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Aug 10, 1891
Filmek/Sorozatok száma::
Első szerepe:
In the movie I Loved a Woman 1933-09-23
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Film Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Movie 1999-05-22
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Poster of The Trial of Mary Dugan
Poster of The Singing Marine
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Film The Wings of Eagles Capt. Spear 1957-02-22
Film Untamed Squire O'Neill 1955-03-01
Film The Sun Shines Bright Joe D. Habersham 1953-05-02
Film Scandal Sheet Charlie Barnes 1952-01-16
Film Scarlet Angel Morgan Caldwell 1952-06-20
Film The People Against O'Hara Judge Keating 1951-09-01
Film The Family Secret Donald Muir 1951-10-21
Film No Man of Her Own Mr. Harkness 1950-02-21
Film The Flying Missile Thomas A. Scott 1950-12-24
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Film The Milkman Roger Bradley, Sr. 1950-10-17
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Film The Reckless Moment Tom Harper 1949-12-29
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Film The Return of October President Hotchkiss 1948-10-26
Film The Beginning or the End Gen. Thomas F. Farrell 1947-02-19
Film Little Mister Jim Chaplain 1947-04-01
Film The Hoodlum Saint Lewis J. Malbery 1946-04-04
Film Bad Bascomb Gov. Winton 1946-05-26
Film The Virginian Mr. Taylor 1946-05-05
Film Three Wise Fools Prof. Horace Appleby 1946-09-26
Film The Green Years Canon Roche 1946-07-04
Film This Man's Navy Lt. Cmdr. Roger Graystone 1945-01-04
Film Between Two Women Larry Goff - Theatrical Agent (uncredited) 1945-03-28
Film Keep Your Powder Dry Maj. Gen. Lee Rand 1945-04-01
Film Dangerous Partners Duffy 1945-06-07
Film Horgonyt fel! Admiral Hammond 1945-07-14
Film Rationing Senator Edward White 1944-03-24
Film The Heavenly Body Professor Stowe 1944-03-23
Film Main Street Today Vance Clark 1944-03-25
Film A Guy Named Joe Col. Sykes 1944-03-01
Film Two Girls and a Sailor John Dyckman Brown II 1944-06-14
Film Stan és Pan - Nothing But Trouble Mr. Hawkley 1944-12-06
Film Dark Shadows Dr. Everett Colner M.D. 1944-12-16
Film Barbary Coast Gent Colonel Watrous 1944-09-01
Film Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case Warden Kenneson 1943-05-08
Film Air Raid Wardens Rittenhause 1943-04-04
Film Thousands Cheer Captain in Frank Morgan Skit (uncredited) 1943-01-01
Film For God and Country Captain Chaplain 1943-05-15
Film The Human Comedy Charles Steed 1943-03-02
Film Whistling in Brooklyn Inspector Holcomb 1943-12-01
Film Best Foot Forward Maj. Roger W. Reeber 1943-10-08
Film Lost Angel Professor Josh Pringle 1943-12-23
Film Girl Crazy Mr. Danny Churchill, Sr. 1943-11-26
Film Born to Sing Frank Eastman 1942-02-18
Film The Bugle Sounds Lt. Col. Harry Seton 1942-01-30
Film This Time for Keeps Arthur Freeman 1942-03-01
Film Kedves csirkefogók Père Juan Ramon 1942-05-21
Film Stand by for Action Cmdr. Stone M.C 1942-12-31
Film White Cargo The Reverend Dr. Roberts 1942-12-12
Film The Get-Away Warden Alcott 1941-06-13
Film Blossoms in the Dust Judge 1941-07-25
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Film Whistling in the Dark Philip Post 1941-08-08
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Film Castle on the Hudson District Attorney 1940-02-17
Film Calling Philo Vance Markham 1940-02-03
Film The Fighting 69th Colonel 1940-01-27
Film Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet Dr. Lentz 1940-01-03
Film 'Til We Meet Again Dr. Cameron 1940-04-20
Film Éjszaka az úton District Attorney (uncredited) 1940-07-26
Film Út Santa Fébe Cyrus Brody 1940-12-20
Film Knute Rockne All American Doctor 1940-10-05
Film Service with the Colors Colonel Nelson 1940-08-31
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Film Confessions of a Nazi Spy Attorney Kellogg 1939-05-06
Film The Man Who Dared Matthew Carter 1939-06-03
Film Lucky Night Calvin Jordan 1939-05-05
Film Torchy Blane in Chinatown Sen. H. Baldwin 1939-02-02
Film Wings of the Navy Prologue Speaker 1939-02-11
Film A holnap hősei Colonel Dodge 1939-04-08
Film Sons of Liberty Member of Continental Congress 1939-05-20
Film Invisible Stripes Parole Officer Masters 1939-12-30
Film Juarez Gen. Miguel Miramon 1939-06-10
Film Four Wives Dr. Clinton Forrest, Sr. 1939-12-22
Film Rio Joe D. Habersham 1939-12-29
Film A Child Is Born Dr. Lee 1939-12-07
Film Angels Wash Their Faces A.H. Remson 1939-08-26
Film Everybody's Hobby Thomas 'Tom' Leslie 1939-08-26
Film Yellow Jack Gorgas 1938-05-19
Film Jezebel General Theopholus Bogardus 1938-03-19
Film Gold Is Where You Find It Judge 1938-02-12
Film White Banners Sam Trimble 1938-06-23
Film The Chaser Mr. Calhoun 1938-07-29
Film Racket Busters Governor 1938-07-16
Film Girls on Probation Judge 1938-10-22
Film Brother Rat Colonel Ramm 1938-10-29
Film The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse Judge 1938-07-30
Film The Go-Getter Commander Tisdale 1937-05-22
Film Marked Woman District Attorney Arthur Sheldon 1937-04-10
Film The Great O'Malley Defense Attorney 1937-02-13
Film The Singing Marine Captain Skinner (as Henry O'Neil) 1937-07-03
Film Green Light Dr. Endicott 1937-02-20
Film Draegerman Courage Dr. Thomas Haslett 1937-05-15
Film Mr. Dodd Takes the Air D.M. Gateway 1937-08-21
Film Submarine D-1 Admiral Thomas 1937-11-27
Film First Lady George Mason 1937-12-04
Film Zola élete Colonel Picquart 1937-10-02
Film Wells Fargo Henry Wells 1937-12-31
Film Halvajáró District Attorney Werner 1936-03-01
Film Boulder Dam Mr. Agnew 1936-03-07
Film Louis Pasteur története Dr. Emile Roux 1936-02-22
Film The Golden Arrow Mr. Appleby 1936-05-23
Film Freshman Love President Simpkins 1936-01-18
Film Road Gang George Winston 1936-03-28
Film Rainbow on the River Father Josef 1936-12-18
Film Bullets or Ballots Ward Bryant 1936-06-06
Film Two Against the World Jim Carstairs 1936-07-11
Film Anthony Adverse Father Xavier 1936-08-29
Film The White Angel Dr. Scott 1936-06-25
Film The Big Noise Charlie Caldwell 1936-06-21
Film While the Patient Slept Elihu Dimuck 1935-03-09
Film The Florentine Dagger Victor Ballau 1935-03-30
Film Alias Mary Dow Henry Dow 1935-05-01
Film Living on Velvet Harold Thornton 1935-03-02
Film A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio Director (uncredited) 1935-02-02
Film Sweet Music Louis Trumble 1935-02-23
Film The Great Hotel Murder Mr. Harvey 1935-02-27
Film Dinky Col. Barnes 1935-05-11
Film Special Agent District Attorney Roger Quinn 1935-09-14
Film The Case of the Lucky Legs District Attorney Manchester 1935-10-05
Film Personal Maid's Secret Mr. Wilton Palmer 1935-10-26
Film Black Fury John W. Hendricks 1935-05-18
Film We're in the Money Lawyer Stephen 'Dinsy' Dinsmore 1935-08-17
Film Dr. Socrates Greer 1935-10-19
Film Oil For The Lamps Of China Edward Hartford 1935-06-08
Film Bright Lights J.C. Anderson 1935-07-27
Film Stranded Mr. Tuthill 1935-06-29
Film Wonder Bar Richard 1934-03-31
Film Upperworld Banker Making Toast at Banquet 1934-04-19
Film Fog Over Frisco Oren Porter 1934-06-02
Film Journal of a Crime Doctor 1934-03-10
Film Twenty Million Sweethearts Lemuel Tappan 1934-05-26
Film Massacre J.R. Dickinson 1934-01-20
Film The Personality Kid Stephens 1934-06-06
Film The Big Shakedown Mr. Sheffner 1934-01-06
Film Bedside Dr. William Chester 1934-01-31
Film Fashions of 1934 Duryea 1934-02-14
Film I've Got Your Number Mr. John P. Schuyler 1934-02-24
Film Midnight Edgar V. Ingersoll 1934-03-07
Film The Key Dan 1934-06-09
Film Flirtation Walk Gen. John Brent 'Jack' Fitts 1934-12-01
Film Now I'll Tell Tommy Doran 1934-06-07
Film The Secret Bride Jim Lansdale 1934-12-22
Film The Man Who Reclaimed His Head Fernand de Marnay 1934-12-24
Film Gentlemen Are Born Mr. Harper 1934-11-17
Film Murder in the Clouds John Brownell 1934-12-15
Film Madame Du Barry Duc de Choiseul 1934-10-13
Film Midnight Alibi Ardsley 1934-07-14
Film The Man with Two Faces Inspector Crane 1934-08-04
Film Side Streets George Richards 1934-08-14
Film Big Hearted Herbert Goodrich Sr. 1934-10-03
Film The Kennel Murder Case Dubois (uncredited) 1933-10-28
Film I Loved a Woman Mr. Farrell 1933-09-23
Film From Headquarters Inspector Donnelly 1933-11-06
Film Lady Killer Ramick 1933-12-09
Film Son of a Sailor Naval Officer 1933-11-29
Film The World Changes Orin Nordholm Sr. 1933-11-25