Killer Darts (1968)

They brutally killed his wife, wiped out dozens of his innocent people, and burnt his entire village down to a charbroiled crisp. Now, master Liou Wen-lung (Fang Mien) is out for revenge. Armed with a near-invincible sword style and a pack of killer darts, he heads out to settle a 10-year old grudge with the cold-blooded evildoers. Joining him is his son (Yueh Hua), an orphan named Yu Sien (Chin Ping) and his trusty servant.

  • Ho Meng-Hua

  • Tu Yun-Chih

Megjelenés dátuma: 1968-05-09
themoviedb icon 6.3/10
  • Nyelv: 普通话
  • Időtartam: 87
Elliot Ngok
Elliot Ngok
Liu Yu-Long
Ku Feng
Ku Feng
Diu Jun, Panda Tiger
Han Ying-Chieh
Han Ying-Chie...
Diu Jung-Long, Green Faced Tiger
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