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Edgar Kennedy

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Apr 26, 1890
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In the movie L'allegro mondo di Stanlio & Olio
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Film Szerelem a villában 2016-07-23
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Poster of Hold Your Temper
Poster of I'll Fix It
Poster of Westward Ho-Hum
Poster of The Guide
Film L'allegro mondo di Stanlio & Olio 2020
Film Szerelem a villában Edgar Kennedy 2016-07-23
Film The Devil's Ground Edgar 2008-05-19
Film 戲王之王 Edgar 2007-06-19
Film Sabu Wreck Bystander (uncredited) 2002-05-14
Film Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters Edgar Kennedy 2000-11-11
Film Éjszakai látomás Edgar Kennedy 1997-02-28
Film Nothing Personal Handout-Giver (uncredited) 1996-10-18
Film A Harmadik Birodalom Oscar McGonigle 1994-11-26
Film A nagy csapat 2. Water Wagon Driver (uncredited) 1994-03-30
Film Indiscreet Callaghan 1988-01-01
Film Sign 'o' The Times Willy 'Persimmon' Bates 1987-11-20
Film The Wild Wild West Revisited Guard 1979-05-09
Film The Vampires' Night Orgy Edgar Kennedy 1973-07-01
Film A Challenge for Robin Hood 1967-07-01
Film When Comedy Was King edited from 'A Pair of Tights' (archive footage) 1960-03-29
Film The Golden Age of Comedy 1957-12-26
Film Blood kapitány visszatér Crook 1952-08-27
Film My Dream Is Yours Uncle Charlie 1949-04-16
Film Variety Time Edgar Kennedy (footage from 'I'll Build It Myself') (archive footage) 1948-08-21
Film Unfaithfully Yours Sweeney 1948-12-10
Film The Sin of Harold Diddlebock Jake 1947-04-04
Film Heaven Only Knows Judd 1947-09-12
Film Horgonyt fel! Police Captain 1945-07-14
Film Incendiary Blonde Jealous Boyfriend 1945-08-31
Film It's Your Move Edgar Kennedy 1945-08-10
Film The Great Alaskan Mystery Bosun Higgins 1944-04-25
Film It Happened Tomorrow Insp. Mulrooney 1944-05-28
Film The Town Went Wild Cicero the Cop 1944-12-15
Film Hold Your Temper Edgar 1943-02-05
Film Air Raid Wardens Joe Bledsoe 1943-04-04
Film Cosmo Jones, Crime Smasher Police Chief Murphy 1943-01-29
Film Crazy House Judge 1943-10-08
Film The Girl from Monterrey Doc Hogan, Fight Promoter 1943-10-04
Film The Falcon Strikes Back Smiley Dugan 1943-05-07
Film Hitler's Madman Nepomuk - the Hermit 1943-06-10
Film Rough on Rents Edgar Kennedy 1942-01-01
Film Private Snuffy Smith Sgt. Ed Cooper 1942-01-16
Film In Old California Kegs McKeever 1942-05-31
Film Hillbilly Blitzkrieg Sgt. Homer Gatling 1942-08-14
Film There's One Born Every Minute Mayor Moe Carson 1942-06-26
Film An Apple in His Eye Edgar Kennedy 1941-06-06
Film Blondie in Society Dr. Glenn 1941-07-17
Film I'll Fix It Edgar 1941-10-07
Film Westward Ho-Hum Edgar 1941-09-15
Film Gangs Of The City Biff 1941-10-30
Film Dr. Christian Meets the Women George Browning 1940-08-05
Film Sandy Is a Lady Officer Rafferty 1940-05-21
Film Mutiny in the County Edgar Kennedy 1940-05-03
Film Margie Chauncey 1940-09-01
Film Drafted in the Depot Edgar Kennedy 1940-12-20
Film Remedy for Riches George Browning 1940-11-29
Film The Quarterback Pops 1940-10-15
Film Li'l Abner Cornelius Cornpone 1940-11-09
Film Sandy Gets Her Man Fire Chief Galvin 1940-11-08
Film Who Killed Aunt Maggie? Sheriff Gregory 1940-11-01
Film Ask a Policeman Café Proprietor 1939-04-29
Film Baby Daze Edgar Kennedy 1939-05-18
Film It's a Wonderful World Lieutenant Miller 1939-05-19
Film Laugh It Off Judge John J. McGuinnis 1939-12-01
Film Charlie McCarthy, Detective Inspector Dailey 1939-12-22
Film Everything's on Ice Joe Barton 1939-10-05
Film Sons of Liberty Water Wagon Driver (uncredited) 1939-05-20
Film Ears of Experience Edgar 1938-01-28
Film The Black Doll Sheriff Renick 1938-01-31
Film Scandal Street Daniel Webster Smith 1938-02-11
Film Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus Arthur Bailey 1938-12-02
Film Beaux and Errors Edgar Kennedy 1938-10-05
Film Hey! Hey! USA Bugs Leary 1938-10-01
Film A Star Is Born Pop Randall the Landlord 1937-04-27
Film The Other Fellow 1937-01-23
Film Dumb's the Word Edgar Kennedy 1937-06-11
Film When's Your Birthday? Mr. Basscombe 1937-02-19
Film Super-Sleuth Police Lt. Garrison 1937-07-16
Film Double Wedding Spike 1937-10-15
Film Hollywood Hotel Callaghan 1937-12-20
Film True Confession Darsey 1937-12-24
Film Tramp Trouble Edgar 1937-08-07
Film Small Town Girl Captain Mack 1936-04-10
Film Robin Hood of El Dorado Sheriff Judd 1936-03-17
Film Gasoloons Edgar Kennedy 1936-01-03
Film Will Power Edgar Kennedy 1936-03-05
Film Fatal Lady Rudolf Hochstetter 1936-05-15
Film San Francisco Sheriff 1936-06-26
Film Mad Holiday Donovan 1936-11-13
Film Three Men on a Horse Harry, the Bartender 1936-11-21
Film Yours for the Asking Bicarbonate 1936-07-23
Film Dummy Ache Edgar 1936-07-10
Film The Cowboy Millionaire Willy 'Persimmon' Bates 1935-04-25
Film Living on Velvet Counterman 1935-03-02
Film Edgar Hamlet Edgar 1935-07-04
Film Rendezvous at Midnight Mahoney 1935-02-11
Film 1,000 Dollars a Minute Police Officer McCarthy 1935-10-21
Film Woman Wanted Sweeney 1935-08-02
Film Little Big Shot Onderdonk 1935-09-07
Film The Bride Comes Home Henry 1935-12-25
Film In Love at 40 Edgar Kennedy 1935-08-29
Film Money Means Nothing Herbert Green 1934-06-14
Film Murder on the Blackboard Detective Donahue 1934-06-14
Film Operator 13 Confederate Officer Jealous of Artilleryman (uncredited) 1934-06-08
Film Heat Lightning Herbert - the Husband 1934-03-03
Film All of Me Guard 1934-02-01
Film Twentieth Century Oscar McGonigle 1934-05-11
Film Wrong Direction Edgar, Movie Director 1934-05-18
Film We're Rich Again Healy, Process Server 1934-07-13
Film Bachelor Bait (scenes deleted) 1934-07-27
Film Flirting with Danger Jimmie Pierson 1934-12-01
Film The Silver Streak O'Brien 1934-12-21
Film Poisoned Ivory Edgar Kennedy 1934-11-16
Film The Marines Are Coming Sgt. Buck Martin 1934-11-19
Film A Blasted Event 1934-09-06
Film Kid Millions Herman Wilson 1934-11-10
Film King Kelly of the U.S.A. Happy Moran 1934-09-15
Film Gridiron Flash Officer Thurston 1934-10-06
Film A Merchant of Menace Edgar 1933-04-20
Film Diplomaniacs Chairman - Peace Conference 1933-04-28
Film Art in the Raw 1933-02-23
Film Son of the Border Windy 1933-05-05
Film Scarlet River Sam Gilroy 1933-03-10
Film Good Housewrecking 1933-06-15
Film Cross Fire Ed Wimpy 1933-05-28
Film King for a Night Cop 1933-12-09
Film Duck Soup Lemonade Vendor 1933-11-17
Film Tillie and Gus Judge 1933-10-13
Film Professional Sweetheart Tim Kelsey 1933-06-09
Film Quiet Please! Edgar Kennedy 1933-08-10
Film Carnival Boat Baldy 1932-03-19
Film Westward Passage Elmer 1932-05-27
Film Rockabye Water Wagon Driver (uncredited) 1932-11-25
Film The Penguin Pool Murder Officer Donovan 1932-12-09
Film Hold 'Em Jail Warden Elmer Jones 1932-09-16
Film Little Orphan Annie Daddy Warbucks 1932-11-04
Film Next Door Neighbors Mr. Howard J. Green, Composer 1931-01-28
Film High Gear Cop 1931-02-28
Film Bad Company Buffington-Doorman 1931-11-08
Film Love Fever Thelma's Last Rescuer 1931-04-11
Film Quick Millions Cop (uncredited) 1931-04-17
Film Ladrones 1930-02-07
Film The First Seven Years Kennedy the Cop 1930-03-01
Film The Real McCoy Cicero the Cop 1930-02-01
Film The Head Guy Station Master Kennedy (uncredited) 1930-01-11
Film Night Owls Officer Kennedy 1930-01-04
Film The Big Kick Detective 1930-03-29
Film Shivering Shakespeare Kennedy the Cop 1930-01-25
Film Bigger and Better Uncle Ed Sutton 1930-10-24
Film Ladies Last Man in Phone Booth 1930-12-06
Film When The Wind Blows The Policeman 1930-04-05
Film Dollar Dizzy Quimby the Lawyer (uncredited) 1930-10-03
Film Looser Than Loose Night Club Patron 1930-11-15
Film All Teed Up Thelma's Father 1930-04-18
Film Doctor's Orders Mary's Father / Gertie's Uncle 1930-09-12
Film Fifty Million Husbands Officer Kennedy 1930-05-23
Film Madame Q 1929-06-08
Film Unaccustomed As We Are Officer Kennedy 1929-05-04
Film Going Ga-Ga Cop 1929-01-05
Film Dad's Day Michael Kennedy 1929-07-06
Film A Pair of Tights Marion's Boyfriend's Boss 1929-02-03
Film Hurdy Gurdy Officer Ed Kennedy 1929-05-10
Film Angora Love Landlord 1929-12-14
Film Perfect Day Uncle Edgar 1929-08-10
Film Moan & Groan, Inc. Kennedy the Cop 1929-12-07
Film Bacon Grabbers Collis P. Kennedy 1929-10-19
Film Hotter Than Hot 1929-08-17
Film They Had to See Paris Ed Eggers 1929-09-18
Film Welcome Danger SFPD Desk Sergeant (uncredited) 1929-10-12
Film Dumb Daddies The Cop 1928-02-03
Film Leave 'Em Laughing Cop 1928-01-28
Film The Finishing Touch Cop (as Ed Kennedy) 1928-02-25
Film Should Married Men Go Home? Golfer (uncredited) 1928-09-08
Film Feed 'em and Weep 1928-12-08
Film The Boy Friend The Cop 1928-11-10
Film Two Tars Motorist 1928-11-03
Film Limousine Love The Husband, Mr Glenders 1928-04-13
Film My Old Dutch Bill Sproat 1926-09-27
Film The Better 'Ole Corporal Austin 1926-10-23
Film Paths to Paradise Detective (uncredited) 1925-06-28
Film Wall Street Blues The Crook 1924-08-09
Film The Guide An American Tourist 1921-05-11
Film The Adventures of Daredevil Jack 1920-06-30
Film Yankee Doodle in Berlin German Prison Guard (uncredited) 1919-03-02
Film Hearts and Flowers Pete - the Flower Girl's 1st Brother 1919-06-22
Film Madcap Ambrose A City Chap 1916-07-16
Film His Bitter Pill Diamond Dan - Jim's Rival 1916-04-30
Film Fatty's New Role Handout-Giver (uncredited) 1915-02-01
Film Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition 1st Street Crowd Participant (uncredited) 1915-01-23
Film That Little Band Of Gold Diner / Man in Audience (uncredited) 1915-03-14
Film Fatty’s Reckless Fling Neighbor 1915-03-04
Film Wished on Mabel Cop 1915-04-19
Film Fatty’s Plucky Pup Shell Game Operator 1915-06-27
Film Fatty's Tintype Tangle Edgar 1915-07-26
Film Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers Suitor 1915-05-14
Film Mabel’s Wilful Way Fatty's Pal 1915-05-01
Film Cruel, Cruel Love Butler 1914-03-26
Film His Favorite Pastime Tough Guy in Bar 1914-03-16
Film Mabel at the Wheel Spectator in Grandstand (uncredited) 1914-04-18
Film Tango Tangles Dance Hall Manager (uncredited) 1914-03-09
Film A Bath House Beauty Jealous Boyfriend 1914-04-12
Film A Flirt's Mistake Rajah 1914-01-12
Film In the Clutches of the Gang Cop 1914-01-17
Film Twenty Minutes of Love Lover 1914-04-20
Film Rebecca's Wedding Day The Groom 1914-01-24
Film Making a Living Wreck Bystander (uncredited) 1914-02-02
Film A Thief Catcher Crook 1914-02-19
Film A Film Johnnie Director (uncredited) 1914-03-02
Film The Star Boarder Landlady's Husband 1914-04-04
Film The Noise of Bombs Police Chief 1914-11-19
Film Tillie's Punctured Romance 2nd Restaurant Owner / Banks' Butler (uncredited) 1914-11-14
Film Getting Acquainted Policeman 1914-12-05
Film Ambrose's First Falsehood Café Proprietor 1914-12-12
Film Caught in a Cabaret Cafe Proprietor (uncredited) 1914-04-27
Film "Curses!" They Remarked Ethel's Former Boyfriend 1914-11-05
Film Leading Lizzie Astray The Slicker's Chauffeur 1914-11-30
Film Gentlemen of Nerve Policeman 1914-10-29
Film The Knockout Cyclone Flynn 1914-06-11
Film Mabel's Busy Day Tough Hot Dog Customer (uncredited) 1914-06-13
Film The Rounders (uncredited) 1914-09-07
Film Dough and Dynamite Striking Baker 1914-10-26
Film He Loved the Ladies 1914-09-21
Film Rastus and the Game Cock Spectator 1913-07-03
Film Love and Rubbish 1st Cop 1913-07-14
Film Safe in Jail 1st Crook 1913-07-07
Film Peeping Pete The Cop 1913-06-22
Film Bangville Police 3rd Deputy 1913-04-24
Film A Noise from the Deep 1913-07-17
Film Their First Execution 1913-05-14
Film The Gangsters Henchman 1913-05-29
Film A Muddy Romance Water Policeman 1913-11-19
Film Fatty Joins the Force Jealous Cop in Park 1913-11-23
Film A Ride for a Bride Mustached Man 1913-12-08
Film The Gusher Cop (uncredited) 1913-12-14
Film The Speed Kings Laughing Spectator 1913-10-30
Film A Quiet Little Wedding Wedding Guest 1913-10-23
Film Mabel's New Hero Cop 1913-08-27
Film Mabel's Dramatic Career Audience Member / Cop in Movie 1913-09-08
Film Mother's Boy Mug 1913-09-25
Film The Riot Cop 1913-08-07