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Sep 5, 1890 : Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
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In the movie The Devil's Assistant 1917-04-01
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Film Köpök a sírodra 2010-06-17
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Film It All Came True Head Policeman at Raid (uncredited) 1940-04-06
Film King of the Lumberjacks 'Red', Truck Driver 1940-04-12
Film Tear Gas Squad Officer 1940-05-04
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Film Santa Fe Trail Surveyor (uncredited) 1940-12-13
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Film They Made Me a Criminal Man in Locker Room After First Fight 1939-01-28
Film King of the Underworld G-Man 1939-01-14
Film Torchy Blane in Chinatown Bill (uncredited) 1939-02-02
Film Nancy Drew... Reporter Deputy Coroner (uncredited) 1939-02-18
Film Secret Service of the Air Treasury Agent Aldrich 1939-03-04
Film Az oklahomai kölyök Mail Clerk on Train 1939-03-11
Film Women in the Wind Salesman 1939-04-15
Film On Dress Parade Soldier Reporting Blues at H5 1939-11-18
Film Kid Nightingale Dan - the Guard 1939-11-03
Film Private Detective Detective Dolan 1939-12-09
Film Invisible Stripes Detective Escorting Convicts (uncredited) 1939-12-30
Film The Cowboy Quarterback Jeff Abbott 1939-07-29
Film Az alvilág alkonya Guard (uncredited) 1939-10-28
Film The Return of Doctor X Policeman Guarding Rodgers' Room 1939-11-23
Film Angels Wash Their Faces Policeman at Accident 1939-08-26
Film Smashing the Money Ring First Night Guard 1939-10-21
Film Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Ice Company Dispatcher 1939-09-09
Film Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite Second Officer Arresting Torchy 1939-08-12
Film Dust Be My Destiny Mr. Grady - First Railroad Cop 1939-09-16
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Film He Couldn't Say No Detective Driving Car 1938-03-19
Film The Beloved Brat Fireman 1938-04-30
Film Torchy Blane in Panama Ship's Officer 1938-05-07
Film Tarzan and the Green Goddess Blade 1938-02-14
Film The Invisible Menace Sgt. Peterson 1938-01-22
Film The Patient in Room 18 Policeman Picking Up Radium at End 1938-01-08
Film Mystery House The Coroner 1938-05-21
Film Romance Road Daley (uncredited) 1938-01-29
Film Cowboy from Brooklyn Radio Station Manager 1938-07-09
Film Flirting with Fate Tom McGuire 1938-12-02
Film Out Where the Stars Begin Joe, Studio Guard 1938-05-28
Film Heart of the North Bit Role 1938-12-10
Film Hard to Get Schaff 1938-11-05
Film Torchy Gets Her Man Police Officer Shane 1938-11-12
Film Racket Busters Plainclothesman (uncredited) 1938-07-16
Film Girls on Probation Priest 1938-10-22
Film Penrod's Double Trouble Matt 1938-07-23
Film The Cherokee Strip Bill Tidewell 1937-05-15
Film Romance of Louisiana Announcer at Ball 1937-07-08
Film Blazing Sixes Wells Fargo Agent 1937-06-11
Film Mountain Justice Headwaiter 1937-04-24
Film The Case of the Stuttering Bishop Second Detective 1937-06-08
Film Her Husband's Secretary Construction Foreman 1937-02-26
Film The Great O'Malley Detective Bringing Phillips to Hospital 1937-02-13
Film Public Wedding Reporter 1937-07-09
Film Penrod and Sam Second Policeman 1937-02-28
Film Midnight Court Smitty - Police Detective 1937-03-06
Film Men In Exile Ship's Captain 1937-04-04
Film Marked Woman 2nd Jury Foreman (uncredited) 1937-04-10
Film The Go-Getter Rick's radio man (uncredited) 1937-05-22
Film Love Is on the Air Police Captain Lang 1937-10-02
Film Back in Circulation Undertaker's Assistant (uncredited) 1937-09-25
Film The Man Without a Country Minor Role (uncredited) 1937-11-27
Film Expensive Husbands Frederick, Elevator Operator 1937-11-27
Film Empty Holsters Hampton 1937-07-09
Film Wine, Women and Horses Racetrack Policeman 1937-09-11
Film She Loved a Fireman Training Instructor 1937-12-18
Film White Bondage Marlow 1937-08-05
Film Prairie Thunder Portland - Camp Foreman - Replaced by Stuart Holmes (credit only) 1937-09-10
Film The Devil's Saddle Legion Slats Dawson 1937-08-13
Film Ever Since Eve Cop Outside Peace & Purity League 1937-07-15
Film Dance Charlie Dance Stage Manager (uncredited) 1937-08-14
Film Varsity Show Desk Sergeant (uncredited) 1937-09-04
Film Devil's Squadron Army Officer 1936-04-30
Film Váratlan örökség Reporter (uncredited) 1936-04-09
Film Don't Gamble with Love Gambler 1936-02-28
Film Palm Springs Bit Part 1936-06-05
Film Her Master's Voice Bit Role 1936-01-17
Film Hollywood Boulevard Frank Stucky - Director 1936-08-20
Film Jailbreak Visitor's Room Guard 1936-08-05
Film Fugitive in the Sky G-Man 1936-11-28
Film One in a Million Gambler 1936-12-31
Film Phantom of Santa Fe Captain Rubio 1936-11-12
Film Diamond Jim Man Aiding Suicidal Man 1935-09-01
Film One More Spring Policeman 1935-02-15
Film The Daring Young Man Nick - Ship Purser 1935-07-17
Film Special Agent Second Agent Arresting Julie (uncredited) 1935-09-14
Film Mary Burns, Fugitive G-Man 1935-11-15
Film Skull and Crown King 1935-12-16
Film Bedside Intern Discovering Martel 1934-01-31
Film Little Man, What Now? Bit Role 1934-05-01
Film Among the Missing Police Radio Broadcaster (uncredited) 1934-09-25
Film Scarlet River Sheriff (uncredited) 1933-03-10
Film King of the Arena Rurales Captain Rodriguez 1933-06-01
Film Fighting With Kit Carson Carter 1933-07-01
Film The Mystery Squadron Carter 1933-12-21
Film The Devil Horse Adams, Vigilante leader 1932-11-01
Film Law and Lawless Don Roberto Lopez 1932-11-29
Film Convicted Henderson 1931-11-01
Film Sinners' Parade Chauffeur 1928-09-14
Film Ships of the Night Dan Meloy 1928-11-27
Film Officer '444' Officer Patrick Michael Casey 1926-05-14
Film The Lost Express Alvin Morgan 1925-07-28
Film Kit Carson Over the Great Divide Kit Carson 1925-09-02
Film Cyclone Cavalier El Diablo 1925-09-28
Film Hurricane Hal Buck Anderson 1925-11-13
Film The Passing of Wolf MacLean 'Wolf' MacLean 1924-11-29
Film The Shock Jack Cooper 1923-06-10
Film Saturday Night Tom McGuire 1922-01-29
Film When Husbands Deceive Richard Fletcher 1922-08-20
Film Manslaughter Drummond (policeman) 1922-09-24
Film The Devil's Assistant John Lane 1917-04-01