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May 26, 1893 : Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Filmek/Sorozatok száma::
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In the movie A Tale of Two Cities 1911-02-20
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Film Roving Mars 2006-01-27
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Film The Eternal Flame Duchesse de Langeais 1922-09-17
Film Love's Redemption Jennie Dobson (aka Ginger) 1921-12-19
Film The Passion Flower Acacia, The Passion Flower 1921-04-02
Film The Sign on the Door Ann Hunniwell / Mrs. 'Lafe' Regan 1921-05-01
Film The Wonderful Thing Jacqueline Laurentine Boggs 1921-11-07
Film A Daughter of Two Worlds Jennie Malone 1920-01-05
Film The Woman Gives Inga Sonderson 1920-03-29
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Film The Heart of Wetona Wetona 1919-01-05
Film The Probation Wife Josephine Mowbray 1919-05-24
Film The Way of a Woman Nancy Lee 1919-07-27
Film The Isle of Conquest Ethel Harmon 1919-10-26
Film By Right of Purchase Margot Hughes 1918-02-01
Film De Luxe Annie Julie Kendal (De Luxe Annie II) 1918-05-19
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Film Poppy Poppy Destinn 1917-05-04
Film The Moth Lucy Gillam 1917-10-01
Film The Secret of the Storm Country Tess Skinner 1917-11-01
Film Martha's Vindication Martha 1916-02-20
Film The Crown Prince's Double Shirley Rives 1916-02-07
Film The Children in the House Cora 1916-04-29
Film The Missing Links Myra Holburn 1916-01-16
Film Fifty-Fifty Naomi Harmon 1916-10-21
Film The Social Secretary Mayme 1916-09-16
Film The Devil's Needle Renee Duprez 1916-08-12
Film Going Straight Grace Remington 1916-06-03
Film Captivating Mary Carstairs Mary Carstairs 1915-07-10
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Film Fortunes of a Composer The Musician's Daughter 1912-05-20
Film Mrs. 'Enry 'Awkins Liza - Mrs. 'Enry 'Awkins 1912-03-13
Film The Troublesome Step-daughters A step-daughter 1912-07-06
Film His Official Appointment The Secretary of State's Daughter 1912-11-04
Film A Tale of Two Cities (Mimi) Woman on the way to guillotine 1911-02-20