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Frank Reicher

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Dec 2, 1875
Filmek/Sorozatok száma::
Első szerepe:
In the movie Her Man o' War 1926-08-25
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Film Call of the Wolf 2017-02-07
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Poster of Mills of the Gods
Poster of Before Dawn
Poster of Her Private Affair
Poster of Napoleon's Barber
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Film Empire of the Censors The Minister 1995-05-28
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Film Carson City Raiders Razor the Barber 1948-05-13
Film Yankee Fakir H.W. Randall 1947-04-01
Film Violence Pop, apartment concierge 1947-05-09
Film Walter Mitty titkos élete Maasdam 1947-09-01
Film Escape Me Never The Minister 1947-11-07
Film Monsieur Verdoux Doctor (uncredited) 1947-09-26
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Film The Lady in Question President 1940-08-07
Film Sons of Liberty Lyons the Storekeeper (uncredited) 1939-05-20
Film Juarez Duc de Morny 1939-06-10
Film Never Say Die Man in Charge of Duel 1939-04-14
Film Devil's Island President of Assize Court 1939-01-07
Film The Magnificent Fraud Mendietta Garcia 1939-07-19
Film Society Smugglers Jones 1939-03-01
Film Mystery of the White Room Dr. Amos Thornton 1939-03-17
Film Nurse Edith Cavell Baron von Bissing 1939-08-31
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Film Rio Paris Banker (uncredited) 1939-12-29
Film Ninocska Soviet Lawyer (uncredited) 1939-11-23
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Film Sabotage (uncredited) 1939-10-13
Film City Streets Dr. Ferenc Waller 1938-07-01
Film Prison Nurse Doctor Hartman 1938-03-02
Film I'll Give a Million Prefect of Police 1938-07-27
Film Rascals Dr. C.M. Garvey 1938-05-20
Film Suez General Changarnier 1938-10-28
Film The Girl Downstairs Police official 1938-12-23
Film Torchy Gets Her Man The Professor - Henchman 1938-11-12
Film The Great O'Malley Dr. Larson 1937-02-13
Film Night Key Carl - gang engineer 1937-04-18
Film Stolen Holiday Rainer 1937-02-06
Film Under Cover of Night Rudolph Brehmer 1937-01-08
Film Midnight Madonna Vincent Long II 1937-07-01
Film Man Of The People Robinson 1937-01-27
Film Espionage Von Cram 1937-02-26
Film Beg, Borrow or Steal Monsieur Debillon 1937-12-03
Film The Emperor's Candlesticks Pavloff 1937-07-02
Film Stage Door Stage Director 1937-10-07
Film Prescription for Romance Jozsef 1937-12-12
Film Fit for a King Kurtz 1937-09-01
Film West Bound Limited Pop Martin 1937-07-11
Film The Country Doctor Dr. Paul Luke 1936-03-12
Film Under Two Flags French General 1936-04-30
Film Sutter's Gold Governor Felipe Vega 1936-03-01
Film Till We Meet Again Colonel Von Diegel 1936-04-04
Film The Voice of Bugle Ann 1936-02-15
Film The Devil-Doll Doctor 1936-07-10
Film The Murder of Dr. Harrigan Dr. Coate 1936-01-11
Film Louis Pasteur története Dr. Pfeiffer 1936-02-22
Film Girls Dormitory Dr. Hoffenreich 1936-08-08
Film Sinner Take All Theo Drukker 1936-12-18
Film A kaméliás hölgy Creditor Agent (uncredited) 1936-12-26
Film Along Came Love Planetarium Lecturer 1936-11-05
Film Laughing at Trouble Dr. Larson 1936-12-11
Film Anthony Adverse Coachman to Paris 1936-08-29
Film The Gorgeous Hussy Commander of U.S.S. Constitution (uncredited) 1936-08-28
Film Star for a Night Doctor Heimkin 1936-08-28
Film Star of Midnight Abe Ohlman (uncredited) 1935-04-19
Film The Florentine Dagger Von Stein 1935-03-30
Film A Dog of Flanders Herr Vanderkloot 1935-03-22
Film Life Returns Dr. James 1935-01-02
Film Charlie Chan Egyiptomban Dr. Jaipur 1935-06-04
Film Rendezvous Dr. R.A. Jackson 1935-10-25
Film Magnificent Obsession Dr. Rochard 1935-12-30
Film Kind Lady Gustave Roubet 1935-12-06
Film The Great Impersonation 1935-12-08
Film The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo 2nd Assistant Director 1935-11-14
Film The Countess of Monte Cristo Police Commissioner 1934-03-18
Film Men in White Doctor (uncredited) 1934-04-06
Film A Pál utcai fiúk Doctor 1934-03-14
Film Hi, Nellie! Danny 1934-01-20
Film Little Man, What Now? Lehmann 1934-05-01
Film Journal of a Crime Herr Winterstein 1934-03-10
Film Secret of the Chateau Auctioneer 1934-12-03
Film Mills of the Gods Barrett 1934-12-15
Film Let's Talk It Over Richards 1934-06-01
Film The Case of the Howling Dog Dr. Carl Cooper 1934-09-22
Film I Am a Thief Max Bolen 1934-11-24
Film British Agent Mr. X 1934-09-15
Film The Fountain Doctor 1934-08-22
Film King Kong Captain Englehorn 1933-03-15
Film Topaze Dr. Stegg 1933-02-24
Film Employees' Entrance Garfinkle 1933-02-11
Film A Bedtime Story Aristide 1933-04-22
Film Jennie Gerhardt Old Weaver 1933-06-08
Film Son of Kong Captain Englehorn 1933-12-22
Film Captured! Herr Hauptman 1933-08-19
Film Before Dawn Joe Valerie 1933-08-04
Film A Woman Commands The General 1932-02-12
Film The Crooked Circle Rankin 1932-09-25
Film Scarlet Dawn Plotsky (Uncredited) 1932-11-12
Film Flesh Warden in Germany (uncredited) 1932-12-08
Film Gentleman's Fate Francesco Tomasulo 1931-03-07
Film Beyond Victory German Hospital Chief 1931-04-03
Film Mata Hari The Cook - Spy 1931-12-26
Film The Sin of Madelon Claudet Arresting Detective (uncredited) 1931-10-23
Film Suicide Fleet Holtzmann 1931-11-20
Film Girl of the Port 1930-02-03
Film Strictly Unconventional Duke of Brocklehurst 1930-05-03
Film Billy the Kid General Lew Wallace (uncredited) 1930-10-18
Film Strange Cargo Dr. Stecker 1929-03-31
Film His Captive Woman 1929-02-03
Film Black Waters Randall 1929-04-05
Film Paris Bound 1929-08-03
Film Mister Antonio Milton Jorny 1929-10-15
Film Her Private Affair State's Attorney 1929-09-27
Film Beau Sabreur 1928-01-22
Film Four Sons The Schoolmaster 1928-02-13
Film The Masks of the Devil Count Zellner 1928-11-17
Film The Blue Danube Baron 1928-03-11
Film Napoleon's Barber Napoleon's Barber 1928-11-24
Film Her Man o' War Professor Krantz 1926-08-25