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Jun 17, 1874 : Columbus, OH
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Első szerepe:
In the movie Man to Man 1930-12-05
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Film Az emberrabló szigete 1999-05-26
Innen ismerheted
Poster of Blondie's Anniversary
Poster of One Exciting Adventure
Poster of The Cat's-Paw
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Film Indiscreet B.L. Faulkin 1988-01-01
Film La mujer es cosa de hombres Dr. Gibbs 1976-02-26
Film Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (archive footage) 1975-08-06
Film The Big Parade of Comedy 1964-09-02
Film Blondie's Holiday Samuel Breckenridge 1947-04-10
Film It Happened on Fifth Avenue Al Farrow 1947-04-19
Film The Corpse Came C.O.D. Mitchell Edwards 1947-06-02
Film Blondie's Anniversary Samuel Breckenbridge 1947-12-18
Film Honeymoon Congressman Crenshaw 1947-05-17
Film Easy to Wed Homer Henshaw 1946-07-25
Film Crime, Inc. Wayne Clark 1945-04-15
Film Bring on the Girls Ralph Neely 1945-03-30
Film A Medal for Benny Mayor Smiley 1945-04-16
Film Conflict Dr. Grant 1945-06-15
Film Halálos bűn Carlson 1945-12-25
Film Guest Wife House Detective 1945-07-27
Film Bedside Manner Mr. Pope 1945-06-22
Film Step Lively Dr. Gibbs 1944-07-26
Film See Here, Private Hargrove Uncle George 1944-03-18
Film The Impatient Years Hotel Clerk 1944-09-10
Film Arzén és levendula Reverend Harper 1944-09-01
Film And Now Tomorrow Uncle Wallace 1944-11-22
Film When the Lights Go On Again Arnold Benson 1944-10-22
Film Valakit megöltek Lancaster Corey (scenes deleted) 1944-10-11
Film The Amazing Mrs. Holliday Edgar Holliday 1943-02-19
Film All by Myself J.D. Gibbons 1943-06-11
Film Dixie Mr. Mason 1943-06-23
Film Larceny, Inc. Mr. Aspinwall 1942-04-24
Film A férfi, aki vacsorára jött Ernest W. Stanley 1942-01-01
Film Meet the Stewarts Pierce Goodwin 1942-05-21
Film My Sister Eileen Walter Sherwood 1942-09-24
Film The Gay Sisters Gilbert Wheeler 1942-08-01
Film Orchestra Wives Dr. Ward 1942-09-04
Film Cairo Mr. O.H.P. Boggs 1942-08-17
Film Footsteps in the Dark Wellington Carruthers 1941-03-08
Film Tobacco Road George Payne 1941-02-20
Film The Penalty Judge 1941-03-13
Film A nagy hazugság Joshua Mason 1941-04-05
Film Skylark Frederick Vantine 1941-11-21
Film Nothing But the Truth Mr. Bishop 1941-10-10
Film One Foot in Heaven Clayton Potter 1941-11-01
Film The Feminine Touch Dean Hutchinson 1941-10-01
Film It All Came True Mr. Rene Salmon 1940-04-06
Film Érik a gyümölcs Caretaker 1940-03-15
Film Edison, the Man Snade 1940-05-10
Film Castle on the Hudson Dr. Ames - the Psychologist (uncredited) 1940-02-17
Film We Who Are Young Jones 1940-07-19
Film New Moon Governor of New Orleans 1940-06-28
Film Father Is A Prince John W. Bower 1940-11-18
Film My Love Came Back Dr. Kobbe 1940-07-13
Film Hell's Kitchen Hiram Krispan 1939-07-03
Film 6,000 Enemies Warden Alan Parkhurst 1939-06-09
Film On Borrowed Time Mr. Pilbeam 1939-07-07
Film Becsületből elégtelen Senator MacPherson 1939-10-19
Film The Monroe Doctrine John Quincy Adams 1939-10-14
Film The Secret of Dr. Kildare John Xerxes Archley 1939-11-24
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Film Women Are Like That Mr. Snell 1938-04-23
Film That Certain Age Jeweler 1938-10-06
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Film Zola élete Georges Clemenceau 1937-10-02
Film Music for Madame District Attorney Ernest Robinson 1937-10-08
Film The Last Gangster Warden 1937-11-12
Film Hollywood Hotel B.L. Faulkin 1937-12-20
Film Lady Behave! Burton Williams 1937-12-22
Film First Lady Ellsworth T. Banning 1937-12-04
Film Moonlight Murder Paul Adams 1936-03-27
Film The Garden Murder Case District Attorney Markham 1936-02-21
Film Next Time We Love Michael Jennings 1936-01-30
Film The Ex-Mrs. Bradford John Summers, Luxury's Owner 1936-05-13
Film Her Master's Voice Horace J. Twilling 1936-01-17
Film Parole! Marty Crawford 1936-06-14
Film The Devil Is a Sissy Paul Krumpp 1936-09-18
Film Piccadilly Jim Herbert Pett 1936-08-14
Film My American Wife Robert Cantillon 1936-08-06
Film Broadway Gondolier E.V. Richards, Radio Producer 1935-07-27
Film Men Without Names Andrew Webster 1935-06-29
Film One More Spring Henry Sheridan 1935-02-15
Film Gold Diggers of 1935 Louis Lamson 1935-03-15
Film Traveling Saleslady Rufus Twitchell 1935-03-28
Film Redheads on Parade Minor Role (uncredited) 1935-09-07
Film Seven Keys to Baldpate Thomas Hayden 1935-12-13
Film A Midsummer Night's Dream Egeus 1935-10-09
Film Things You Never See on the Screen Himself 1935-12-01
Film A Dream Comes True Egeus (archive footage) (uncredited) 1935-12-31
Film In Person Judge Thaddeus Parks 1935-11-22
Film It's in the Air W. R. Gridley 1935-10-10
Film Twenty Million Sweethearts Sharpe 1934-05-26
Film We're Rich Again Wilbur Page 1934-07-13
Film The Show-Off Mr. 'Pa' 1934-03-09
Film The Poor Rich Tom Hopkins 1934-02-25
Film The Cat's-Paw Silk Hot McGee 1934-08-07
Film Gridiron Flash Howard Smith 1934-10-06
Film One Exciting Adventure Fussli 1934-09-01
Film The Secret Bride Willis Martin 1934-12-22
Film 365 Nights in Hollywood J. Walter Delmar 1934-12-11
Film The Case of the Howling Dog District Attorney Claude Drumm 1934-09-22
Film Heroes for Sale George Gibson 1933-06-17
Film Lilly Turner Dr. Hawley 1933-05-13
Film He Learned About Women Appleby 1933-03-02
Film I Love That Man Dr. Crittenden - Dentist 1933-07-07
Film Our Betters Thornton Clay 1933-03-17
Film Central Airport Mr. Blaine 1933-04-15
Film Tomorrow at Seven Austin Winters 1933-06-01
Film Dinner at Eight Ed Loomis 1933-12-22
Film The Stranger's Return Allen 1933-07-28
Film King for a Night Rev. John Williams 1933-12-09
Film Convention City J.B. Honeywell 1933-12-14
Film Saturday's Millions Ezra Fowler 1933-09-30
Film Dancing Lady Jasper Bradley Sr. 1933-11-24
Film Wild Boys of the Road James Smith 1933-10-07
Film A Successful Calamity Connors 1932-09-17
Film Week-End Marriage Doctor 1932-06-18
Film The Famous Ferguson Case Martin Collins 1932-04-19
Film Big City Blues Station Agent 1932-09-18
Film 20,000 Years in Sing Sing Tester of Convicts' IQs (uncredited) 1932-12-24
Film Three on a Match Mr. Gilmore 1932-10-29
Film No Man of Her Own Charlie Vane 1932-12-30
Film Ha volna egy millióm Prison Priest (uncredited) 1932-12-02
Film The Star Witness Pa Leeds 1931-08-22
Film Man to Man Barber John Martin Bolton 1930-12-05