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Oct 16, 1904 : Pattonsburg, Missouri, USA
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In the movie The Plastic Age 1925-12-15
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Film Üzenetek 2016-06-18
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Poster of Bitter Creek
Poster of Vigilante Terror
Poster of Topeka
Poster of Rebel City
Film Üzenetek Larry's Friend 2016-06-18
Film Van Gogh: Painted with Words Party Guest 2010-04-05
Film おまえうまそうだな Dave Thatcher 2010-10-16
Film Examined Life George Halloway 2008-09-05
Film A Poszeidon katasztrófa Bruce Thomas 2005-11-20
Film Padlógáz Jim Levering (as Wild Bill Elliott) 2004-02-19
Film Hálaadás Red Ryder 2003-10-17
Film Alien Space Avenger Wild Bill Hickok 1989-08-01
Film It's Showtime 1976-03-31
Film Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (archive footage) 1976-05-01
Film Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (archive footage) 1975-08-06
Film Cimarron Bicyclist (uncredited) 1960-12-01
Film Chain of Evidence Det. Lt. Andy Doyle 1957-01-06
Film Footsteps in the Night Detective Lieutenant Andy Doyle 1957-04-14
Film Calling Homicide Det. Sgt. Andy Doyle 1956-09-30
Film Sudden Danger Det. Lt. Andy Doyle 1955-12-14
Film Dial Red O Det. Lt. Andy Flynn 1955-03-13
Film Bitter Creek Clay Tyndall (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1954-02-21
Film The Forty-Niners Sam Nelson 1954-07-30
Film Rebel City Frank Graham (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1953-05-10
Film The Homesteaders Mace Corbin 1953-03-22
Film Topeka Jim Levering (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1953-08-09
Film Vigilante Terror Tack Hamlin (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1953-11-15
Film Kansas Territory Joe Daniels (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1952-05-04
Film Waco Matt Boone (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1952-02-24
Film Fargo Bill Martin 1952-09-07
Film The Maverick Lt. Pete Devlin (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1952-12-14
Film The Longhorn Jim Kirk (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1951-11-25
Film The Savage Horde Ringo 1950-05-22
Film The Showdown Shadrach Jones 1950-08-15
Film Hellfire Zeb Smith (as William Elliott) 1949-05-29
Film The Last Bandit Frank Norris / Frank Plummer (as William Elliott) 1949-02-25
Film Old Los Angeles Bill Stockton (as William Elliott) 1948-04-24
Film The Gallant Legion Gary Conway 1948-05-24
Film The Fabulous Texan Josie Allen 1947-11-09
Film Wyoming Charles Alderson 1947-07-28
Film Sheriff of Redwood Valley Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1946-03-29
Film California Gold Rush Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1946-02-04
Film Sun Valley Cyclone Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1946-05-10
Film In Old Sacramento Johnny Barrett / Spanish Jack (as William Elliott) 1946-05-31
Film The Plainsman and the Lady Sam Colton 1946-11-11
Film Conquest of Cheyenne Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1946-07-29
Film Bells of Rosarita Wild Bill Elliott 1945-06-15
Film Phantom of the Plains Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1945-09-07
Film Great Stagecoach Robbery Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1945-02-15
Film Lone Texas Ranger Red Ryder 1945-05-20
Film Marshal of Laredo Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1945-10-06
Film Colorado Pioneers Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1945-11-14
Film Wagon Wheels Westward Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1945-12-21
Film Tucson Raiders Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1944-05-14
Film Hidden Valley Outlaws Bill Elliott (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1944-04-01
Film Marshal of Reno Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliot) 1944-07-02
Film Mojave Firebrand Wild Bill Elliott (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1944-03-19
Film San Antonio Kid Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1944-08-16
Film Vigilantes of Dodge City Red Ryder (as 'Wild' Bill Elliot) 1944-11-15
Film Sheriff of Las Vegas Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1944-12-31
Film Cheyenne Wildcat Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1944-09-30
Film The Man from Thunder River Wild Bill Elliott (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1943-06-11
Film Calling Wild Bill Elliott Wild Bill Elliott 1943-04-30
Film Bordertown Gun Fighters Wild Bill Elliott 1943-07-08
Film Overland Mail Robbery Wild Bill Elliott (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1943-11-20
Film Wagon Tracks West Wild Bill Elliott 1943-08-18
Film Klondike Kate Red Ryder (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1943-12-16
Film Death Valley Manhunt Marshal Wild Bill Elliott (as Wild Bill Elliott) 1943-11-25
Film North of the Rockies Sergeant Bill Cameron 1942-04-02
Film The Devil's Trail Wild Bill Hickok 1942-05-14
Film Bullets for Bandits Wild Bill Hickok / Prince Katey 1942-02-12
Film The Lone Star Vigilantes Wild Bill Hickok 1942-01-01
Film The Valley of Vanishing Men Wild Bill Tolliver 1942-12-17
Film Prairie Gunsmoke Wild Bill Hickok 1942-07-16
Film Vengeance of the West Joaquin Murietta aka The Black Shadow 1942-08-16
Film The Return of Daniel Boone Wild Bill Boone 1941-05-07
Film North from the Lone Star Wild Bill Hickok 1941-03-30
Film Across the Sierras Wild Bill Hickok 1941-02-13
Film Tank Patrol Bluey 1941-06-16
Film Hands Across the Rockies Wild Bill Hickok 1941-06-19
Film Roaring Frontiers Wild Bill Hickok 1941-10-15
Film King of Dodge City Wild Bill Hickok 1941-08-14
Film The Son of Davy Crockett Dave Crockett 1941-07-15
Film The Man from Tumbleweeds Wild Bill Saunders 1940-05-02
Film Pioneers of the Frontier Wild Bill Saunders 1940-02-14
Film The Return of Wild Bill Wild Bill Saunders 1940-06-26
Film Prairie Schooners Wild Bill Hickok 1940-09-29
Film Beyond the Sacramento Wild Bill Hickok 1940-11-11
Film The Wildcat of Tucson Wild Bill Hickok 1940-12-31
Film Frontiers of '49 John Freeman 1939-01-19
Film Az alvilág alkonya Bootlegger (uncredited) 1939-10-28
Film Overland with Kit Carson Kit Carson 1939-07-21
Film The Lady in the Morgue Chauncey Courtland 1938-04-22
Film The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Wild Bill Hickok 1938-06-30
Film Melody For Two Walter Wilson 1937-05-01
Film Swing It Professor Randall 1937-03-13
Film Midnight Court City Attorney Seabrook 1937-03-06
Film You Can't Have Everything Lulu's Bathing Companion 1937-08-02
Film Guns of the Pecos Wellman, a Dude 1937-01-02
Film Love Takes Flight Bill Parker 1937-11-05
Film Boy of the Streets Dr. Allan 1937-12-08
Film Roll Along, Cowboy Odie Fenton 1937-10-18
Film Wife, Doctor and Nurse Bruce Thomas 1937-09-17
Film Boots and Saddles Jim Neale 1937-10-04
Film The Big Noise Sharp, Board of Directors Member 1936-06-21
Film China Clipper Pilot (uncredited) 1936-08-11
Film Murder by an Aristocrat Dave Thatcher 1936-06-13
Film Bullets or Ballots Hunter - Bank Worker (uncredited) 1936-06-06
Film The Case of the Velvet Claws Carl Griffin 1936-08-15
Film The Murder of Dr. Harrigan Kenneth Martin 1936-01-11
Film Two Against the World News Commentator (uncredited) 1936-07-11
Film King of Hockey 2nd Radio Announcer 1936-12-19
Film Trailin' West Jefferson Duane 1936-09-04
Film Fugitive in the Sky Ramon Duval 1936-11-28
Film Polo Joe Don Trumbeau 1936-11-04
Film The Case of the Black Cat Sam Laxter 1936-10-31
Film Down the Stretch Robert Bates 1936-09-18
Film Traveling Saleslady Freddie (as Gordon Elliott) 1935-03-28
Film Go Into Your Dance Jackson's Secretary / Dorothy's Dance Partner 1935-04-20
Film 'G' Men Bootlegger Who Gives Eddie the Bottle Outside the Club (uncredited) 1935-05-04
Film A Night at the Ritz Vincent's Assistant 1935-03-23
Film The Payoff Maxine's Casino Escort 1935-01-09
Film The Girl from 10th Avenue James, Clerk at College Club 1935-06-01
Film The Right to Live Wedding Guest 1935-01-26
Film The Woman in Red Stuart Wyatt (as Gordon Elliott) 1935-02-16
Film While the Patient Slept Bank Teller 1935-03-09
Film Stars Over Broadway Minor Role 1935-11-23
Film Moonlight on the Prairie Jeff Holt 1935-11-02
Film Broadway Hostess Playboy in 'Playboy of Paree' Number (uncredited) 1935-12-07
Film Man of Iron Charlie Fagan 1935-12-21
Film Bright Lights Backstage Actor 1935-07-27
Film Personal Maid's Secret Warren Sherrill 1935-10-26
Film Broadway Gondolier Reporter 1935-07-27
Film Dr. Socrates Tom Collins - Greer's Associate 1935-10-19
Film Page Miss Glory Reporter (uncredited) 1935-09-07
Film The Goose and the Gander Teddy 1935-09-20
Film The Merry Frinks Dancer (uncredited) 1934-05-26
Film Registered Nurse Male Nurse 1934-04-06
Film Desirable Party Guest 1934-09-08
Film Wonder Bar Norman (uncredited) 1934-03-31
Film The Case of the Howling Dog Reporter in Courtroom (uncredited) 1934-09-22
Film Murder in the Clouds Lt. Saunders 1934-12-15
Film The Secret Bride Governor's Secretary (uncredited) 1934-12-22
Film A Lost Lady Polo Match Spectator (uncredited) 1934-09-29
Film Gold Diggers of 1933 Night Club Patron (uncredited) 1933-05-27
Film The Little Giant Guest at Polly's Party (uncredited) 1933-05-20
Film Midnight Mary Party Guest (uncredited) 1933-06-30
Film The Keyhole Partygoer (uncredited) 1933-03-25
Film Life in the Raw Sam Colton 1933-07-07
Film Only Yesterday New Year's Eve Reveler (Uncredited) 1933-11-01
Film Stage Mother Audience Member / Dexter's Party Guest 1933-09-29
Film Handlebars Bicyclist (uncredited) 1933-08-26
Film A múmia Party Guest (uncredited) 1932-01-01
Film Vanity Fair Bit Role 1932-03-15
Film Lady with a Past Alex Brown (Uncredited) 1932-02-19
Film A Sebhelyesarcú Man Outside Theatre (uncredited) 1932-04-09
Film The Rich Are Always with Us Gambler (uncredited) 1932-05-21
Film Sweepstakes Night Club Patron 1931-07-10
Film Broadminded Hotel Guest on Veranda 1931-08-01
Film Let's Do Things Music Store Customer (uncredited) 1931-06-06
Film Born To Love Hotel Dancer (uncredited) 1931-04-17
Film God's Gift to Women Minor Role (uncredited) 1931-04-13
Film Party Husband Wedding Party Guest 1931-06-06
Film The Public Defender Country Club Guest 1931-08-01
Film Delicious Larry's Friend 1931-12-27
Film Traveling Husbands Hotel Dining Room Guest 1931-08-15
Film Blonde Crazy Nightclub Patron (uncredited) 1931-12-03
Film Working Girls Dance Extra / Lobby Extra 1931-12-12
Film The Road to Reno Party Boy 1931-09-25
Film Left Over Ladies Escort (uncredited) 1931-09-30
Film She Who Gets Slapped Poker Player 1930-05-15
Film Lord Byron of Broadway Party-Goer 1930-02-28
Film What Men Want Party Boy 1930-07-12
Film The Girl Said No Wedding Guest 1930-03-15
Film The Truth About Youth Nightclub Patron (uncredited) 1930-11-03
Film Part Time Wife Golfer (uncredited) 1930-12-27
Film Going Wild Physical Exam Onlooker 1930-12-21
Film The Great Divide Ruth's Friend (uncredited) 1929-09-15
Film Broadway Scandals George Halloway 1929-11-10
Film Night Parade Party Guest 1929-10-27
Film The Boy Friend Gordon Elliot 1928-11-10
Film The Private Life of Helen of Troy Telemachus 1927-12-09
Film Children of Divorce Party Guest 1927-04-25
Film The Drop Kick Aggressive Student at Dance 1927-09-25
Film The Shamrock Handicap Well-Wishing Villager 1926-05-02
Film On the Front Page Wild Bill Hickok 1926-11-28
Film The Plastic Age Athlete (uncredited) 1925-12-15
Film Ben Hur Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited) 1925-12-25