-07
Film His Trysting Place Diner in Overalls 1914-11-09
Film Tillie's Punctured Romance Policeman (uncredited) 1914-11-14
Film The Masquerader Cameraman 1914-08-27
Film Ambrose's First Falsehood Café Patron 1914-12-12
Film His Musical Career Piano Store Salesman 1914-11-07
Film Leading Lizzie Astray Cafe Waiter 1914-11-30
Film Gentlemen of Nerve Spectator 1914-10-29
Film He Loved the Ladies 1914-09-21
Film The Rounders Doorman in Blackface 1914-09-07
Film Those Love Pangs Movie Patron 1914-10-10
Film Mother's Boy Mug 1913-09-25
Film Mabel's Dramatic Career Audience Member 1913-09-08
Film A Quiet Little Wedding Wedding Guest 1913-10-23
Film Fatty Joins the Force Fighter 1913-11-23
Film He Would a Hunting Go Villager 1913-12-29
Film Fatty at San Diego Theatre Patron / Man on Dock 1913-11-03
Film The Speed Kings Man Ford Bumps into 1913-10-30