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Russell Hicks

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Jun 4, 1895 : Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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In the movie Türelmetlenség 1916-09-04
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Film Beck 31 - Gunvald 2016-01-01
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Film The Noose Hangs High Copper Club Manager 1948-04-05
Film Assigned to Danger Thomas A. Rivers (uncredited) 1948-05-19
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Film Man Made Monster Warden Harris 1941-03-28
Film Western Union Provisional Governor 1941-02-21
Film Arkansas Judge Hetty's Attorney 1941-01-28
Film Sergeant York General (uncredited) 1941-07-02
Film Here Comes Happiness John Vance 1941-03-14
Film Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery Harry Walsh 1941-03-24
Film The Big Store Arthur Hastings 1941-06-21
Film Stan és Pan: Nagyágyúk Gen. Burns 1941-10-10
Film Az utolsó emberig Colonel of 1st Michigan (uncredited) 1941-11-20
Film The Parson of Panamint Prosecuting Attorney 1941-07-25
Film Buy Me That Town Malcolm 1941-10-02
Film Pacific Blackout Commanding Officer 1941-12-31
Film Hold That Ghost Bannister 1941-08-08
Film A kis rókák William Marshall 1941-08-29
Film Dive Bomber Awards Speaker 1941-08-31
Film Earthbound Prosecutor 1940-06-06
Film Sporting Blood 'Sneak' OBrien 1940-07-11
Film Johnny Apollo District Attorney 1940-04-19
Film The Mortal Storm Rector 1940-06-14
Film Aranyváros Armistead 1940-03-23
Film Frank James visszatér Prosecutor 1940-08-10
Film A kék madár Daddy Tyl 1940-01-19
Film Enemy Agent Lyman Scott 1940-04-18
Film Love Thy Neighbor Harrington 1940-12-27
Film No, No, Nanette 'Hutch' Hutchinson 1940-12-19
Film Út Santa Fébe Dr. J. Boyce Russell (uncredited) 1940-12-20
Film Lady with Red Hair Wealthy London Host 1940-11-30
Film Bizsu First Governor 1940-10-25
Film Junior G-Men Col. Barton 1940-11-01
Film East of the River Warden 1940-11-09
Film The Bank Dick J. Frothingham Waterbury 1940-11-29
Film East Side of Heaven Hinkle 1939-04-07
Film Hotel Imperial Austrian Officer (uncredited) 1939-05-11
Film The Story of Alexander Graham Bell Mr. Barrows 1939-04-04
Film Acélkaraván Sergeant (uncredited) 1939-05-05
Film Honolulu Mr. Clifford Jones (uncredited) 1939-02-03
Film Hotel for Women Van Ellis 1939-08-03
Film Boy Trouble Magistrate 1939-01-27
Film The Three Musketeers Porthos 1939-02-17
Film The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Colonel (uncredited) 1939-03-29
Film Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President Mr. Graves 1939-12-01
Film Swanee River Andrew McDowell 1939-12-29
Film Stanley and Livingstone Commissioner 1939-08-18
Film Rio Banker (uncredited) 1939-12-29
Film Rulers of the Sea Mr. Cunard 1939-11-08
Film Bad Little Angel Maj. Ellwood, newspaper owner (uncredited) 1939-10-27
Film The Real Glory Capt. George Manning 1939-09-29
Film Hollywood Cavalcade Russell Hicks 1939-10-13
Film Our Leading Citizen Chairman 1939-08-23
Film Men with Wings Gen. Marlin 1938-07-16
Film Kidnapped Bailiff 1938-05-27
Film The Big Broadcast of 1938 Capt. Stafford 1938-02-11
Film Little Miss Broadway Perry 1938-07-29
Film In Old Chicago Politician in Jack's Office 1938-04-15
Film Gateway Ernest Porter 1938-08-05
Film Így élni jó Kirby's Attorney (uncredited) 1938-08-23
Film That Certain Age Scout Leader (uncredited) 1938-10-06
Film Kentucky Thad Goodwin Sr. - 1861 1938-12-30
Film Fugitives for a Night Maurice Tenwright 1938-09-23
Film Pick a Star Mr. Stone 1937-03-21
Film Midnight Taxi Barney Flagg 1937-04-04
Film 23 1/2 Hours Leave Capt. Barker 1937-03-21
Film It Happened Out West Cooley 1937-05-02
Film Secret Valley Lawyer Austin Martin 1937-01-15
Film We Who Are About to Die District Attorney Knight 1937-01-08
Film Girl Overboard Sam Le Maire 1937-02-01
Film Espionage Alfred Hartrix 1937-02-26
Film Let Them Live Newspaper Editor 1937-04-25
Film Fit for a King Editor Hardwick 1937-09-01
Film Clipped Wings Capt. Morton 1937-12-02
Film Fifty Roads to Town Police Official 1937-06-03
Film The Man Who Cried Wolf Prosecuting Attorney 1937-08-29
Film The Westland Case Mr. Woodbury 1937-10-30
Film The Toast of New York Lawyer 1937-07-30
Film On Again-Off Again George Dilwig 1937-07-09
Film A Dangerous Adventure Allen 1937-07-21
Film The Big Shot Martin Drake 1937-07-23
Film Ticket to Paradise Colton 1936-06-24
Film Bunker Bean A. C. Jones 1936-06-26
Film Fatal Lady American Opera House Manager 1936-05-15
Film Dalol a flotta Jim Nolan 1936-02-20
Film Spendthrift Attorney 1936-07-22
Film Woman Trap Dodd 1936-03-06
Film Special Investigator Inspector Perkett 1936-05-08
Film Two in the Dark Police Officer McCord 1936-01-10
Film Laughing at Trouble Cyrus Hall 1936-12-11
Film Grand Jury Jim Hanify 1936-08-07
Film The Accusing Finger Sen. Forrest 1936-11-17
Film Dodge City Trail Kenyon Phillips 1936-12-12
Film 15 Maiden Lane Judge Graham 1936-10-16
Film The General Died at Dawn Man Asking for Match 1936-09-02
Film Sea Spoilers Phil Morgan 1936-09-30
Film While the Patient Slept Dr. Jay 1935-03-09
Film Living on Velvet Major at Flying Field 1935-03-02
Film The Woman in Red Defense Attorney Clayton 1935-02-16
Film Ladies Crave Excitement Bert Taylor 1935-06-21
Film Devil Dogs of the Air Captain 1935-02-09
Film Sweet Music Mayor of New York City 1935-02-23
Film Go Into Your Dance Sam Rupert 1935-04-20
Film If You Could Only Cook Dillon (uncredited) 1935-12-30
Film Honeymoon Limited Slug Gorman (alias Colonel Carver) 1935-07-01
Film Thunder in the Night Prefect of Police 1935-09-20
Film Charlie Chan in Shanghai James Andrews 1935-10-14
Film Lady Tubbs Mr. Ronald Ash-Orcutt 1935-07-02
Film Dante's Inferno Prosecuting Attorney 1935-08-23
Film Happiness Ahead Jim Meehan 1934-10-27
Film The Case of the Howling Dog Clinton Foley 1934-09-22
Film The Firebird Mr. Beyer, the Stage Manager 1934-11-03
Film Murder in the Clouds Taggert 1934-12-15
Film Gentlemen Are Born Newspaper Editor 1934-11-17
Film The Secret Bride John F. Holdstock 1934-12-22
Film Babbitt Commissioner Lyle Gurnee 1934-12-08
Film Life in the Raw Sen. Twin 1933-07-07
Film Before Morning Jim Nichols 1933-10-18
Film Türelmetlenség Extra (uncredited) 1916-09-04