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Sep 22, 1886
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Első szerepe:
In the movie San Francisco Nights 1928-05-01
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Film 百日紅 〜Miss HOKUSAI〜 2015-05-09
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Film Some Kind of Hero Frueheim 1982-04-02
Film Countdown at Kusini Mr. Foster 1976-04-16
Film Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (archive footage) 1975-08-06
Film The Finest Hours Leo Stark 1964-09-29
Film Stella Tim Gross 1950-07-20
Film A Letter to Three Wives Mr. Manleigh 1949-01-20
Film Up in Central Park Mayor Oakley 1948-07-09
Film The Inside Story Mr. Mason 1948-03-14
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Film Easy Come, Easy Go Higgins 1947-03-07
Film Driftwood Judge Beckett 1947-09-15
Film The Spider Woman Strikes Back Bill Stapleton 1946-03-22
Film Cinderella Jones George 1946-03-09
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Film Margie Mr. Angus MacDuff 1946-10-15
Film Black Angel Jake, janitor 1946-08-02
Film Faithful in My Fashion Mr. Wilson 1946-08-21
Film I'll Remember April Joe Billings 1945-04-01
Film Don Juan Quilligan Mr. Rostigaff 1945-06-01
Film San Diego I Love You Mr. McGregor (uncredited) 1944-09-29
Film Louisiana Hayride Malcolm Cartwright 1944-07-13
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Film What a Woman Mailman (uncredited) 1943-12-29
Film Gildersleeve on Broadway Homer 1943-10-28
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Film Land of the Open Range Pinky Gardner 1942-04-17
Film A Tragedy at Midnight Charles Miller 1942-02-02
Film My Favorite Spy Jules 1942-06-12
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Film Her Cardboard Lover Arresting Plainclothesman (uncredited) 1942-07-16
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Film Jackass Mail Gospel Jones 1942-07-01
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Film Horror Island Professor Jasper Quinley 1941-03-28
Film Thieves Fall Out David Tipton 1941-05-03
Film Down in San Diego Telegraph Clerk (uncredited) 1941-08-01
Film Our Wife Shipboard Passenger (uncredited) 1941-08-20
Film You Can't Fool Your Wife Potts 1940-05-21
Film Love, Honor and Oh-Baby! Gimpy Darnell 1940-06-07
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Film The Adventures of Jane Arden "Killer" 1939-03-18
Film How to Sub-Let Mr. Mustavas 1939-01-29
Film A Child Is Born Mr. West 1939-12-07
Film See Your Doctor Brother-in-Law 1939-12-16
Film Four Wives Mr. Jenkins (uncredited) 1939-12-22
Film Reno Abe Compass 1939-12-01
Film That's Right - You're Wrong Dwight Cook 1939-11-24
Film Daughters Courageous Tourist 1939-07-22
Film I Stole a Million Jenkins's Assistant 1939-08-01
Film Chicken Wagon Family Henri Fippany 1939-08-10
Film Career Jim Bronson 1939-07-07
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Film Carnival Queen Profesor Silva 1937-10-02
Film The Great O'Malley Reporter Pinky Holden 1937-02-13
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Film Night Key Petty Louie 1937-04-18
Film Reported Missing 'Ab' Steele 1937-08-15
Film The Golden Arrow DeWolfe 1936-05-23
Film Two Against the World Tippy Mantus 1936-07-11
Film The Lady Consents Mr. Yardley 1936-02-07
Film Love Begins at Twenty Jacob 'Jake' Buckley 1936-08-22
Film Wife vs. Secretary Joe Farnsworth 1936-02-28
Film Colleen Noggin 1936-03-21
Film Love Letters of a Star Chester Blodgett 1936-11-08
Film Stage Struck Wayne 1936-09-12
Film Mysterious Crossing Ned J. Stebbins 1936-12-27
Film Three Smart Girls Wilbur Lamb 1936-12-20
Film Here Comes Carter Mel Winter 1936-10-24
Film Cain and Mabel Milo 1936-09-26
Film Broadway Gondolier Music Critic Gilmore 1935-07-27
Film While the Patient Slept Eustace Federie 1935-03-09
Film Wings in the Dark Mac 1935-02-01
Film We're in the Money Max 1935-08-17
Film Bordertown Harry 1935-01-23
Film Don't Bet On Blondes Philbert O. Slemp 1935-07-13
Film Blood kapitány Dr. Bronson 1935-12-26
Film Page Miss Glory Joe Bonner 1935-09-07
Film Dr. Socrates Stevens 1935-10-19
Film A Dream Comes True Himself (uncredited) 1935-12-31
Film I Live for Love Townsend 1935-09-28
Film A Midsummer Night's Dream Philostrate 1935-10-09
Film I've Got Your Number Happy Dooley 1934-02-24
Film Jimmy the Gent Fake Worthingham 1934-03-09
Film Wonder Bar Drunk (uncredited) 1934-03-31
Film Fashions of 1934 Inventor on Ship 1934-02-14
Film Harold Teen Pop 1934-04-07
Film Easy to Love Hotel desk clerk 1934-01-13
Film Moulin Rouge Drunk 1934-01-10
Film Merry Wives of Reno Derwent 1934-04-18
Film Hi, Nellie! Fullerton 1934-01-20
Film Dark Hazard George Mayhew 1934-01-31
Film Mandalay Purser (uncredited) 1934-02-10
Film The St. Louis Kid Richardson 1934-11-10
Film Madame Du Barry Professor de la Vauguyon 1934-10-13
Film I Sell Anything Stooge 1934-10-19
Film I Am a Thief Daudet 1934-11-24
Film A Very Honorable Guy Benny 1934-04-18
Film A Lost Lady Robert 1934-09-29
Film The Firebird Emile, Brandt's Valet 1934-11-03
Film Now I'll Tell Freddie Stanton 1934-06-07
Film A Modern Hero Henry Mueller 1934-04-21
Film The Key Homer, Tennant's Aide 1934-06-09
Film Kansas City Princess Alderman Sam Warren 1934-09-14
Film Housewife George Wilson 1934-08-11
Film Mary Stevens, M.D. Alf Simmons 1933-07-22
Film No Marriage Ties Smith 1933-08-11
Film Headline Shooter Happy 1933-07-28
Film I Cover the Waterfront One Punch McCoy 1933-05-19
Film The Devil's Mate Parkhurst 1933-08-20
Film State Fair Professor Fred Coin - Hog Judge (uncredited) 1933-02-10
Film Private Detective 62 Harcourt S. Burns 1933-06-10
Film The Mayor of Hell Mr. Gorman 1933-06-24
Film My Woman Mr. Miller 1933-10-04
Film Goodbye Again Mr. Clayton 1933-09-09
Film Convention City Wendell Orchard 1933-12-14
Film From Headquarters Muggs Manton 1933-11-06
Film Havana Widows Mr. Otis, Invincible Insurance 1933-11-18
Film Bureau of Missing Persons Mr. Harris (uncredited) 1933-09-16
Film Too Much Harmony Piano Tuner 1933-09-23
Film Broadway Thru a Keyhole Peanuts Dinwiddie 1933-11-02
Film The Wall Street Mystery Martin Hill 1931-11-01
Film The Poor Fish Harry 1930-06-07
Film Sympathy William Maxwell 1929-08-29
Film San Francisco Nights Tommie 1928-05-01