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Jun 16, 1890 : Ulverston, Cumbria, England, UK
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In the movie Stan Laurel : 32 courts métrages, 1918-1926 1918-01-01
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Film Tini szuperhősök: A Szuperhős Gimi 2016-03-19
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Poster of That's That
Film Tini szuperhősök: A Szuperhős Gimi Stan 2016-03-19
Film Fragments: Surviving Pieces of Lost Films Himself (archive footage) 2011-04-03
Film The Retrievers The Man 2011-10-13
Film A Tribute to Laurel & Hardy Himself (archive footage) 2011-10-25
Film Laurel & Hardy: Die komische Liebesgeschichte von Dick und Doof Himself (archive footage) 2011-12-29
Film Die Hummel Prize fighter 2010-06-27
Film Legenda vagyok Stan / Alf Laurel 2007-12-14
Film Shadow: Dead Riot Stan 2006-03-28
Film Csavargó kutya 2 Stan 1999-07-02
Film That's Entertainment! III (archive footage) 1994-07-01
Film A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel and Hardy Stan / Sandy / Alf / Lord Paddington (archive footage) 1992-04-05
Film Az exkommandós 2. - A maffia csapdájában 1989-10-01
Film George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey 1985-03-03
Film For Y'ur Height Only McPherson's son 1981-07-01
Film That's Entertainment, Part II (archive footage) 1976-05-17
Film Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (archive footage) 1975-08-06
Film Una abuelita de antes de la guerra Philip 1974-03-06
Film Omnibus - Cuckoo: A Celebration of Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy Himself (archive footage) 1974-12-21
Film 4 Clowns (archive footage) 1970-09-01
Film The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy 1967-12-01
Film Hidegvérrel M. Laurel 1967-12-14
Film The Big Parade of Comedy Stan in 'Hollywood Party' (archive footage) 1964-09-02
Film Hollywood Without Make-Up 1963-07-01
Film Napoli milionaria Stan 1962-01-01
Film Days of Thrills and Laughter 1961-03-21
Film When Comedy Was King edited from 'Big Business' (archive footage) 1960-03-29
Film The Golden Age of Comedy 1957-12-26
Series This Is Your Life Unknown 1952-10-01
Film Ça, c'est du cinéma (archive footage) 1951-03-23
Film Atoll K Stan 1950-12-20
Film Stan és Pan: A torreádorok Stanley 1945-05-01
Film The Big Noise Stan 1944-09-22
Film Stan és Pan - Nothing But Trouble Stan 1944-12-06
Film Air Raid Wardens Stan 1943-04-04
Film Jitterbugs Stan 1943-06-05
Film The Tree in a Test Tube Stan 1943-12-31
Film The Dancing Masters Stan 1943-11-19
Film Stan és Pan, a két bűvészinas Stan 1942-08-07
Film Stan és Pan: Nagyágyúk Stan 1941-10-10
Film A Chump at Oxford Stan 1940-01-25
Film Saps at Sea Stan 1940-05-03
Film Repülő ördögök - Stan és Pan az idegenlégióban Stan 1939-10-28
Film Block-Heads Stan 1938-08-18
Film Swiss Miss Stan 1938-05-20
Film That's That Himself 1937-01-01
Film Pick a Star Stan Laurel 1937-05-21
Film Way Out West Stan 1937-04-16
Film The Bohemian Girl Stan 1936-02-14
Film On the Wrong Trek Cameo appearance (hitchhiker) 1936-04-18
Film Our Relations Stan / Alf Laurel 1936-10-30
Film Tit for Tat Stan 1935-01-05
Film The Fixer Uppers Stan 1935-02-09
Film Thicker Than Water Stan 1935-03-16
Film Bonnie Scotland Stanley MacLaurel 1935-08-23
Film Hollywood Party Stan 1934-05-24
Film Oliver the Eighth Stan 1934-01-13
Film Going Bye-Bye! Mr. Laurel 1934-06-22
Film Them Thar Hills Stan 1934-07-21
Film The Live Ghost Stan 1934-12-08
Film Stan és Pan - A Mosoly Országában Stannie Dum 1934-12-14
Film Me and My Pal Stan 1933-04-22
Film Twice Two Stan / Mrs. Hardy 1933-02-25
Film The Devil's Brother Stanlio 1933-01-01
Film The Midnight Patrol Officer Stanley Laurel 1933-08-03
Film Stan és Pan a sivatag fiai Stanley 'Stan' Laurel 1933-12-29
Film Busy Bodies Stan 1933-10-07
Film Dirty Work Stan 1933-11-25
Film Wild Poses Baby 1933-10-28
Film The Music Box Stan 1932-04-16
Film Any Old Port! Stan 1932-03-05
Film The Chimp Stan 1932-05-21
Film Helpmates Stan 1932-01-23
Film County Hospital Stan 1932-06-25
Film Their First Mistake Stan 1932-11-05
Film Pack Up Your Troubles Stan 1932-09-16
Film Towed in a Hole Stan 1932-12-31
Film Scram! Stan 1932-09-10
Film Laughing Gravy Stan 1931-04-04
Film The Stolen Jools Policeman 1931-04-04
Film Chickens Come Home Mr. Laurel 1931-02-21
Film Be Big! Stan 1931-02-07
Film Los calaveras Señor Laurel 1931-04-18
Film Les Carottiers M. Laurel 1931-02-07
Film Politiquerías Stan 1931-05-01
Film One Good Turn Stan 1931-10-31
Film On the Loose New Suitor (uncredited) 1931-12-26
Film Come Clean Stan 1931-09-19
Film Stan és Pan az idegenlégióban Stan 1931-12-12
Film Pardon Us Stan 1931-09-11
Film Our Wife Stan 1931-05-16
Film Spuk um Mitternacht Stan 1931-05-31
Film Blotto Stan 1930-02-08
Film Ladrones 1930-02-07
Film Noche de duendes Stan 1930-01-01
Film Brats Stan Sr. / Stanley Jr. 1930-03-22
Film Tiembla y Titubea Stan 1930-01-01
Film Night Owls Stan 1930-01-04
Film La vida nocturna Stan 1930-04-19
Film Another Fine Mess Stan 1930-11-29
Film The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case Stan 1930-09-06
Film Below Zero Stan 1930-04-26
Film Hog Wild Stan 1930-05-30
Film The Rogue Song Ali-Bek 1930-05-09
Film Big Business Stan 1929-04-29
Film Unaccustomed As We Are Stan 1929-05-04
Film That's My Wife Stan 1929-03-23
Film Liberty Stan 1929-01-26
Film Double Whoopee Stan 1929-05-18
Film Wrong Again Stan 1929-02-23
Film Berth Marks Stan 1929-06-01
Film The Hollywood Revue of 1929 Himself 1929-11-23
Film Angora Love Stan 1929-12-14
Film Bacon Grabbers Stan 1929-10-19
Film The Hoose-Gow Stan 1929-11-26
Film Men o'War Stan 1929-06-29
Film Perfect Day Stan 1929-08-10
Film They Go Boom! Stan 1929-09-21
Film The Finishing Touch Stan 1928-02-25
Film From Soup to Nuts Hired butler 1928-03-24
Film Flying Elephants Little Twinkle Star 1928-02-12
Film Should Tall Men Marry? Texas Tommy 1928-01-15
Film You’re Darn Tootin’ Stanley, clarinet player 1928-04-21
Film Leave 'Em Laughing Stan 1928-01-28
Film Their Purple Moment Mr. Pincher 1928-05-19
Film We Faw Down Stan 1928-12-29
Film Two Tars Stan 1928-11-03
Film Habeas Corpus Stan 1928-12-01
Film Early to Bed Stan 1928-10-06
Film Should Married Men Go Home? Stan 1928-09-08
Film Love 'Em and Weep Romaine Ricketts 1927-06-12
Film Why Girls Love Sailors Willie Brisling 1927-07-17
Film With Love and Hisses Cuthbert Hope 1927-08-28
Film Eve's Love Letters Anatole, the butler 1927-05-28
Film Seeing the World English pedestrian 1927-02-12
Film Sugar Daddies Brittle's lawyer 1927-09-10
Film Duck Soup Hives 1927-03-13
Film Slipping Wives Handyman 1927-04-03
Film Now I'll Tell One Lawyer 1927-10-04
Film Do Detectives Think? Ferdinand Finkleberry 1927-11-20
Film Putting Pants on Philip Philip 1927-12-03
Film The Battle of the Century Prize fighter 1927-12-31
Film Sailors, Beware! Chester Chaste, cabdriver 1927-09-25
Film Hats Off Stan 1927-11-05
Film Call of the Cuckoo Asylum Inmate 1927-10-15
Film The Second Hundred Years Little Goofy 1927-10-08
Film What's the World Coming To? The Man in the Window 1926-01-16
Film Get 'Em Young Summers, the butler 1926-10-31
Film 45 Minutes from Hollywood Hotel Guest 1926-12-26
Film On the Front Page Dangerfield 1926-11-28
Film Pie-Eyed Drunk 1925-03-29
Film Somewhere In Wrong A tramp 1925-01-29
Film Navy Blue Days Stan 1925-05-29
Film The Snow Hawk Mountie 1925-04-30
Film Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde 1925-07-30
Film Half a Man Winchell McSweeney 1925-08-30
Film The Sleuth Webster Dingle 1925-06-30
Film Zeb vs. Paprika Dippy Donawho 1924-03-16
Film Smithy Smithy 1924-01-19
Film Wide Open Spaces Gabriel Goober 1924-01-01
Film Near Dublin Con 1924-05-10
Film Rupert of Hee-Haw The King / Rudolph Razz 1924-06-07
Film West of Hot Dog Stan, a tenderfoot 1924-12-30
Film Mandarin Mix-Up Sum Sap 1924-08-29
Film Detained A convict 1924-10-01
Film Stan és Pan: A skót szoknya McPherson's son 1924-08-03
Film Kill or Cure 1923-07-14
Film Gas and Air Phillup McCann 1923-07-28
Film Collars and Cuffs Laundry Worker 1923-07-01
Film White Wings 1923-05-12
Film The Noon Whistle 1923-04-28
Film Stan és Pan: Déligyümölcsök földjén Sunkist 1923-08-12
Film Under Two Jags 1923-06-02
Film Pick and Shovel 1923-06-16
Film Stan és Pan: A veszélyes Afrika Professor Stanilaus Laurello 1923-09-29
Film Stan és Pan: Aranyásók Bob Canister 1923-11-24
Film Scorching Sands 1923-12-09
Film Short Orders 1923-09-01
Film Save The Ship 1923-11-17
Film The Whole Truth The husband 1923-11-03
Film A Man About Town 1923-09-15
Film Frozen Hearts Olaf - A peasant 1923-10-27
Film The Egg Humpty Dumpty 1922-09-03
Film Mixed Nuts Book salesman 1922-03-08
Film The Weak-End Party The gardener 1922-10-01
Film Mud and Sand Rhubarb Vaselino 1922-11-13
Film The Pest Jimmy Smith 1922-12-03
Film Stan és Pan: Szerencsés kutya Brash young man accused of dognapping 1921-10-01
Film Do You Love Your Wife? Toby - the janitor 1919-01-05
Film Stan és Pan: Lökdösődés az egészségért The Man 1919-02-02
Film Stan Laurel : 32 courts métrages, 1918-1926 1918-01-01
Film Huns and Hyphens Gang member 1918-09-22
Film Just Rambling Along Nervy Young Man 1918-11-03
Film Frauds and Frenzies Simp, Second Prisoner 1918-11-17
Film Bears and Bad Men Pete 1918-10-07