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Nov 2, 1877 : New York City, New York, United States
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In the movie The Devil 1908-10-02
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Film Példátlan példaképek 2008-11-07
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Poster of Angel of Mercy
Poster of The Auctioneer
Poster of Waking Up the Town
Poster of The Golden Supper
Film Példátlan példaképek Spinster 2008-11-07
Film Die Friseuse und der Millionär Miss Bryerly (uncredited) 1998-05-10
Film Some Kind of Hero Crying Mother 1982-04-02
Film Adventure Woman in Library (uncredited) 1945-12-28
Film Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble Dr. Standish's Servant (uncredited) 1944-05-04
Film Men on Her Mind Mother Goodwin 1944-02-12
Film A hóhér halála Counterwoman (uncredited) 1943-04-15
Film Presenting Lily Mars Dowager 1943-04-29
Film Du Barry Was a Lady Subway Passenger 1943-08-13
Film This Land Is Mine Woman in Bathroom 1943-05-07
Film War of the Wildcats Woman Saying 'Lenin will Live' (uncredited) 1943-12-06
Film Whispers Gossip (uncredited) 1941-02-08
Film Lady Scarface Mrs. Tuckerman 1941-09-26
Film A Failure at Fifty Minor Role (uncredited) 1940-07-01
Film Young Tom Edison Woman at Station 1940-03-15
Film The Golden Fleecing Pedestrian 1940-08-16
Film Dr. Kildare Goes Home Nurse for Mr. Winslow 1940-09-06
Film Idiot's Delight Crying Mother 1939-01-27
Film Angel of Mercy Mother (uncredited) 1939-05-20
Film Stand Up and Fight Woman 1939-01-06
Film Miracles for Sale Jack of Diamonds Woman 1939-08-10
Film Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President Gossiper 1939-12-01
Film Thunder Afloat Nurse 1939-09-15
Film Test Pilot Funeral Home Associate (uncredited) 1938-04-16
Film They're Always Caught Mrs. Fletcher (uncredited) 1938-07-03
Film The Man on the Rock Napoleon's Mother (uncredited) 1938-09-03
Film Boys Town Nun (uncredited) 1938-09-08
Film Song of Revolt Artistocratic Dowager (uncredited) 1937-05-29
Film A Night at the Movies Movie Patron (uncredited) 1937-11-06
Film Two-Fisted Sheriff Miss Herrick - Molly's Aunt 1937-06-14
Film August Week End Alma Washburne 1936-02-17
Film Small Town Girl Woman in Bed (uncredited) 1936-04-10
Film Murder by Television Mrs. Houghland 1935-10-01
Film Journal of a Crime Sister at Hospital 1934-03-10
Film Dr. Monica Miss Bryerly (uncredited) 1934-06-23
Film Bedside Nurse 1934-01-31
Film Ez történt egy éjszaka Mother on Bus (uncredited) 1934-02-22
Film British Agent Woman Saying 'Lenin will Live' (uncredited) 1934-09-15
Film Two Heads on a Pillow Mrs. Helen Gorman 1934-10-02
Film Imitation of Life Teacher Outside Classroom (uncredited) 1934-11-23
Film Central Airport Mrs. Blaine 1933-04-15
Film The Working Man Benjamin's Secretary 1933-04-20
Film By Appointment Only Mrs. Mary Carroll 1933-07-06
Film Wild Boys of the Road Mrs. Smith 1933-10-07
Film The Famous Ferguson Case Brooks' Landlady (uncredited) 1932-04-19
Film The Strange Love of Molly Louvain Ann Marie's Caregiver Mrs. Schiller (uncredited) 1932-05-28
Film Cornered Jane's Aunt 1932-08-05
Film Lawyer Man Gilmurry's Secretary (uncredited) 1932-12-24
Film A Successful Calamity Struthers' Secretary (uncredited) 1932-09-17
Film The Phantom Express Ma Nolan 1932-08-15
Film Under Eighteen Seamstress 1931-01-02
Film Amerikai tragédia Mrs. Samuel Griffiths 1931-08-22
Film Manhattan Parade Nancy - the Maid 1931-12-24
Film Redemption Anna Pavlovna 1930-05-02
Film The Second Floor Mystery Aunt Hattie 1930-04-26
Film The Big House Mrs. Marlowe 1930-06-14
Film Young Desire Mrs. Spencer 1930-06-18
Film Mothers Cry Mary's Mother 1930-12-07
Film Wild Company Mrs. Laura Grayson 1930-07-05
Film The Flying Fleet Mrs. Hastings (uncredited) 1929-01-19
Film The Shield of Honor 1928-02-19
Film The Viking Lady Editha (as Claire MacDowell) 1928-11-02
Film A Little Journey 1927-01-01
Film The Auctioneer Mrs. Tim Eagan 1927-01-16
Film Almost Human Mrs. Livingston 1927-12-26
Film The Taxi Dancer Aunt Mary 1927-02-05
Film The Devil's Circus Mrs. Peterson 1926-02-14
Film The Shamrock Handicap Molly O'Shea 1926-05-02
Film The Show Off Mom Fisher 1926-08-16
Film The Unknown Soldier John Phillips' sister 1926-05-29
Film Waking Up the Town Mrs. Joyce 1925-03-30
Film The Tower of Lies Katrina 1925-10-10
Film The Big Parade Mrs. Apperson 1925-11-05
Film Ben Hur Princess of Hur 1925-12-25
Film Secrets Elizabeth Channing 1924-03-24
Film Human Wreckage Mrs. Brown 1923-06-17
Film Ashes of Vengeance Margot's Aunt 1923-08-06
Film Penrod Mrs. Schofield 1922-02-20
Film Nice People Margaret Rainsford 1922-07-12
Film Heart's Haven May Caroline 1922-08-08
Film Midsummer Madness Mrs. Osborne 1921-01-23
Film What Every Woman Knows Comtesse de la Brière 1921-04-24
Film Love Never Dies Liz Trott 1921-11-11
Film The Gift Supreme Lalia Graun 1920-03-30
Film The Jack-Knife Man Lize Merdin 1920-07-31
Film The Mark of Zorro Dona Catalina Pulido 1920-12-05
Film Something to Think About Housekeeper 1920-10-16
Film Heart o' the Hills Martha Hawn 1919-11-30
Film The Clean-Up 1917-08-06
Film The Right to Be Happy Mrs. Cratchit 1916-12-25
Film A Stranger from Somewhere 1916-11-13
Film The Unwelcome Guest The Wife 1913-03-15
Film The Telephone Girl and the Lady 1913-01-05
Film The Strong Man's Burden Ida Glynn, The Nurse 1913-09-05
Film The Wanderer The Female Lover 1913-05-02
Film The Female of the Species The Miner's Wife 1912-04-15
Film The Sunbeam Spinster 1912-02-25
Film Billy's Stratagem Billy's Mother 1912-02-12
Film A Temporary Truce Mexican Jim's Wife 1912-06-10
Film The Old Actor At Audition 1912-05-06
Film So Near, Yet So Far Rich Woman in Other Town 1912-09-29
Film Lena and the Geese Lena's Mother 1912-06-17
Film A Sailor’s Heart The Sailor's Third Sweetheart 1912-11-25
Film Man's Genesis Cave Woman 1912-07-10
Film The School Teacher and the Waif The Street Fakir's Sweetheart 1912-06-26
Film Fisher Folks At Fair 1911-02-16
Film A Decree of Destiny A Nun 1911-03-06
Film His Trust Col. Frazier's wife 1911-01-16
Film The Manicure Lady Lunchroom Hostess 1911-05-18
Film His Trust Fulfilled Mrs. Frazier 1911-01-18
Film What Shall We Do with Our Old? 1911-02-13
Film Swords and Hearts Irene Lambert 1911-08-27
Film The Primal Call The Woman 1911-06-21
Film A Woman Scorned The Doctor's Wife 1911-11-30
Film The Long Road Ned's Wife 1911-10-26
Film A Country Cupid The Half-Wit's Mother 1911-07-23
Film The Adventures of Billy Rich Woman 1911-10-18
Film A Flash of Light At First Party 1910-07-17
Film Love Among the Roses 1910-05-08
Film The Usurer 1910-08-14
Film His New Lid 1910-11-24
Film The Golden Supper Lady-in-Waiting 1910-12-12
Film Waiter No. 5 The Chief of Police's Wife 1910-11-03
Film Rose o' Salem Town 1910-09-25
Film The Devil 1908-10-02